スマホゲーム、3割が課金利用 月1万円以上のユーザーは何%?

 ゲーム業界 各メーカーの動き・戦略は?
Sumahogemu, 30% of the billing month use more than 1 million users what percentage?

Sumahogemu, I Basic is free ... money to pay people 30%

According to the game style Institute of investigation, that there is that about 30% of people who play in the smartphone game has paid basically money to free games. Who pay the money within the last three months at the time of the survey of last year June, it took 2161 yen a month on average.

The Institute is located in among the Sega Networks Sumahogemu production company, survey asked on the Internet to men and women 3 thousand people 15-49 years of age to use the smartphone.

Many Sumahogemu's basically free, but be billed when using the "item" as advantageously advance the game. Although about 60% of the people who answered that it has paid the money within the last three months at the time of the survey was less than 1 thousand yen a month, had also about 4% who paid more than ¥ 10,000 a month.
スマホゲーム、3割が課金利用 月1万円以上のユーザーは何%?




 ゲーム業界 各メーカーの動き・戦略は?
Game industry movements and strategies of each manufacturer?

2014, rise of Sumahogemu from '13 continues, mixi <2121> of "monster Strike (abbreviation: Monsuto)" is, Gung Ho Online Entertainment <3765> of "Puzzle & Dragons (abbreviation: Pazudora)" close to it became a big hit. In a home game, to say what level Five's "specter Watch" (Nintendo 3DS) would be a big hit is topic of series. In hard Sony <6758> of the "Play Station 4" became a worldwide hit. '15 Game industry what happens is, I've summarized the outlook from the motion of each manufacturer.

First, Nintendo <7974>. '14 Struggled hard "Wii U" for home use continued, could not quite deficit departure. 14 years of the end of the year in the season, put the hit series "Super Smash Bros." the (Wii U) I'm working to catch-up. As a centerpiece of soft '15, popular RPG latest series "Xenoblade X (Zeno Blade Cross)" (Wii U) such has become a release schedule.

And anxious to non-software strategy at Nintendo of movement, it's distance to the Sumahogemu. Nintendo in the attitude of "can not agree with the way of Sumahogemu that inflame the gambling mind billing system", not entrants to Sumahogemu. But in many of the leading software manufacturers to enter also to Sumahogemu, whether Nintendo future through the this attitude, even in '15 would noteworthy.

Next is Sony. "Play Station 4" is doing well become a big hit more than all the world 10 million units in less than released one year, but it also has an eye to the next market soon. Shanghai free trade is received that the game machine sales is lifted 14 years in the test zones, "Play Station 4" and sales start to a portable hard "Play Station Vita" in China than January 11, 15. In Ichihayai entrants in Japanese companies, and is leading the other companies.

On the other hand, software manufacturers, also entry into Sumahogemu not only goods of home video game has become an important strategy. Capcom <9697> is announced to deliver the smartphone version of the smash hit series "Monster Hunter" in '15. I have the aim to expand the user through the smartphone version.

Square Enix <9684> also a active in Sumahogemu delivery. Deliver "Final Fantasy Records keeper" in '14 autumn. It became 200 million downloads in just three weeks. In addition, the company has provided the centerpiece software called on February 15, "Dragon Quest Heroes darkness dragon and castle of the World Tree" (Play Station 4). Is a big hit is expected that the PlayStation work of Dragon Quest '10 pretend.

Sumahogemu industry for a while and Gung Ho of Pazudora, will continue the two large world of mixi of Monsuto. However, Pazudora is already beyond the 30 million downloads worldwide, new user acquisition is becoming difficult. Monsuto also sooner or later will hit the the wall. When Sumahogemu is bored, easily would have been replaced by another game. 13 and 14 years but was a year of soaring, '15 also likely to be the year of selection.

'15 Point of the entire industry, one wonder will change if the boundary of a home game and Sumahogemu is. In this sense, "Monster Hunter" smartphone delivery of Capcom, in both user Would not become or touchstone raised a synergistic effect.

Another point's China market. Nintendo Following Sony is also considering to enter. In addition, Pazudora of Gung Ho, also mixi of Monsuto partnership with Chinese companies, to start delivery in China. I would like to pay attention to the movement of game makers for huge Chinese market.
ゲーム業界 各メーカーの動き・戦略は?

2014年は、13年からのスマホゲームの隆盛が続き、ミクシィ<2121>の『モンスターストライク(略称:モンスト)』が、ガンホー・オンラインエンタテイメント<3765>の『パズル&ドラゴンズ(略称:パズドラ)』に迫る大ヒットとなった。家庭用ゲームでは、何と言ってもレベルファイブ社の『妖怪ウォッチ』(ニンテンドー3DS)シリーズの大ヒットがトピックだろう。ハードではソニー<6758>の『Play Station 4』が世界的なヒットとなった。15年ゲーム業界はどうなるのか、その展望を各メーカーの動きからまとめてみた。

 まず、任天堂<7974>。14年は家庭用ハード『Wii U』の苦戦が続き、なかなか赤字脱却ができなかった。14年の年末商戦には、ヒットシリーズ『大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ』(Wii U)を投入し巻き返しを図っている。15年の目玉ソフトとしては、人気RPGシリーズ最新作『Xenoblade X(ゼノブレイドクロス)』(Wii U)などが発売予定となっている。


 続いてはソニー。『Play Station 4』が発売1年足らずで全世界1000万台以上の大ヒットとなり好調だが、早くも次の市場を見据えている。上海自由貿易試験特区で14年振りにゲーム機販売が解禁されたことを受け、15年1月11日より『Play Station 4』と携帯型ハード『Play Station Vita』を中国で販売開始する。日本企業ではいち早い参入で、他企業をリードしている。


 スクウェア・エニックス<9684>もスマホゲーム配信に積極的だ。14年秋には『ファイナルファンタジー・レコードキーパー』を配信。わずか3週間で200万ダウンロードとなった。また、同社は15年2月に『ドラゴンクエストヒーローズ 闇竜と世界樹の城』(Play Station 4)という目玉ソフトを用意している。ドラクエ10年振りのプレステ作品ということで大ヒットが予想されている。