【寒波】京都市 61年ぶり積雪22センチ
雪が積もった 京都市北区の上賀茂神社で2015年1月2日

[Cold weather] the first time in Kyoto '61 snow 22 centimeters

Continued strong cold is Isuwari in Kinki, some areas have been hit by heavy snow. In Kyoto, I've recorded 22 centimeters of snow that becomes the observation history third place.

Snow 22 centimeters of Kyoto City I was recorded at 1:00 am. Since the observed 41 cm in 1954, is the heavy snow of really the first time in '61. Minimum temperature also fell to minus 1.7 degrees aligned in the season most of the downturn. Tokaido Shinkansen under the influence of snow, also crawl operation this morning between Nagoya and Osaka, has occurred a delay of about 30 minutes at most. Also affect the U-turn rush of people who spent the New Year hometown, etc. began to appear. Passengers, and "I troubled, my husband because have a cold", "(in Tokyo) is supposed to go to see the stage. Since such from 14:00, and should I Maniae but" and worried it likely was look. Although the peak of the heavy snow was over, after this, you must be careful in such freezing night and early morning of the road surface.

【寒波】京都市 61年ぶり積雪22センチ



大雪続きで混乱 京都市22センチ、観測史上3番目







京都・滋賀に大雪、立ち往生続出 強制撤去を初適用








Confusion Kyoto 22 centimeters, observation ever third in heavy snow more

Under the influence of the pressure pattern of strong winter type, Kyoto Prefecture was followed by heavy snow up to 3 days early morning. In Kyoto records the sequence observation history third snow 22 centimeters to December 28, 1916, there were numerous such as fall accident.

According to the Kyoto Local Meteorological Observatory, the lowest temperature of the 3rd morning becomes the third and fourth degrees low minus 1, 7 degrees above average year for Kyoto, was the lowest this winter. Snow of Funai at the time 3:00 pm 9, Kyotango Mineyama 29 centimeters, Nantan Miyama 22 centimeters, Maizuru 20 centimeters, Kyoto 7 centimeters.

According to the government, such as disaster prevention and Nuclear Safety Division, in Kyoto city under the influence of snow cover was ambulance to fall 50 people. Sakyo, Chukyo, parking roof had three found building damage such as damage due to the weight of the snow in Xijing District. Corruption of the warehouse roof in Kyotango there was 1.

JR Tokaido Shinkansen Nagoya - from the first train in the snow between the Shin-Osaka all day delay occurs. Up and down a total of 234 this is 39 minutes maximum delay and affect about 34 million people.

Hanshin high-speed Kyoto Line became impassable from 2 day and night up to 15 minutes at 3:00 pm 7. Or Unkyu part of the city bus from the first train until around noon to service in the Kyoto Kita-ku, was or taking correspondence Noritsugu to the vehicle that was fitted with a chain in some sections.

Miyafukusen and Miyazusen 3 days Kitakinki Tango Railway, under the influence of such fallen trees and point failure due to snow, service was delayed from the first train to night. Up and down a total of eleven such as express is Unkyu, were affected in about 1900 people.

The first application heavy snow, stuck after another forced removal to Kyoto and Shiga

It becomes pressure pattern of strong winter type in the flow of cold, Kyoto, Shiga Prefecture, one day, was hit by heavy snow in many places. Prefecture north and Kyoto Kameoka, Yamashiro Central, the prefecture north and west Omi been announced heavy snow warning, traffic disruption, such as a long time closed to traffic on the highway is done. National Highway No. 1 and Meishin, in such new Meishin, revision Disaster Countermeasures Basic Law can force removal of the car that was stuck was first applied in Keiji.

The 2nd snow of 5:00 pm time, according to the Kyoto Local Meteorological Observatory, Kyotango Mineyama 36 centimeters, Maizuru 28 centimeters, Nantan Miyama 16 centimeters. About 10 centimeters in Uji, such as government south there was snow. According to the Hikone Local Meteorological Observatory, in addition to reached 128 centimeters in Nagahama Yogo Yanagase, Maibara 43 centimeters, Hikone 20 centimeters and observation. Were piled up 20 centimeters near the snow in southern part such as Otsu.

Highway, new Meishin of Koka Tsuchiyama interchange (IC) - was closed to traffic more than 22 hours between Kusatsu junction (JCT). Meishin of Ritto IC- Kyoto between east IC, also between Seta east JCT- Uji west IC of Keiji bypass became a long-term road closures. West highway until 40 pm two days know the 1st 23:50 4, specified in the forced removal interval some interval of 3 highway. It was towed away a total of seven that you like is left on the main line, such as the nearest parking area.

Succession of cars that do not climb the hill in the No. 1 national highway connecting the Otsu and Kyoto, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kinki Regional Development Bureau between up to 50 minutes to the 2nd 7:30 1:00 pm 7, Otsu Osaka - city Specifies the 3-six kilometers between the rungs on the car of forced removal interval. Car about 50 cars stuck at the time of peak, officials of Shiga National Highway Office is to ensure the passage of such snowplow Preface to shoulder press car. There were numerous car stuck in Kyoto city of general road.

Railway one day, JR San'insen and North Kinki Unkyu in Tango railway Miyazusen or delay occurs. Temporary in JR Kosei Line, local train is stuck, passengers about 300 people were trapped in about 3 hours car.

JR West the 2nd, Hokuriku delay is limited express "Egret" Toyama departure Nagoya bound under the influence of heavy snow areas, passengers about 20 people that are no longer able to transit in Tokyo area of Shinkansen, limited express parked in Yonehara Station Maibara it was announced that it will stay up to 3 days early morning in the "far" car.

According to the Kansai Electric Power, up to one hour, is about 840 households around Higashiyama-ku, dismounted the town was a power outage from around 40 minutes at 1 pm 5. Wire to that caused by the branches of the tree was contact that bent under the weight of the snow.