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内田篤人 3.11

内田篤人 スケッチ 3.11

Student that classmate of Atsuto Uchida had noticeable reveal

The 8th, as a "challenge from the RESTART Atsuto Uchida" in the Fuji TV, I was broadcasting a state in which close contact with the Atsuto soccer Japan representative Uchida.

Then in the program, Uchida is in addition to three classmates Kannami middle age that allows the mind, there was a scene where Eiichiro teacher Watanabe when third grade junior high school teacher talk about Uchida.

Yamamoto's men "here Korea W Cup day in the (classroom) and (saw). Akkamu. Beckham was the have Mecha consciousness. But wax Thats not wear. And went to wash your hands to rest time (with water had imitated the Beckham hair). there is talk about Uchida of memories and serious Jan "also, its presence was said," I thought always it's the central figure of the class. I feel like a people my friend ".

Also further two women "had been put voice to everyone", and "I'm remarkable people. Loyal. Return I'll be amazing worry Toka" say, Watanabe teacher also "well he had said" What people Shito because had "or" Now, guy there is a memory that has this kind of to be better and had been good by "or. such conversation. if you do not there chan stomach in this class had become completely different class. part that was moving in pretty shadow I looked back and there. "

But, for a number of outspoken remarks Uchida, sometimes misleading sometimes, because Yamamoto knows "a little morose to have such a feeling Toka. I, et al. I like'll Ne such a changer When cut with "people who do not know if you women of Mizuguchi's also" said gone are anxiously speak with wonder like a "misunderstanding.

Uchida was watching the conversation of such friends to monitor over. For leadership "I'm a servant, perhaps Kanabo. It's not a demon. It 'good to have a Uchida like a Kanabo, like a" is called, the clumsy and also said his remarks wonder if I if you know "He et al. . I was fully separately. says because not do things like change the remark to see the complexion of other people. "

8日、フジテレビでは「RESTART 内田篤人からの挑戦状」として、サッカー日本代表・内田篤人に密着した様子を放送した。





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