紅白に妖怪ウォッチコーナー!W出場内定 ジバニャンらも出演へ

妖怪ウォッチ ジバニャン コマさん

NHK Kohaku May J. Also five sets debutants specter watch corner such as V6

NHK is the 26th, announced the participation singer of the 65th Kohaku Uta Gassen to be broadcast on New Year's Eve. Last year the same 51 sets of appeared and, May J. debutants is the Japanese version of the theme song of the movie "Anna and The Snow Queen" was hit Mr. (26), popular group "V6" which celebrates its 20th anniversary debut as a total of five sets. As planning in the program, anime and games collect the popular character et al appeared in the "specter Watch", was also revealed that such anime theme song will showcase.

In debutants set of press conference, members of the V6, director of starring in the drama "Gunshi Kanbei" in broadcasting, Okada Junichi's (34) enthusiasm as "If Good luck with the feeling of rookie", Yoshihiko Inohara's (38 ) is "in '20 from debut, and the other contestants had been thought that there is no. I really appreciate," said, it was said, so bitten and tightened.

Vocal foursome band "SEKAI NO OWARI", Mr. Fukase (29) last month, his father suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, confess that it is in rehabilitation. I put the force is "I want to sing hard to reach the father."

Yakushimaru Hiroko last year, Asadora "Amachan" of Red and White Singing Contest has appeared in the planning, debutants as the sole singer. Nakajima Miyuki (62) also appeared for the first time in 12 years.

The specter in red and white watch corner! W played prospective Jibanyan et al also to performers

In the "65th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen" (7 pm-15) of the New Year's Eve, social phenomenon of to have "specter watch" corner that 24 days is provided, I found. Two pairs of contestants sing anime songs and music unit "Dream5" "King cream soda" is appointed, NHK is currently being adjusted in the direction to cast the costume of popular character. For kids, it's likely to be irresistible production.

On the first floor plaza of Adachi-ku, Tokyo Ito-Yokado, Ario Nishiarai store, gathered parents and children with more than 500 people. It's to see the stage of Dream5.

The hot air has reached the climax, when it was unveiled in a row the ending song of TV Tokyo anime "Dan Dan Do~ubi ・'s Bar!" And before ending song "dissolution gymnastics first". Children rising, sang to mimic the cute choreography.

Quintet that debuted in November 09. Along with the social phenomenon of the specter watch, suddenly it became popular among children, it was decided to appearance of a stretch to dream stage. According to the officials, not the contestants from the usual red and white pair, has been sounded the appearance of planning to corner. Trio singing "Geragerapo in Geragerapo / First Love Pass in the festival music" opening song, has arrived a similar offer to King cream soda.

NHK is currently being adjusted in the direction costume of main characters such as Jibanyan and Brie captain also to appear. In the anime character of TV Tokyo, the world's popularity Pikachu of "Pokemon" is also without that it has appeared, it will be the first of the case. It's going to be a hot topic as the "specter has clung to NHK" among children. In addition, the cage is a member of the following 16-year-old in Dream5, because the appearance time is until 21:00, corner is provided in the first half.

NHK, as well as the specter watch, has decided to provide a planning corner of social phenomenon of the Disney movie "Anna and The Snow Queen". Play Nakauta "Let It Go" appeared in the US actress Idina Menzel (43) satellite relay from the US New York sang the Japanese version was responsible for the end of the song May J. (26) sing at NHK Hall of venue.

Aim to collect the viewing of children in both corner. If you look children, parents I see. This year's theme "Let's sing. New Year's Eve is all in participation!" To meet the.

"Specter Watch" song # 1 & # 2 Exclusive! Willingness to red and white "If enjoy specter us and Wachawacha"

Has become a social phenomenon related song "specter watch" in the 10 date Oricon weekly singles ranking, 1 & 2 place that is three days you are a monopoly on, it was found.

Quintet men and women in the anime version ending unit ・ Dream5 (mean age 16 ・ 6 years) "Dan Dan Do~ubi ・'s Bar!", Won the first appearance first place in sales 6.6 million copies.

And sales of the 6.2 million copies "Geragerapo in Geragerapo / First Love Pass in the festival music" of King cream soda threesome unit men and women in the same opening, it becomes second place, was achieved the "one-two finish."

King cream soda this day, appeared in the new song event in Tokyo. Maiko (age not disclosed) to explain the "Geragerapo is the sense that" enjoys abandoned or "your work" and "buzzword", and towards the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen expectations of debutants will take, "specter had not excited about a good Na "When we enjoy and Wachawacha.
NHK紅白  May J. V6など5組初出場 妖怪ウォッチコーナーも

NHKは26日、大みそかに放送される第65回紅白歌合戦の出場歌手を発表した。昨年と同じ51組が出演し、初出場は映画「アナと雪の女王」の日本語版主題歌がヒットしたMay J.さん(26)、デビュー20周年を迎える人気グループ「V6」など計5組。番組内の企画として、アニメやゲームが人気を集める「妖怪ウォッチ」のキャラクターらが出演し、アニメ主題歌などが披露されることも明らかになった。


 4人組バンド「SEKAI NO OWARI」のボーカル、Fukaseさん(29)は先月、父親が脳出血で倒れ、リハビリ中であることを告白。「父に届くように一生懸命歌いたい」と力を込めた。


紅白に妖怪ウォッチコーナー!W出場内定 ジバニャンらも出演へ



 熱気が最高潮に達したのは、テレビ東京のアニメのエンディング曲「ダン・ダン ドゥビ・ズバー!」と前エンディング曲「ようかい体操第一」を続けて披露した時。子供たちは立ち上がり、かわいらしい振り付けをまねして歌った。



 NHKは、妖怪ウォッチと同様、社会現象化したディズニー映画「アナと雪の女王」の企画コーナーを設けることを決めている。劇中歌「Let It Go」を歌った米女優イディナ・メンゼル(43)が米ニューヨークから衛星中継で出演、日本版のエンドソングを担当したMay J.(26)が会場のNHKホールで歌う。




 アニメ版エンディングで男女5人組ユニット・Dream5(平均年齢16・6歳)の「ダン・ダン ドゥビ・ズバー!」が、売り上げ6・6万枚で初登場1位を獲得した。