未婚が多い 注目株アラフォー俳優
イケメン スケッチ

Unmarried often hot stock Arafo actor

Nishijima Hidetoshi (43), in November that was sprung by marriage of Mukai Osamu (32). In Twitter, had been well as future marriage likely people expected, it probably is happening actually. Married, including unmarried person, I want to summarize the situation of Arafo actors.

Special "popular among 40s and" seasonal man "Nishijima Hidetoshi attractive?"

◆ The following marriage? Actor who rose to topic

First, most of the name had been raised in one review this time would be Kuranosuke Sasaki (46). Is on the net it is tweet to as the "last bastion is Kuranosuke Sasaki", in Twitter, it was up to entering trend though not a why married parties.

As with Sasaki, the name was raised, the Fukuyama Masaharu (45), but, in between the fan, "that somehow scream occurs even married is unlikely" seems to be calm opinion that. I feel a sense of stability of the relationship between the person and the fan.

Yutaka Takenouchi (43) also, there was a devoted reports that Kurashina Kana (26) this year. Because the agency has also commented that "if you could watch over warm is welcome", ahead, Nishijima, may also have get to follow opposite.

◆ The marriage rush in recent years Arafo actor

Such a marriage there is a reason to become a topic. In recent years, have followed the marriage of Arafo actor, but year after year, because single actor has decreased. For example, finished the race this year in October and general women younger 8-year-old Hideaki Ito (39) marriage, in April Masato Sakai (41) actress Kanno Miho of the same year and (37). To the 2012 Tomo Omori (42) ran a shock even when you married Yuriko actress Ono (25), Hiroshi Oizumi (41) was also married to a drama producer in 2010.

Amid Arafo actor is going more and more married, still Some actor through the unmarried. Ryo Kase (40), it's still has been rumored to Mikako Ichikawa (36) single. Also, does not come hear talk of marriage from Hiromi Hasegawa (37). Hirofumi Arai (35) is also devoted coverage it's there but unmarried.

Koizumi Kotaro (36), also both of Tsuyoshi Muro (38) of each other in the best friend is calling each other as "Muro" "anti" unmarried. Abe adults plan Sadao (44) married, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi (40) 's unmarried.

In addition, Nagasawa Masami and long companionship is rumored Iseya Yusuke (38) unmarried. In same born model and actor Iseya, New Iura's not known what has been surprisingly married (40), but, in fact, also have children already married.

◆ Arafo actor of hot stock now even many unmarried

Still in popularity rises likely actors now, singles often. "Dear Sister" if (Fuji TV) in Matsushita Nao play Fukasawa Hirayama to play a role that I think to steadily the Hazuki Hiroyuki (37) also Single, Soap opera "Cinderella Dating" heroine of Married play (Tokai TV) in Mali Hoshino Makoto-to Hidekazu play a role sign in to post a thought to (38) it is also single.

The only single of Oizumi Yo also belongs TEAM NACS is, but Mr. shame also referred Shigeyuki Totsugi (41). In these articles, I think it is there is at'm sorry becomes to be used in large punch line, it is also the evidence attention is turned up.

◆ Arafo actor psychology of women to fret over the marriage of?

Thus marriage of actor became a hot topic, it looks like female fans have fret, and I wonder if dough is fact. When looking at Twitter, or "collapsed from the waist", and such as "no longer stand up", can also be seen as exaggerated expression. But truth is, it is also visible to be enjoying the exchange to your die marriage of actor.

The called Arafo actor and fan, you can go to see paying money, rather than a relationship, such as idle and fans like support its activities, but more casual relationship. For many women, such as when you saw in such CM and drama, or will not be a of the existence, such as gives healing when casual. Moreover, who is the best, if not this person no good! Rather than that, would be many people that love the whole existence that was vaguely called Arafo actor. Precisely because such a presence, women, consume as casual a common topic, or would not you're Mise been exaggerated fret.

On the other hand, seems to have not a little woman who was shocked that is said to be this time of Nishijima impact. Twink not only say that, even though a Mote likely a humanly nice if there is a depth to the inner surface, are implanted to work without even uttered a marriage. Against such appearance, in addition to the longing and favor, somewhere to remember the sympathy, might had been sprouting like camaraderie. Unawares, it seems because that had led to the support and confidence of some sort, shock ran a chain of stunning unexpected marriage.

However, even such women, of that Arafo actor fans, just people who can afford to enjoy as topic as described above. That's why, I wonder is born also words playful that Nishijima impact.














 大泉洋も所属するTEAM NACSの唯一の独身は、ミスター残念とも称される戸次重幸(41)だ。こうした記事で、大オチに使われることになってしまい申し訳ないところではあるが、それは注目度が上がっている証拠でもあると思う。



 アラフォー俳優とファンというのは、お金を払って会いに行き、その活動を支えるようなアイドルとファンのような関係性ではなく、もっとカジュアルな関係だ。多くの女性たちにとっては、CMやドラマなどで見かけたときなど、ふとしたときに癒しを与えてくれるような存在なのではないだろうか。しかも、誰が一番、この人でないとダメ! ということではなく、アラフォー俳優というぼんやりとした存在全体を好きという人も多いだろう。そんな存在だからこそ、女性たちは、気軽な共通の話題として消費し、大げさに一喜一憂してみせているのではないだろうか。