富士通、設計書からCOBOL/Javaコードを自動生成する「Interdevelop Designer」をリリース

 富士通、設計書からCOBOL/Javaコードを自動生成する「Interdevelop Designer」をリリース
The release to automatically generate a COBOL / Java code Fujitsu, from the design document "Interdevelop Designer" 

August 28, 2014, announced business program development support tool to streamline the development and maintenance of the system "FUJITSU Software Interdevelop Designer", Fujitsu began selling the same day. The ability to automatically generate a Java program and source COBOL from design document of Japanese, "can be reduced 40% in the development and maintenance costs" and (the company). 

Fujitsu, cites various issues surrounding large-scale system development in the enterprise as a background that developed the FUJITSU Software Interdevelop Designer. Zokujin of system construction know-how, document partial lack of such test specifications and design documents required for functional improvement or during maintenance of the system, it is, such as anxiety to system maintenance work in the future due to the aging of development personnel 's challenge. 

In Interdevelop Designer in order to solve such a problem, has been developed by Fujitsu Mission Critical Systems and Fujitsu, and is provided as a tool to help to make it quick and efficient system development and maintenance of the company. 

The biggest feature, (currently under development automatically generates Java code, provides scheduled to start in the end of March 2015) the ability to automatically generate 100% of the source code of the Java program from COBOL and design document of Japanese. Also, to change the design by changing the description of the design of the document, the source program is automatically changed. Because it is not necessary to alter the source program itself, the program source and design document always coincide, it is possible to also efficient maintenance programs and document management. 

Mechanism of FUJITSU Software Interdevelop Designer (Source: Fujitsu) 
If you want to develop a system with the same product, first in the "data dictionary", to register and data definition operations and all terms to be used in the program. Then, by using code and business terms, and item name that utilizes the definition document patterns that are provided in the "design document editor" is displayed in the design document editor from the data dictionary, and create a design document of Japanese to. 

The data dictionary, it is possible to equalize the level of the design specifications of the system developed enterprise. Due to the centralized data dictionary and code and business terms used in the design document editor, there is a merit that it is possible to identify the impact point to the program change time, maintenance becomes easy. 

It also has to be to take advantage of the automatic generation of the program, and programs can develop specific language skills are not required, to eliminate the variation in quality by programmers, Fujitsu, system development associated with the aging of the engineers and it becomes easier to cope with problems of maintained successor shortage. 

Operation of image design document editor included in FUJITSU Software Interdevelop Designer (Source: Fujitsu) 
In addition, the Interdevelop Designer, and a transfer function (input data, the data response function from the external processing functions that are required to run a program that is (tested and test data test specifications, test environment of the program the ability to automatically generate the environment) was also provided. same function, due to the technology of Fujitsu Laboratories, to help so that the developers can implement efficiently test for processing the root of all of the program. 

It is possible to eliminate the errors caused by manual work by introducing the product with these functions, Fujitsu, is reduced by approximately 40% to be able to (its ratio) development and maintenance costs compared to develop the conventional method. Also, I want to appeal that maintenance does not depend on human resources having or programming skills, their skills, and build a system that was a waste of Zokujin becomes possible. 

To take advantage of the Interdevelop Designer, need to purchase a server license for two in the minimum configuration. The price, "V1 development server Interdevelop Designer COBOL" is from the 8.4 million yen, "V1 Development Client Interdevelop Designer COBOL" is 588,000 yen. The client environment of V1 development Interdevelop Designer COBOL is also available rental license, the price has become from 49,000 yen per month.
富士通、設計書からCOBOL/Javaコードを自動生成する「Interdevelop Designer」をリリース

富士通は2014年8月28日、システムの開発・保守作業を効率化する業務プログラム開発支援ツール「FUJITSU Software Interdevelop Designer」を発表、同日より販売を開始した。日本語の設計書からCOBOLおよびJavaプログラムソースを自動生成する機能により、「開発・保守コストを40%削減できる」(同社)という。

FUJITSU Software Interdevelop Designerを開発した背景として富士通は、企業における大規模システム開発にまつわる諸課題を挙げている。それは、システム構築ノウハウの属人化、システムの保守や機能改善時に必要となる設計書やテスト仕様書などの部分的な文書欠如、開発要員の高齢化による今後のシステム保守作業への不安などといった課題だ。

 そうした課題を解決すべく、富士通と富士通ミッションクリティカルシステムズによって開発されたのがInterdevelop Designerで、企業のシステム開発・保守作業を効率的かつ迅速に行えるように支援するツールとして提供される。


FUJITSU Software Interdevelop Designerの仕組み(出典:富士通)



FUJITSU Software Interdevelop Designerに備わる設計書エディタの操作イメージ(出典:富士通)
 加えて、Interdevelop Designerには、プログラムのテスト仕様書やテストデータ、テスト環境(テスト対象となるプログラムを実行する際に必要となる機能(入力データの受け渡し機能、外部処理からのデータ応答機能を備えた環境)を自動生成する機能も備わっている。同機能は、富士通研究所の技術によるもので、開発者がプログラムのすべての処理ルートに対して効率的にテストを実施できるよう支援する。


 Interdevelop Designerを利用するには、最小構成で2台のサーバーライセンスの購入が必要。価格は、「Interdevelop Designer COBOL V1 開発サーバ」が840万円からで、「Interdevelop Designer COBOL V1 開発クライアント」が58万8000円から。なおInterdevelop Designer COBOL V1 開発のクライアント環境はレンタルライセンスも用意され、その価格は月額4万9000円からとなっている。