iPhone 6でソフトバンクの一人負け加速、auは悲願の通話中データ通信解禁へ

auがiPhone 6とiPhone 6 Plus購入時の料金シュミレーターを公開! 毎月の支払い額を確認しよう。

accelerated losing one of Softbank in iPhone 6, au to the data communication ban during a call of long-cherished wish 

Not only a larger screen, such as responding to AXGP · WiMAX 2+ and carrier aggregation, iPhone 6 network around was also significantly evolved. 
That in which it can be expected that the stability of communication speed and ease of connection, of the most important communication is greatly improved for the mobile phone, you are experiencing a situation where one person losing Softbank could deepening is now clear. 

◆ Softbank Hatairo was bad from one year ago 
You only need to know the first thing, the only part that Softbank was unfavorable overwhelmingly in the LTE network at the time of the iPhone 5s / 5c was released in September last year. 
It is easy to also help, such as inside a building, iPhone 5s / 5c was supported wide area "platinum band LTE (800 ~ 900MHz band)" to, but 31,000 stations, NTT the base station of interest in August last year KDDI while DoCoMo had to expand the 2000 stations, Softbank was 0 station was discouraged him the Deppana large. 

In spring models recital winter - 2014 2013, Softbank announcement to be ahead of schedule in the spring of 2014 the deployment of LTE using a platinum band of 900MHz band then. But the reality is officially announcement and not performed past the July this year it was expected to be available starting in nature and in which even reached a 6 announced iPhone, is are you struggling to launch. 

Au, which has been preceded by a platinum band LTE On the other hand we are promoting at a rapid pace maintenance also 2.1GHz band LTE you hike up to 99% of the population coverage, remain, NTT DoCoMo also not supported (iPhone 6 800MHz · 1.5GHz and promoting the development using a frequency band of four) · 1.7GHz · 2.1GHz of "quad-band LTE". 

That Softbank that has not been nationwide expansion of the platinum band LTE is not being continuously to stand in a disadvantageous situation difficult to use the high-speed communication, such as inside a building still only in the three major mobile phone. 
◆ Softbank to get a late start in Carrier Aggregation 
And now, it likely will be even more severe situation for Softbank, corresponding situation "Carrier Aggregation (CA)" to the new features of the iPhone 6 to achieve a maximum downlink 150Mbps LTE bundled together the two. 

Softbank is to provide a carrier aggregation in LTE is scheduled for 2015 or later. You will have to get a late start even if it again, following last year. 
In addition, Softbank is planning to deploy a carrier aggregation of maximum downlink 165Mbps compatible with high-speed communication system Another iPhone 6 corresponds from late September as "TD-LTE" and "AXGP", but in the BUZZAP editorial department as a result of an inquiry to the company Public Relations Department, thing with unconfirmed whether you can use the CA of AXGP in the iPhone 6. 

Because even if it is possible to use arguendo, very weak, AXGP is using radio waves of 2.5GHz band coverage area per base station is narrow in the building, unlike the carrier aggregation that is based on platinum band LTE, you will have to take the delay, such as size of the area that can be high-speed communication and ease of connection. 
◆ CA that can not be separated with VoLTE, au during a call data transmission and reception lifting of the ban on long-cherished wish 
It is Softbank, which is strong and the corresponding situation ...... platinum band LTE, the carrier aggregation, a tough fight, but becomes a presumption, a new service that NTT DoCoMo began offering from summer model 2014 "VoLTE (Voice over LTE)". 

By packetized voice, and communicate with the LTE network, it is intended to achieve a call easy listening in clear than the 3G network of conventional, the service has announced a policy of au · SoftBank also be introduced into the prospect the winter. 
YouTube - movies that you understand and high quality of VoLTE 

Because LTE is used in call and data communications in both VoLTE, to allow "data communication while Call" was the weakness of the au version of iPhone. 
Fast multi-access can be implemented by VoLTE - YouTube 

Video calls will also be clean. 
Video call quality is also achieved with VoLTE - YouTube 

Stability of the LTE network is VoLTE a good thing dressed like this, but can be made to play the role of very large. 
Tends to be unstable communication, such as boundary base station in general, for VoLTE, is why there is a possibility that the worst call is interrupted, but the use of the carrier aggregation described above, radio waves either weak even now, etc. can be complemented with another radio, communication will be stable significantly. 

In other words, in the network of DoCoMo and au, while available a comfortable VoLTE, which is backed by a carrier aggregation and platinum band LTE, VoLTE Softbank likely to be choppy during the move compared with other companies, the sound quality is leading to volatility This is why there is. 
IPhone sales season of difficult mobile companies and new services ...... that looks almost the same apparent on the same terminal, and fee, about the same, is to find the differences at a glance. However, since there is a case where reality is quite different, is likely to be better that you care when you choose.
iPhone 6でソフトバンクの一人負け加速、auは悲願の通話中データ通信解禁へ

大画面化だけでなく、キャリアアグリゲーションやAXGP・WiMAX 2+への対応など、ネットワーク周りも大きく進化したiPhone 6。

まず最初に知っておくべきなのは、昨年9月に発売されたiPhone 5s/5cの時点でソフトバンクのみがLTEネットワークで圧倒的に不利だったという部分。
iPhone 5s/5cは建物の中などでもつながりやすく、エリアの広い「プラチナバンドLTE(800~900MHz帯)」に対応しましたが、KDDIが昨年8月時点で該当する基地局を3.1万局、NTTドコモが2000局を展開していたのに対し、0局だったソフトバンクは大きく出鼻を挫かれました。

その後ソフトバンクは2013年冬~2014年春モデル発表会において、900MHz帯のプラチナバンドを用いたLTEの展開を2014年春に前倒しすることを告知。しかし本来提供開始される予定だった今年7月を過ぎ、iPhone 6発表を迎えてもなお正式アナウンスが行われないなど、立ち上げに苦戦しているのが現状です。

一方でプラチナバンドLTEで先行していたauは人口カバー率を99%まで引き上げ、残る2.1GHz帯LTEについても整備を急ピッチで進めており、NTTドコモも800MHz・1.5GHz(iPhone 6は非対応)・1.7GHz・2.1GHzの4つの周波数帯を使った「クアッドバンドLTE」の整備を推進中。

そして今回、ソフトバンクにとってさらに厳しい事態となりそうなのが、2つのLTEを束ねて下り最大150Mbpsを実現するiPhone 6の新機能「キャリアアグリゲーション(CA)」への対応状況。

なお、ソフトバンクは9月下旬からiPhone 6が対応するもう一つの高速通信方式「TD-LTE」と互換性を持つ「AXGP」で下り最大165Mbpsのキャリアアグリゲーションを展開する予定ですが、BUZZAP編集部で同社広報部に問い合わせたところ、iPhone 6でAXGPのCAを利用できるかどうかは未確認とのこと。

プラチナバンドLTE、キャリアアグリゲーションの対応状況……と、厳しい戦いを強いられるソフトバンクですが、極めつけとなるのが、NTTドコモが2014年夏モデルから提供開始した新サービス「VoLTE(Voice over LTE)」。

VoLTEの高音質さがよく分かるムービー - YouTube

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