Speculation Gung Ho, the supercell stock haste sale 

Became the alliance resolved at 10 months only. August 21, Gung Ho Online Entertainment has announced that it will sell 35.7 billion yen to Softbank parent company, the shares of (Finland) supercell for smartphones major game. We established a special purpose company (SPC) in collaboration with SoftBank last year, Gung Ho get invested 151.5 billion yen 51% supercell stock. Gung Ho had been accounted for by the equity method company supercell and holds a 20% share of this. 

■ The following sights on Southeast Asia 

What is the background of the stock sale of the supercell of this time, but the selection and concentration of investment. This time, we will used in investing activities in the country and the establishment of the company in Singapore 30 billion yen of the 35.7 billion yen to procure. There is an aim to aggressively invest in China, Southeast Asia and South America in the market expected to grow in the future, lead to the next stage of growth. 

However, should cash reserves and 73.1 billion yen also is abundant cash and deposits at the end of June of Gung Ho, did not need to let go of supercell stock immediately. Nevertheless, it was decided to sell Gung side described in "The scale of the market in Europe and the United States, time is because it was likely to take more than expected," he said. 

By taking the marketing power of a super cell that is distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide smartphone Games, acquisition initially Gung Ho had the aim of name recognition improvement worldwide smartphone for their games of "Puzzle & Dragons". In fact, the number of downloads Pazudora was increased in Europe and the United States market by the mutual promotion effect, but progress seems to have not progressed as expected. The proposed sale of this time to Softbank It was Gung Ho side. 

Gung Ho is, deliver Pazudora in 33 countries, including the United States, Europe and Asia already. In addition to having achieved 400 million downloads, it is extending the number of users in Hong Kong and Taiwan, also South Korea and other countries in North America and Canada. But to be "I think that does not become a rapid soaring in North America, and there is a problem in promotion", Kazuki Morishita president has said at a briefing of the interim results of the end of July. Competitive environment of the smartphone for the game has intensified in Japan and Europe, hurdle aiming for explosive hit, such as was successful in Japan, I just go up. 

On the other hand, we are gearing up for the delivery in China currently, get one's hopes up "will significantly change the specifications can be customized to China quite a Pazudora" and (Morishita president). 

■ Is it possible to break away from "Pazudora" asked 

Gung Ho to put a force in overseas expansion, it is nothing less than for the domestic market has reached a plateau. Pazudora topped 30 million total downloads in the August 15th time. While smartphone penetration number of domestic are 60 million units around, so that you are holding the share of about half. It is also reflected in the performance figures, the domestic smart phone game market in 2013 became the 317.8 billion yen, but it is enough to account for more than half its 2001 sales of Gung Ho and 163 billion yen. 

The Pazudora celebrated its two-and-a-half years from the start of delivery, the focus is shifting to where you want be able to maintain the number of users of conventional. It's Gung Ho has continued said, "Pazudorabumu is over" and from one year ago, but a strong performance to continue in feet. We began to deliver new game that specialize in puzzle games Pazudora in July of "Pazudora W" Gung Ho's during deployment to roughly specific advertising was appointed a storm of popular idol group. And also performs a collaboration of popular anime "Evangelion" and such as "Saint Seiya" and spurs to avoid rut. 

To say that there is a surplus in cash on hand, I can not have peace of mind vicissitude is only violent in Sumahogemu market fast moving. In the background of the stock sale of this time, in that it is not expected to be significant growth of domestic business, impatience of Gung Ho rush overseas business development glimpses.


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