富士通の若手社員の口コミに奇妙な共通点 「仕事に面白みがない」「新しいことをしない」
 "There is no fun to work", "it is not a new thing" strange common point in reviews of young employees of Fujitsu 

To reviews of Kyarikone, posts from young employees of Fujitsu is one after another lately. Have in common is, it is not a strong criticism against the company, but there is a thing like atmosphere gave up somewhere. 
Male Employee A's late 20s who are responsible for agency sales, lament the concept of "general-purpose machine heyday" has remained strongly still to Fujitsu, it has become the shackles of business. 

It has become a business model for pushing the "hardware, there is no willingness to tackle to new things. Horizontal connection (in-house) is thin, to create a service in reasoning development department of new services without knowing the site but, it is not accepted easily to customers because it does not grasp the needs "
Also open engineers also lament "hard push", "coordinator" 
Evaluate the service model that Fujitsu will develop, that there are a advanced also be heard, but it seems to have felt the salesman in contact with the customer actually, and are far from the needs of reality. The A's, droop "is not interesting at all" and for their work. 

"It is outside the scope of skill in the art from the customer, and say clean each. Such as" business proposals "Just run around in the order-taker is it's fine, but it is only after all coordinator" 
Asked "Sales figures goals every year whether you can achieve" is also only in-house, the number is reduced, the boss that's "full commitment without trying to understand the background of the" white somehow "". 

Therefore, it can not be obtained even idea with medium-term perspective. Workers would also not uncommon in such circumstances the same as a salesman, but with whether the same even that Fujitsu, not Some people may be surprised. 

Also writing of system engineers B's late 20s, words that are common in strange and A's are lined up. Mr. B also align the mouth to be "no" is interesting and rewarding work. 

"Replacement of the basic current follow (replaced) projects because the majority Projects running, decades tend to work only rehash the system, such as a fossil of the previous" 
"The purpose of the work is not a business improve customer, (which is) that (transfer to other companies is a difficult situation) plunge to vendor lock-in screwing the hard-house" 
Even though the project management, the contents of the work outsourced management and order-taker. Understanding of industry trends and technology of the employees told me that he "surprisingly low." 

Even out of the front line and if full-time and "every day surfing the net" 
Also information systems division of a company is a customer of Mr. B, "who go ahead to be challenging and new things Orazu almost", motivation does not rise as well as our own. 

"It is not done is that new, it is not only a solid work. Therefore, it is resigned to rehash always in the industry" 
The lament so, system engineer C's early 30s is also the same. The company points out "on a hit-or-miss basis, there is no strategy," said state. However, "mere form of other" good at, since doing business in a wide range of existing field of IT-related, 

"It is better if you seek secular employment, but it is not recommended if you want to the new business" 
I hear that. Such as the aging of the person in charge of customer companies, I wonder are related somewhere. If it's way to the most profitable, the company is to maintain its route also it is not unnatural. However, the state does not know when to up or continue. 

But about 3 million yen annual income but temporary staff of seven years is, complain and "I have never hourly wage went up even once" in working for Fujitsu. Amount of work increases, but the income does not increase. 

On the other hand, a position that's also peace and security in the high salary if regular employees. According to Mr. B described above, it seems to send the life of "leaving and surfing to daily Ordinary" It is possible that you are in the company be a "people out of the front line", since there is no work.

富士通の若手社員の口コミに奇妙な共通点 「仕事に面白みがない」「新しいことをしない」