妖怪ウォッチタイプ零式の高値!   親たちの不満が爆発!

Prices in the Amazon! Highs of zero expression specter watch type "adverse effects on the child" explosion of discontent parents is "harmful Watch" 

The other day, I got an e - mail from my brother who lives in local. It does not really interact much with his brother from the usual, but the contact is came "what you want to ask is absolutely certain," he said. Sons, that is for our nephew, he had been told that want you to buy the products of "Yokai Watch" from the perspective of (reporters) I. 

Bandai started selling new products of the same work of "DX specter watch type zero expressions" in the nation in August 2, 2014. The matrix can be in the store before its release, more than 1,000 Toka's lined up in some stores. I was late completely did not buy of course. I had thought that I should buy on Amazon and reluctantly, but has highs phenomenal, are they not become a price nearly 10 times according to the commodity. This ...... uncle unhittable. 

・ Overwhelming support 
This work has attracted overwhelming support among elementary school students in game titles for Nintendo 3DS originally, are animated cartoon. It is said that the return of Pokemon boom was popular among children a decade ago. 

-Scarce state of chronic 
New products that appeared this time even more than, scarce state has continued was released earlier also "DX Yokai Watch", it is said that difficult to obtain. That you get it is difficult to local Shimane, my brother sent an email to rely me, but things are not much in Tokyo. 

・ High of 4-9 times 
By the way, I tried to examine the sale price at Amazon, 1 万 4000 yen cheapest one. It has become a 29,998 yen at the highest value. Retail price is \ 3456 since, it will be sold at a high price of about 4 to 9 times. Because it is an exhibition at a high price too, it's situation critical comments are one after another from people who wish to buy in some commodity. 

? The opinion on products of high 
"... You will overdo shortage Commercial Code, Limited Commercial Code" 
"Though it is children's toys, or What Is premium price?" 
"This phenomenon itself adversely affect the child" 
"I had expected, but even here the evil hands of the resale shop is ..." 
"It is too pity at the thought of many families could not buy side by side together" 
"Ninomai of Tamagotchi" 
"Scalpers in bad, kind of resale Acts It is OK What" 
"Toys should anyone enjoy children, has become a tool for adults only to resell" 
"It would be a great success at the Commercial Code now shortage of Bandai" 
"Harmful Watch" 
"Although it is good so buy price fast" 

And children can not play 
Price he settled short supply if resolved, but would not also that the goods reach the source of high child not only continued, would like to play more than the number of products is small. Production volume ...... if rich a little more.

アマゾンで価格高騰! 妖怪ウォッチタイプ零式の高値に親たちの不満が爆発「子どもに悪影響」「有害ウォッチ」


2014年8月2日にバンダイは全国で同作の新商品「DX妖怪ウォッチ タイプ零式」の販売を開始した。発売前から店舗には行列ができ、店舗によっては1000人以上が並んだのだとか。完全に出遅れた私は当然購入できなかった。仕方なくAmazonで買おうかなと思ったのだが、驚異的な高値をつけており、商品によっては10倍近い値段になっているではないか。これはオジサン手が出ない……。






バンダイ、「妖怪ウォッチ」で泣き笑い? 空前のヒットで第1四半期は過去最高益となったが

Although highest ever profit in the first quarter hit of April weather? Unprecedented Bandai, the "specter Watch" 

"It does not have any production adjustment. Watch also medals by established a production system anyway, we are catching up little by little." August 5, NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. has announced (April-June period) Financial Results 2014 first quarter. Asago Yukotobuki-Corporate Planning Division of the company, which has been described in the telephone conference, became a time commitment of most popular character in the description that has also become a social phenomenon on the "Yokai Watch". 

■ annual budget almost achieved in three months 
The first quarter financial results the company has announced, 122.5 billion yen of 15, 7% year-on-year net sales, and 16.8 billion yen in the same 26, 2 percent and operating income management integration Namco Bandai and in '05 since then, it has achieved the highest quarterly profit. It has been revised upward also expected interim period (April-September period) Financial Results In response to this, (235 billion yen initial forecast) 255 billion yen of the 11.6% year-on-year, sales of the operating profit expected to be 25 billion yen of 5.3% decline (down 20 billion yen). It is affirmed full year forecast, but is because the review did on reviewing the trend of year-end shopping season, likely to be positive earnings for the full year's high is likely this. 

One of the factors that became a good start, there is the specter of sales Watch related products has remained strong. Five levels of game software company has worked on the content itself, Bandai is doing the production and sales of related goods. Toy Watch wearing the applicator of the hero "DX Yokai Watch" (3200 yen) in the more popular serious shortage continues, (180 yen 2 sheets) medals to play in conjunction with this is also overwhelming from elementary school students among them I'm getting the support. It just introduced a new "DX specter watch type zero expressions" in August 2, momentum is unlikely to stop. 

The company was looking at 70 billion yen this fiscal year sales of specter Watch related May time, but topped 6.5 billion yen earlier in the first quarter of the time. As a result of shows expected to be 20 billion yen over the full year, the company's succession is question "is too conservative" from analysts. Medal production system had a 100 million pieces by the end of March next year, to be sure, but I'm ahead of schedule to the 100 million pieces a year this. Production system of the watch also, that they are at any time enhancement "Since the inconvenience to consumers fairly, you want to strive to be able supply as soon as possible" and (director secondhand book shallow). 

Currently, Bandai handle 160 items related goods, but mainstay are narrowed down to watch and medals. Further growth is likely to be expected possibility of coming out major new product towards the end of the year shopping season is also high, that amount is plus. "However you want to (intellectual property) IP important enduring monsters watch. So are carefully selected fairly the goods, do not think it is a good increasing the item" (Ishikawa, president Norio). 

■ specter watch boom Kayushi do? 
But for the company, there is also the side that does not rejoice in letting go the boom of monster watch. Popularity is too concentrated in the monster watch, the wrinkles justified is because there is a risk that conflict with related goods of their own IP "Gundam", "Kamen Rider" and "Aikatsu". 

Than the specter watch is the IP of other companies, in fact, had become the driving force of the strong performance in the first quarter point, it is related goods Rider and Gundam, Aikatsu of high profitability. Feet is ready to watch specter has been to the place plus a generally strong is its own IP, but the specter watch popular and too far, their content is not could be eaten. 

In closing conference, there was a scene where one analyst has questions "Gundam's strong will, or because something has created a new demand," he said. Superficial secondhand book director, it is sharp ". Plastic Gundam is growing steadily. Challenged in the future, but the person who makes parents so-called Gundam and more, a new layer is surely to be happy for this replied while bouncing the voice to be "have pushed up the overall performance can be increased. 

For the company's largest domestic toy, while supported by the related goods boom of monster watch, it is necessary to enliven also important character business, which has been grown for many years in-house. Careful steering we need for a while.
バンダイ、「妖怪ウォッチ」で泣き笑い? 空前のヒットで第1四半期は過去最高益となったが


■ 3カ月でほぼ年間予算達成

好発進となった要因の一つは、妖怪ウォッチ関連商品の売れ行きが好調に推移していることがある。コンテンツ自体はゲームソフト会社のレベルファイブが手掛けており、バンダイは関連グッズの生産・販売を行っている。中でも主人公のケータが身につけている腕時計のおもちゃ「DX妖怪ウォッチ」(3200円)は深刻な品切れが続くほどの人気で、これと組み合わせて遊ぶメダル(2枚180円)も小学生から圧倒的な支持を得ている。8月2日には新型の「DX妖怪ウォッチ タイプ零式」を投入したばかりで、勢いは止まりそうにない。



■ 妖怪ウォッチブームも痛しかゆし?




「妖怪ウォッチ」旋風、株価にも 関連銘柄、年初来高値でそろい踏み
The Soroibumi related issue, in the year-to-date high "Yokai Watch" whirlwind, also in stock 

In the Tokyo stock market of the 4th, Happinet that are related stocks popular game of "Yokai Watch", NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. (HD), HD TV Tokyo became the transaction to assign a high year-to-date either. Since listing, share price is more than 1900 yen for the first time, tele-east became a listed come especially high. "Yokai Watch" whirlwind seems real even in the stock market. 

Related shopping season specter watch is heating up with each passing day, there was also a store that column of those who seek the toy was released is greater than 1000 people in the 2nd month. For specter watch, unlisted so "Level Five", well into a related issue, it is a direct benefit to be limited to that of having a right in the game production company, but overall still as the 4th it is noted that the date of the material flame. 

Manufacturers of toys monster watch, Bandai Namco largest rating of the related stocks. \ 2,694 3.6% high, high of the day, closing at 2665 yen is 2.5 percent. From toys wholesale company of Bandai Namco system, handling the amount of monsters watch product is large, Happinet is related brand vision. \ 2018 of 13.0% is high highs, this day 1983 yen 11.0% higher closing price. 

Tele-east has been aired anime monster watch from the beginning of this year, caught fire boom in this anime. \ 1967 of 13.6% is high highs, this day 1926 yen 11.2% higher closing price. Positive earnings for the April-June quarter, which was announced on the 1st weekend before's a direct appreciation factor, but expectations of investors to broadcast to the "specter Watch" is large. 

In response to the Western stock continued to fall significantly in the second half last week, the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the day this was a weak, but Terehigashi fourth place Gainers of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Happinet ranked fifth. There was a two-digit price increase rate is only five stocks, I see that the popularity of these two stocks.
「妖怪ウォッチ」旋風、株価にも 関連銘柄、年初来高値でそろい踏み