ICTで変わる教育 育て!未来のグーグルやMS プログラミング教育で人材育成

The change brought up education in ICT! Human resource development in MS programming and education of future Google 

Aimed at the world's most advanced IT nation, ICT education of the country to promote (information communication technology) reduction. Not only as a tool simply master and tablet terminal of "one per person", what is expected, it's the development of human resources that give birth to innovation. One of programming education. Countries that promote compulsory education is of a growing number abroad, discussion's in its infancy still in Japan. 

◆ challenge with no correct answer 

Vast campus of (Machida City, Tokyo) private Tamagawa Gakuen there from kindergarten to graduate school. Elementary, middle and high school students of the robot club are working on assembling the robot workshop. 

Staff is described in "Increasing the sensor, is likely to exceed the limit of the size and weight. We try or fit well what if" he said. 

The built-in sensors and motors, is controlled by computer programming. There is a limit, such as the size and weight of the robot that can participate in the Games, such as robot soccer, students repeat the trial and error. 

In an attempt to actively the development of science and technology to create new value, education that integrates the basics of science and engineering field has been attracting attention in the Western and Asian countries. There is a place that is implemented in the robot teaching materials, such as classroom and private extracurricular activities in Japan. More than 10 years in robot activities, the school also have been working. Robot club you kept track record high in the Games, staff showed off a demonstration of robot soccer to U.S. President Barack Obama that came to Japan in April. 

There is a Strategy Guide to. Game to a way of giving the task without the "correct answer, but Arikawa Atsushi teacher of high school English Department to serve as an advisor to think that all the teams facing the. Games there are many ways is different robot I talk to. "

◆ vital force 

Effect not only on the acquisition of technology simply, nurture and problem solving skills and team work can be expected, you are stacking the know-how with the aim of introduction to the regular curriculum of the same school. However, there seems to be a challenge to incorporate in earnest in curriculum. 

From experience that was carried out exercises of robot programming, the time devoted to programming in class hours of Information Science and stipulated in the "course of study is less limited, Noborihon Yoko teacher of high school of Information Science chief tackle carefully point out not been incorporated into difficult. admissions, added, "What's challenge also want to set a target. 

Is provided in four years from one year subjects Ritsumeikan private elementary school in (Kita-ku, Kyoto), and assembling the robot, to learning to move in programming. By partnering with the curriculum content and teaching time that exceeds the course of study, we realized the subjects distinctive. 

"Cultivate creativity, thinking, cooperative force.'s An essential force in children who live in the society of the future," said Yasufumi Kawarada led teachers to expect a nationwide expansion. 

In modern society the tools around us moves by programming, the ability to know how it works, to move, to make that could influence the future of our children. Education to make use of the "one per person" is required. (Rie Terada, Yuki Murashima) 

■ "We should review the curriculum guidelines of now," Ken Sakamura Tokyo University Professor 

Programming education to actively. Innovation need a (innovation) "If Japan aimed at the world's most advanced IT nation, society a large number of individuals are able to form an idea by programming is advantageous is not limited to professional "

Speaking this is, it's Ken Sakamura Tokyo University professor, known worldwide as advocate "TRON (TRON)" of a computer operating system that is built into the home appliances. 

For example, farmers who can tackle programming To increase agricultural productivity by using the computer is fast. Such as Microsoft and Google as grew to large companies, programming obtained a large return soon with a small investment. Israel is compulsory in high school in early 2000, the United States also is working to the placement of high school programming teacher. In the UK, education programming that begins as compulsory education this fall. 

Said of "Modern to" 3Rs ", programming language is also essential as a basis academic achievement Sakamura Professor. Japan also should review the curriculum guidelines for now how to use spreadsheet software and word processing has become a center I'm talking, "said.
ICTで変わる教育 育て!未来のグーグルやMS プログラミング教育で人材育成




















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