素人もわかる勝敗の要因 W杯でデータ可視化報道  
Factors W Cup victory or defeat that can be seen amateur data visualization news  

Soccer World Cup being held in Brazil (W Cup). Greet the final game in the early morning of the 14th Japan time finally. The representative of Japan ended in the results of the primary league defeat unfortunately W Cup this time, but I want to pick up the changes in the media around the football in this column. 

It's mentioned in one of the distinct changes of media in W Cup this time, it's that the media and styles provide content that utilize the so-called "data journalism", the data large-scale analysis has increased. 

For example, a column on the theme of football and big data in the series of the Nikkei business attracted the attention. Asahi Shimbun titled "against Japan tweet analysis", to create a site that represents the size of the image of the players name of each player whether posted to what extent Twitter with the passage of game time, I called the topic. 

Huffington Post introduces precisely in the op-ed page and the number of successful path and position of each player (Germany of the 9th - analysis of against Brazil) 

Became the most talked about in various places as a symbol of data journalism, it's real-time data page of the game that Huffington Post has provided. The degree to be displayed on the screen commentator or introduce occasionally in between game, a numeric value, such as shoot and the number of ball possession in football relay normal. There was little opportunity for the general audience sees a small number. 

Shoot and the number of ball possession, of course, individual data, such as intercept and number of path success rate of each and every player, shoot and pass the number of success each time, op-ed page of the Huffington Post, the average of players each time further and chart success of number of paths of other players and such position is updated in real time. 

I want you to look at the actual data because it is hard to tell the characters, but any number of things we see in amateur data has been visualized specifically to here. 

One example is Japan vs. Colombia match. Despite advances the game by pushing, Colombia and turning on the Rodriguez immediately after the start of the second half, the positional relationship has changed at a stretch in the first half in Japan. This can be seen very clearly from the view of the average position of the players. 

Tokuriki-Motohiko name Dafa graduate. Participation in '06 Agile Media Network established through the NTT, president '09. From March 14 Director Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). 

Even if there is a detailed data at hand of commentator and announcer, there was no reason to know the data viewers they gotta be reading it in the past. That's why time has come when that can be referenced to watch during the game, the detailed data or equivalent data in the hands of the commentator now. 

This story has a lot to do to corporate employees. Possibility of various data can be retrieved in the advancement of technology, leading to new discoveries if you can visualize this well is because spread. 

The term "Big Data", the image to be analyzed in a manner very difficult technically the data of the vast number absolutely haunts. People who think like you're in the analysis area that can not be understood by amateur experts seems to many. 

However, even by simply visualizing the data that was not visible until now, the case that can benefit from big data is often unexpectedly. Skinnier analysis of the game as difficult Looking at the only goal and the number of shoot the final number in football, it's like impossible to understand the cause of the problem even if it sees only the number of sales and sales final in the business. 

There is a possibility that various changes as has been seen by analyzing the data of the basic act of path if football, come see the root cause of the problem if the visualization well simple data in the business. And perhaps it would be to not dance to the word "Big" by all means, if you want to pursue the possibility of basic data.

素人もわかる勝敗の要因 W杯でデータ可視化報道 













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