Why new smartphone of the Amazon, whether the threat? Ambition to the "king of search" hidden in one function 

While I deal with consulting a large number of companies, business challenges and difficult no matter how complex as well, taking advantage of the special abilities that can be simplistically described decomposes the mechanism, such as a series of "Nikkei Trendy Net", Suzuki, Takahiro, who is active in a wide range of media . Such Suzuki will explain clearly, the "mechanism" such as news and trends of the topic. 

The announcements or new Smartphone (smartphone)? The person who seemed so too might be many. 

June 18, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon-dot-com has announced the launch of Amazon's first smartphone of "fire phone". Launch in Japan is undecided, but the sale that starts from July 25 in the United States. AT & T is exclusive, if $ 649 (about 65,000 yen), a two-year contract is $ 199 SIM-free version price. 

If you look at the various reaction after the announcement, is scattered and speculation article This product is an expensive high-performance smartphone, that, or dont sell well, but when viewed in the perspective of strategy consultants, and fire for competing products I seem threat of phone is as awesome. 

It was considered strategically indeed, this product,'s a product which had the intention there. When that intention is successful, I will bring great changes that would dramatically changed the world. 

New features to be mounted on a fire phone key to understand it, is a "Firefly". Clue to the voice or image, this is a function to search for the original product, but the dedicated button is attached to the side panel all the way. When you start a fire fly by pressing this button, it is possible to recognize the image and sound for around a microphone and camera. For example, if you ask to be recognized Firefly the cover of the book in front of me, to jump to the sales floor of the same goods mail order site of "Amazon" on. 

Not just this. Amazon in the United States, is a shopping mall in the country's largest such as Rakuten Speaking in Japan. Are searched instantly from the product of about 70 million points based on the images and sound Firefly has recognized, are sold on Amazon, sales page is displayed. 

Once this information is released, reaction shawl over timing to buy on the net products you find in the real store is such as to increase, and is enhanced (be derived to the net from a real store user) offline to online to Amazon but it was quickly spread, the effect is the point where you do not fit in the range of only it should be noted. 

In other words, if you have a fire phone, even without a retail store, you can search at the moment when I thought "This is want" in the city. If you think a friend shoes are wearing and be nice, search on the spot. If you think the design of the dish when you have a meal in the restaurant and be nice, search on the spot. Was invited to a friend's house, goods of a mono, search on the spot where excellent saw. In this way, let alone shawl over timing, the entire world is transformed into a showroom of products. 

It's has become the specifications that can be searched by recognizing the voice with a microphone in addition to the camera in Firefly, but can also purchase BGM heard in the city by using it. Program which I had seen a little in the waiting room becomes mind, you can also search it. Movies and television shows 240,000 title so as not be identified even at present, it is possible to view on-demand program in that missed in the previous course. 

● The road to the "King of Search" 
The point is consumer layer to the purchasing behavior such how much more? And purchasing behavior is changed so, spending is whether the increase how much? It's terms. 

Suppose, that the expenditure is also significantly increase the consumer such and, if more proven, Firefly a big garbage. Because, if you can prove that the only, fire phone even without selling the rest, if you ask spread as app Firefly, Amazon because become a "king of search" instead of Google. 

In fact, the Amazon tablet is becoming the de facto e-book also "Kindle", it is only about 2% share of the tablet. But, thanks to the Kindle as an application is widespread, I have been to use the Kindle Everyone Speaking of e-books. At the same it can be said that if you can achieve the same composition, it is a success for Amazon. 

If you leave the emphasis to be on the safe side, do not need to be thought of as a sales outlet of the EC as a site only increase. Sales of the EC site also increases, but they always will be able to Amazon also for auction exhibitor EC and other players, to send customers a billing as Google. 

● Why did you choose the high-price segment dare 
Now, to prove Firefly is valid or not for the consumer, what to do? 

First, focus on consumer segment consumption too much money is to be consumed like, should I do check where Firefly might be used for the how. If selling smartphone of the high price segment with high function, paradoxically, it is not over your money to consumption much, it is possible to cut back the consumer layer serving as a noise to verify. So. The strategic thinking, to the point that intent was "I do not think sell" a product design that What was, thinking loop is back from the ordinary man in the expensive here. It is a leader of the third force that can compete Amazon, Apple and Google are expected. 

By the way, it is superfluous, but "face books Maho If you find a girl you like in the city, you can friend request on Facebook Why can not if it is released," said author Have you ever wanted to see the press release of fire phone launch of this I keep also added.


 また新しいスマートフォン(スマホ)の発表か? そう思われた方も多いかもしれない。









 ポイントは、そのような購買行動をする消費者層がどれくらい増えるのか? そしてそのように購買行動が変わると、消費額がどれくらい増えるのか? という点だ。