<Android> car, TV, wristwatch-type terminal ... OS expanded use 

The 25th, [Washington] Osamu plain rice Google announced a new service that utilize terminal for basic software such as smartphones (OS) to "Android", linking television and car, and wearable terminal. By utilizing these services, it is possible to operate in a smartphone all TV cars, and wrist watch-type terminals. Users of the Android is up to one billion people in the world, Google's aim to broaden the width of the service by linking a variety of terminal, the equipment, enclose the user. 

◇ Google, new services announced 

And "android Auto" was announced in the event that Google has opened in San Francisco "Android TV". The "Auto", by connecting the vehicle to a smartphone, will be able to listen to music or navigation panel screen center by the driver of this. Operation is also possible with voice, just put a voice destination I left the hand to the handle, and can receive road information automatically, the user in consideration for safety. Expected that car In cooperation with automobile manufacturers in the world, including the Nissan and Honda, corresponding to Android by the end of the year will be released. 

The "TV", make it work with some TV Android smartphone equipped, service to enjoy the shows and movies. To tell the program name towards the smartphone, enhanced the convenience of information, such as the performer of the program and is projected on the screen of the TV. 

In addition, Google has already announced of wearable handsets that can be worn like glasses and watch the "Android-wear". On this day, in the United States start taking reservations wristwatch-type terminal LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics of South Korea is equipped with the OS. Features In cooperation with such a smartphone, it can be seen easily on the screen information such as arrival and departure of aircraft and weather forecast, you begin to sell it in Japan. 

Google announced "around the smartphone, using a terminal that can be connected to all, want to provide a seamless experience" and (company executives). Apple has also expanded the use of a smartphone, such as health care and the ability to operate the appliances and heating and cooling management, it is likely the key to competition in the future find ways to improve the convenience in daily life. 

◇ ◇ Android 

The U.S. smartphone Google has to offer, OS tablet devices for (basic software). "IPhone (iPhone)" while a dedicated, Android can be equipped in the terminal of any manufacturer in the U.S. The company's Apple "iOS". 2008 In the United States, equipped smartphone was released in 2009 in Japan. According to U.S. research firm IDC, OS another world share of smartphone of '13 Android 78.6%, iOS15.2%. On the other hand, in Japan, are Seria~tsu Android 54%, and iOS46%.








 グーグル対応車、来年発売 ホンダ、スマホと接続

Connection Google-cars, Honda released next year, with smartphone 

I found the 26th that Honda will launch in the U.S. in 2015, a vehicle that supports in-vehicle terminal for software [San Francisco] joint U.S. IT giant Google has developed the "Android Auto". To improve the usability of navigation and call it in concert with the smartphone. There is also aim to prevent accidents that occur while operating a smartphone during a run. 

Connect the vehicle terminal incorporating the smartphone using the (OS) Android operating system of Google "Android Auto", to operate on the screen of the in-vehicle terminal. Phone book that is stored in the smartphone is displayed, you can make a phone call simply by touching the screen, you can call without releasing the handle from both hands.
グーグル対応車、来年発売 ホンダ、スマホと接続