mixiで不正ログイン、26万アカウントに影響 - 攻撃は継続中
attack for the duration of - influence illegal logging in mixi, to 260,000 account 

June 17, mixi announced that there has been unauthorized login by a third party SNS in the "mixi". It should be noted that performed alert to the user from to understand the attack on June 2, but the attack is that it is still ongoing. 

Number of accounts that have received login illegal in 263,596 cases in 24 hours time on the 16th, the number of attempts of unauthorized login ranged from about 4.3 million times. 

The company's confirmed the situation in the June 2, were subjected to the full investigation in response to an inquiry from the user, and it was found that attacks from a particular IP address is followed from May 30 . 

This unauthorized login is due to "account list attacks", in addition to had been attacked also March, Nico Nico Douga also under attack damage in the most recent mixi. Both services but damage from ID / password outflow of third-party services. 

Since the unauthorized use of mixi points billing and has not been confirmed at this time, is not held by the company also credit card information is not affected. Account information that may have been viewed is in a variety of status information, such as mixi Hometown information. 

In mixi, in addition to prompting by mixi message to change their passwords 78,058 account you are logged in to mixi within one month, it has been paused login for 167,617 account with no history you have logged in within a month. 

Doing the access restrictions for a specific IP address maliciously attempts to log in, but the "attack from the outside has continued, subject also are expanding" and according to mixi. 

If you ask for along with the "strict control of the login and password e-mail address" to the user, you are using the same password and other services, you are encouraged to change as soon as possible.
mixiで不正ログイン、26万アカウントに影響 - 攻撃は継続中