Degree of interest to the World Cup in SNS on, 1 in 230 countries in the world is Japan

Adobe Systems, surveyed 230 countries around the world or whether it is referred to the extent to which social media on for the "2014 FIFA World Cup." As a result, it was announced at the top of the country in Japan (37%), and was the top by far the United Kingdom (11%) at the 2-position.

This study, using an analytical solution for social media the company's "Adobe Social", collects and Facebook Twitter, Google+, the data of social media of Instagram, etc. to date from June 2013, were analyzed thing. As a result, Japan has the highest with about 37% in the reference rate of the country, became the first place of a large margin in second place below. Was followed by second place 11% of the UK, third in 9% of Brazil, 8% in Germany 4, 5 is 8% of the United States. By region, the result was the Asia Pacific region accounted for 48% of the total, a high level of interest in the World Cup in the region is suggesting.

In addition, of the data collected to date, in addition to became the 69 million or more times, and break through the 19 million times to greet the opening this month in the number of mentions month, a reference to the World Cup Super Bowl and Sochi Olympic I exceeded. Etc. are mentioned in the country of 90% of the world further, the Soviet Union - became a sporting event that went up to the most talked about in the media Shall. Top of mention the number of players Another Cristiano Ronaldo mentioned 1.5 million times in just May. Then continues Neimaru players (1.2 million times), Sergio Ramos players (100 million times).

アドビ システムズは、「2014 FIFA World Cup」についてソーシャルメディア上でどの程度言及されているかを世界230カ国を対象に調査を実施。その結果、国別でのトップは日本(37%)で、2位の英国(11%)を大きく引き離してトップであったと発表した。

この調査は、同社のソーシャルメディアに対応する分析ソリューションである「Adobe Social」を使って、2013年6月から現在までのTwitterやFacebook、Google+、Instagram等のソーシャルメディアのデータを収集し、分析したものだ。その結果、国別の言及率では日本が約37%と最も高く、2位以下に大差をつけての1位となった。2位は英国の11%、3位はブラジルの9%、4位がドイツの8%、5位が米国の8%と続いた。地域別では、アジアパシフィック地域が全体の48%を占め、同地域のワールドカップへの関心の高さがうかがえる結果となった。

また、現在まで収集されたデータのうち、ワールドカップへの言及は6,900万回以上となったほか、月間の言及数では開幕当月を迎えるまでに1,900万回を突破するなど、ソチオリンピックやスーパーボウルを上回った。さらに世界の90%の国で言及されるなど、ソ-シャルメディアで最も話題に上ったスポーツイベントとなった。選手別での言及回数のトップは、5月だけで150万回言及されたクリスチアーノ ロナウド選手。次いでネイマール選手(120万回)、セルヒオラモス選手(100万回)と続いている。
 <キャプテン翼>人気健在 現役W杯戦士の憧れ
The longing of <Captain Tsubasa> Popular in good health active W Cup warrior

(W Cup) Brazil tournament has started the World Cup. It's like one of the reasons why football is rooted in Japan, manga sparked a boom of unprecedented football in the 1980s was "Captain Tsubasa". Yoichi Takahashi's author was a baseball boy once, but that was awakened in football in the wake of the W Cup. I heard Mr. Takahashi reason for the popularity of the work which also affected the active W Cup warriors and soccer boy of the world not only in Japan, about the birth secret story. (Mainichi Shimbun Digital)

Original also nostalgic ... Captain Tsubasa Exhibition

The series "Weekly Shonen Jump" in (Shueisha) in the 1981-88 year, "Captain Tsubasa", comics issue 65 million or more copies in the series total. Sequel is drawn even then, in the series of his most recent work "Rising Sun," "Grand jump" in the (same), and has been active sky wings of the hero to aim the vertices of the Olympics as a Japanese captain of the U23 now.

Takahashi's focused on football for the first time, it was Argentina W Cup tournament of '78. The watch by chance on television, and fell in love "field is like a canvas, sports dramatic" he said. And now the subject of a cartoon football in addition to baseball, "Captain Tsubasa" became the debut Takahashi, who aspired cartoonist at the same time as the high school.

Because football was a minor sport at the time, was able to team up with 11 people, needs to be carefully explained also of W Cup. Reputation of the original series was not good enough, but the popularity is up overhead kick of wings drawn in the fourth episode to surprise the reader.

Sports comics at the time, "thing root Obispo" so-called called ...... win after she made an effort to blur the blood was the mainstream, rather than pathetic sense of "Captain Tsubasa", star player is feeding techniques to transcendence basis I shines in thrilling is playing an active part. Takahashi is telling the theme running through the work as "origin are doing football fun", "ball friend" quotable line of the wing also, is "I think everyone wants a like soccer" and that have been put.

Favorite character of such Takahashi best friend, Ishizaki of the wing. At first it was a substitute in the team, but grown to be called representative by overlapping effort. Takahashi said, "and vice versa wings if genius, theme. Everyone in the back is not always get used to the wing, but I wanted to have a dream and children ...... if Ishizaki," he said.

◇ The enthusiasm to deadly shoot

And it's finishing move a number of the frenzy was the football boys. Referred to as "the origin of the idea and I draw and think ...... When you are such a thing. Shoots break through the goal net as well, it called? Kana not Tsukiyabure net of the goal as long as it Hokoron", and overhead kick, heel in the skill of the real heel lift kick up above the head ball and drive chute of course, to save jump goalkeeper kicking the post "jump triangle", a strike of about ball dent in concrete, such as "Tiger shot" original technique also appeared.

◇ quarter of a century from the birth

Became the topic video J-League has reproduce the deathblow is published on the net sequentially from March. "Captain Tsubasa Exhibition" and kicks off at Tokyo Ueno in the 14th, popular quarter-century still alive even after the birth.

wing declared as "to win the W Cup Japan" in the era never Japan came out even once in W Cup. Olympics on the stage latest work is "Rising Sun", there is also a sense to support a "representative, and Takahashi work everyone able to get well laughing," I doubt you can either before the W Cup, you can either draw the Olympics " you are talking with "want to draw. Takahashi is hopeful that it is "I think (or more to compete possible) non-zero, and the possibility of winning the most ever to be high" for W Cup victory in the Japan.

<キャプテン翼>人気健在 現役W杯戦士の憧れ


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