世界が熱狂「eスポーツ」 PCゲーム市場拡大、日本企業も注目
Enthusiasm the world "e-Sports" PC game market expansion, Japanese companies attention

The competition of the fighting game "e-Sports" has raised worldwide. (PC) online games are mainly personal computer, there is a professional league in Europe and the United States, the top professional churn out 100 million yen per year. Audience of tens of thousands flocked to the tournament large, it's the first time that overheating tens of millions to watch on the Internet and TV. It is Japan has led the world market in a long time video game, but it was late large in this area. However, a private facility opened in Akihabara earlier this year. Signs of market expansion is also out.

"U~o~tsu". Players and appeared on the stage, cheers just does crack the venue went up. Its tone is further enhanced "game" begins. Rather than a concert or game of professional sports, but sight "League of Legends (LOL) world championship" of popular games that were held in Los Angeles in October 2013.

$ 5,000,000 total prize money of the tournament (about 500 million yen), viewers who combined online distribution and television relay reached 32 million people. LOL that is a PC online game many players in the world, and is a (seal of approval) the role of e-Sports towing market, operated by the U.S. Riot Games under the umbrella of China Tencent. It's a game to play against multiple players choose a character. U.S. government and issue visas for professional athletes for the LOL players, it is officially recognized as a sport.

Soccer game in the U.S. Electronic Arts is "FIFA" series, Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is certified. Tournament winner is given the honor of being invited to the Ballon d'Or ceremony to be awarded to player of the year of football, is honored along with the players.

According to the U.S. research firm super data, $ 25 million prize pool of e-Sports tournament 13 years (about 2.5 billion yen) or more, the audience was more than 71.5 million people. It is expected the size of the PC online game market in the world, even more than the game console market only, e sports spread more and more in '14 certainty. Japanese companies embark on a support and just chance successive.

In partnership with professional team of e-Sports in Sweden, EIZO of display manufacturers have jointly developed a high-performance liquid crystal display of the game for the player. Korea corporation has become a sponsor of the professional team Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. German corporation, had partners with professional team in Sweden Toshiba. As with the support of professional sports in general, but any desired profile improvement in the global market for their products.

Movement came out towards the e-Sports popular in Japan. The e-Sports Square Akihabara of e-Sports-only facilities in Akihabara, Tokyo, which opened in January, computer mouse of PC makers (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is, rent the equipment at no charge its own. I have held a national convention a small scale. From April, Tokyo Metropolitan Television began regular broadcast program of e-Sports information of "e-Sports MaX".

Global Japanese players are also out. Daigo Umehara's guru (33). "Combined sponsorship revenue, or not there income of 20 million yen more than a year at least" and, according to multiple parties.

The game market in Japan, while Nintendo having read-only machine market to stall, smartphones game represented by the "Puzzle & Dragons" has emerged. Unlike overseas, PC online game market is sluggish. On the other hand, PC market is steadily expanding overseas, composition, which spread to a tablet or smartphone. It is expected that any plans by Sony, also starts cloud-based online game from July, enjoy the game to diversify further.

It is unknown to what extent e-Sports is either fixed in Japan, a "tournament massive is opened or veteran to earn a lot of money icon that appears after another, expanding at a stretch" is also (stakeholders) possibility.
世界が熱狂「eスポーツ」 PCゲーム市場拡大、日本企業も注目