Share tendency to search is performed in the app is increasing, such as Google is on a downward trend

According to a survey report of eMarketer, a person to search for various things from the application of smart phones and tablets that are increasing now. For the major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing and Google, That means a serious drop in sales share.

According to this report, revenue share of mobile advertising of Google fell by 17% from 2012 to 2014. The search giant had held 82.8 percent of the search market of 2.2 billion $ 40 million two years ago. Mobile advertising market in the United States this year in a huge of 17.7 billion $ 30 million, mobile search advertising of which was 9 billion $ 20 million of which about half, but fell to 65.7% market share of Google's (shown above under Table).

From form when looking for things, and that, use the search engine on the desktop as before, and he is changing the form to look for in a smartphone. At the same time, the way the search is also diversified. Google's general-purpose search engine cities like Paris, anything, but do not you tell me where the good restaurants, and the like, or sold at How much what you want now. So would I want to use apps such as Kayak If you find information of travel is good. And a Yelp, and so on if Find Trulia, the company local shops and if look for a house. Thus, the transition that, to the application from the search engine's taking place there.

Consumer survey of Nielsen earlier this year have also confirmed this change in the mobile. 34 hours per month average, desktop's 27 hours the other hand mobile on time consumers use the Internet now.

According to the report of eMarketer, growth of local search is significant. The growth of advertising revenue, Yelp is by far the it (above the table above). Search for companies and shops in the region of on Yelp's expected 136% growth rate this year, sales of mobile advertising that 100 million $ 19 million. It is a paltry amount compared to advertising sales and Yahoo of Google, such as Bing, but it's a sign that consumer behavior is changing to clear. In 2016, against the expected advertising revenue share of Yelp that Bai-kyo 3 of 2012, falling to 64.2 percent revenue share of Google's (above the table below).

This, "Other" in the report I do not know (other) what they are, but between 2012 to 2016 of 5.4% → 29.7%, but a lot of market share growth (above the table below). It should be noted that the sales do not decrease even Google, market share also fell. Mobile advertising has increased nearly $ 7 billion over the past two years, but sales of mobile advertising of Google 's nearly $ 6 billion in it.

In conclusion, and that a variety of niche app, called, are replacing search gradually. This trend has been boosted by the general trend that has many is to examine on mobile than desktop to examine things.







 アンドロイドからエロアプリが一斉排除 開発者から悲鳴が続出 
Eroapuri after another screams from all at once eliminate the developer from Android

Late April, Eroapuri disappeared all at once from Android. Main Eroapuri was called was recorded 1 million DL total "tits sommelier", the origin of the Eroapuri "Kosukosu", innovative application to do is turn skirt to "conserve smartphone" and "magical girl Sakura" is removed from the Google Play . Still today do not play a revival.

Storm of adult purge was swept to Google Android was a generous compared to erotic. Apple change the guidelines to "the end of March. There was a provision of the ban is a" sexually explicit "from before, but this time clause "and or, including pornography, prohibited application for the promotion of pornography" is also added further. ban "erotic content" in the revision also (content erotic), application of customs-involved and AV has been removed across the board "( app developers)

But Google Play Eroapuri has hit a ton, even if the Search by Keyword Yuma Asami, Mihiro, and Sora Aoi, application the corresponding state of the now almost nil to a search for popular AV actress name before. Customs information retrieval application, which was introduced on this site previously has also been deleted.

Android applications. Two-dimensional system virtually eradicated, puzzle-based application and collection of photographs I appointed a "gravure idol has been erased without mercy thing of what was emphasized the groin and chest." Erotic "the app description and icon in particular apps me for a language such as "boobs" adult "" Ya seems to have been banished first and foremost "(same-ago)

It can be said that rather dismal situation, but what Eroapuri of Android will become the future.

Existence is difficult to application to appeal the erotic directly. However, there are several apps that survived even in difficult circumstances. Fetish app that enjoy by raising or lowering the socks of girl and "absolute socks", "Now is practical "Sex Positions" which is devoted to the position illustrated book such, application to enjoy the communication while you touch the girl Moe and "Tokingaruzu~tsu!", still today and is present in the market "(same-before )

In addition, developers who want to release a new erotic-based application also appeared, and also slip through the eye of scrutiny of Google. What attracted attention as one of those app's "classic puzzle! Gentleman of [Hui] Puzzle & Girls beautiful girl full of."

This app is that an image is available to align the girl's picture Moe fell apart, When you have completed the puzzle. Puzzle's a summary, including a brief description of the 3 × 3 mass at first, but the difficulty is increased gradually. It has become a luxury that content available a total of 300 pieces of the image.

That of the "mission of app developers seek Erotic castings in a range that does not catch the review of. Google instinct of man, is going to pursue the quality of last-minute" According to the gentleman HoiHoi developer.

Was introduced at the beginning also "magical girl Sakura", saying that it "! Beat you at this time wad pants became so bad," the official Twitter account. I have tried to revive the app called "War maiden round feeling new! Beat in a wad." For Eroapuri developer, It seems to say that time has come when the true innovation capability is asked.
アンドロイドからエロアプリが一斉排除 開発者から悲鳴が続出 

4月下旬、アンドロイドから一斉にエロアプリが姿を消した。累計100万DLを記録した「おっぱいソムリエ」、エロアプリの原点と呼ばれた「コスコス」、スカートめくりで“スマホを節電”する画期的アプリ「魔法少女サクラ」などの主要エロアプリがGoogle Playから削除。現在もなお復活を果たしていない。

「3月末にGoogleがガイドラインを変更。アップルに比べエロに寛大だったアンドロイドにアダルト粛清の嵐が吹き荒れました。以前から『露骨な性的表現』は禁止との条項がありましたが、今回の改定で"erotic content"(エロチックなコンテンツ)も禁止に。さらに『ポルノを含む、もしくは、ポルノを宣伝するアプリは禁止』という条項も加わり、AVや風俗がらみのアプリは軒並み削除されています」(アプリ開発者)

以前は人気AV女優名で検索するとエロアプリが山ほどヒットしたGoogle Playだが、現在は麻美ゆま、みひろ、蒼井そらといったキーワードで検索しても、該当するアプリがほぼ皆無の状態。以前に当サイトで紹介した風俗情報検索アプリも全て削除されている。




さらに、Googleの厳しい監視の目をくぐり抜け、また新たなエロ系アプリをリリースする開発者も現れた。そんなアプリの一つとして注目なのが「【紳士ホイホイ】パズル&ガールズ 美少女だらけの定番パズル!」だ。