アップル!アプリ / デバイス間連携の強化など新機能多数?

8 Apple Announces iOS. Many new features such as the strengthening of the application / device between cooperation . The formal opening to the public in the fall

Developer event WWDC 2014 keynote presentation being held from (relay ) . Apple announced iOS 8. In addition to the features for users , such as Safari or Notification Center in iOS 8, developer features have also been greatly enhanced .

List of new features for developers , new API, the new framework .

Notification bar of interactive . You can reply directly text field will appear as it is pulled down the notification message , can be returned on swipe when you do not need .

If you double- tap the home screen , to list the contact you have contacted recently at the top of the thumbnail list of apps . Contact means , such as calls or messages can be selected when you tap .

Email updates . Or be shifted temporarily to lower swipe the draft in the mail while creating , and deleting flagged , end up paying paste , and swipe back to the draft after selecting the contents by browsing other messages .

Spotlight also evolved , searchable news and Wikipedia directly .

New features QuickType. View candidates as judged from the context and prediction of words . It supports Japanese .

OS X 10.10 Yosemite same iOS also strengthen the Continuity (cooperation ) . available on the iPad as it is received in a message or incoming call to the iPhone.

Message app also strengthening . Such as Do Not Disturb setting and group messaging .

New features Tap to Talk. And recording a short video and voice messages Press and hold the microphone , can be attached directly .

Add the Details button in the message thread . The sharing of position information , the real-time sharing allows for a limited time . Not only the timing that you share , for example, that the 1st only , such as real-time threads share the participants within where you are .

Voice message . If the notification arrives, it needs to play Guess the ear as it is , and transmits the recording if you speak directly .

New features iCloud Drive. can be managed by looking at the document iCloud iOS, OS X, on Windows. Document passing to the application also easily from app .

Enterprise features also strengthening . In addition to setting calendar and corporate email system has become easier , intra version of iCloud and Microsoft Exchange integration , such as the central management of the PDF document .

What's New Health. In addition to be handled together beats obtained from the application corresponding to Healthkit new API, and blood pressure , may like to be alerted and notified to the application side of the hospital vital data acquired fitness app .

Sharing Family Sharing. In addition to that can be shared with up to six family media such as photographs , can be closing at the same credit card . Can be managed by sending a permission to the parent , or may be bought from the device such as a game of children .

Photos app also strengthening . Browse to the photo in search of suggestions with , processing smart editing features . Can be selected by adjusting the optimal parameters in the image recognition .

The smart edit, and adjustable with a simple slider with a preview of real-time and color . Parameters that are adjusted actually varies depending on the image.

The cloud sync as it edits . Storage capacity free shared with iCloud free storage until the first 5GB . $ 3.99 a month , 20GB is up to 1TB 0.99 dollars a month , with 200GB.

New API " PhotoKit " . I can be processed photos directly in the camera roll in iOS third-party application .

Camera API. Third-party application , for precise control possible focus and exposure of the camera of the iOS terminal , the white balance .

Siri also strengthened. Integrated Shazam, purchased from the iTunes as it is asked for the song that is heard now in Siri, continuously recognized without chopped audio input, and respond to new 22 languages ​​.

In addition it becomes easier to find the app by adding the Explore tab and search trends in App Store, also the addition of Editor's Choice / Recommended icon to the app .

Also corresponds to a bundle of application , discount sale can also be bulk buying multiple apps .

App Preview function that can display video demo on the App Store also added.

Test Flight that can be invited to beta test users . New SDK 4000 .

Extensibility extension while you use the sandbox model of each app , to support communication and collaboration between apps .

Widget third party able to add to the notification center . In addition, also supports keyboard third-party .

Open to third-party Touch ID. Fingerprint data itself , returns to the application information remains protected ( specific area in the processor ) system , stored in iCloud keychain through the system .

HomeKit. Smart Home ability to manage and lighting key , surveillance camera , door , thermostat , and various switches . In addition to the grouping and remote operation of the individual , can also voice operations in Siri.

CloudKit. ICloud will take over authentication logic and developers have incorporated their own to server side , storage , and retrieval in the past.

Fee , free within the band-limited to slide by number of users .

Metal API that is designed to A7 processors. This reduces the overhead without going through the traditional graphics API , it expanded to 10 times with maximum graphics performance . Precompiled shaders and multi-threading , GPU computing efficient support .

Zen Garden that was used in the demo is free delivery in the App Store. Drawing and physics in real time the petals of 5,000 sheets . Reproduce the garden , such as sand and rock garden pond water koi , in the vast particle calculation .

Advanced API commonly used such as SceneKit and SpriteKit, the game also provided.

New programming language Swift. Using the same runtime as C or Objective-C of conventional , Swift code of the co-existence possible . Cocoa / Cocoa Touch native .

Possible to go back to the run timing of any slider while running and coding of 2D game in Xcode, the logic of the game, including the ability to verify graphically the value , the development of dynamic and interactive .

The addition to cope with the completion and debugging , Xcode is fully equipped with documentation and sample . App written in Swift can be submitted to the App Store already .

8 iOS beta released today for developers . Official release in the fall of this year . Compatible models iPhone 4S later .
アップル iOS 8 発表。アプリ / デバイス間連携の強化など新機能多数。秋に正式公開

開催中の開発者イベント WWDC 2014 キーノートプレゼン (中継)より。アップルがiOS 8 を発表しました。iOS 8 では通知センターやSafari などユーザー向けの機能に加え、開発者向けの機能も大幅に強化されました。





Spotlight も進化し、直接Wikipedia やニュースを検索可能に。


OS X 10.10 Yosemite 同様iOS もContinuity (連携)を強化。iPhoneへの着信やメッセージをそのままiPad で受けとって対応可能。

メッセージアプリも強化。グループメッセージングやDo Not Disturb 設定など。

新機能Tap to Talk。マイク長押しで短い音声メッセージやビデオを録画し、そのまま添付可能。



新機能iCloud Drive。iOS、OS X、Windows でiCloud 文書を見て管理が可能。アプリからアプリへの文書渡しも簡単に。

エンタープライズ機能も強化。企業システムのメールやカレンダー設定が容易になったほか、Microsoft Exchange 統合やiCloud のイントラ版、PDF 文書の中央管理など。

新機能Health。新API のHealthkit に対応するアプリから得た心拍、血圧などをまとめて扱えるほか、フィットネスアプリの取得したバイタルデータを病院のアプリ側に通知して警告を受けることなども可能。

共有機能Family Sharing。写真などのメディアを家族6人までと共有できるほか、同じクレジットカードで決算できる。子供のデバイスから親に、ゲームなどを買って良いか許可を送って管理も可能。



編集結果はそのままクラウド同期。保存容量は最初の5GB まではiCloud 無料ストレージと共有で無料。20GB は月0.99ドル、200GB で月3.99ドル、最大1TBまで。

新API 「PhotoKit」。サードパーティ製アプリでiOS のカメラロール内の写真を直接加工できる。

カメラAPI。サードパーティ製アプリで、iOS 端末のカメラの露出やフォーカス、ホワイトバランスの精密なコントロール可能に。

Siri も強化。Shazam を統合し、Siri に今聴こえている曲を尋ねてそのままiTunes で購入、音声入力を細切れにせず連続的に認識、22言語に新たに対応など。

App Store に検索トレンドやExplore タブを追加してアプリを探しやすくなったほか、アプリへのEditor's Choice / おすすめアイコンの付加も可能。


App Store で動画デモを表示できるApp Preview 機能も追加。

ユーザーをベータテストに招待できる Test Flight。新SDK は4000。

アプリごとのサンドボックスモデルを使いつつ、アプリ間の通信・連携をサポートする拡張機能 Extensibility。


Touch ID をサードパーティに開放。指紋データそのものは、システム(プロセッサ内の特別なエリア)に保護されたまま、システムを経由してiCloud キーチェーンに保存された情報をアプリに返す。

HomeKit。鍵や照明、監視カメラ、ドア、サーモスタット、各種スイッチなどを管理するスマートホーム機能。個別のリモート操作やグループ化のほか、Siri での音声操作も可能。

CloudKit。従来はサーバサイドに開発者が各自組み込んでいたロジックや認証、ストレージ、検索などをiCloud が肩代わり。


A7 プロセッサ向けに設計したMetal API。従来のグラフィックAPI を介さずオーバーヘッドを減少し、グラフィックパフォーマンスを最大で10倍に拡大。効率的なマルチスレッドやプリコンパイル済みシェーダー、GPU コンピューティングもサポート。

デモで使用したZen Garden はApp Store で無料配信。5000枚の花びらをリアルタイムに物理演算して描画。鯉の泳ぐ池の水や石庭の砂など、膨大なパーティクル演算で庭を再現。

SpriteKit やSceneKit など、ゲームでよく使われる高度なAPI も提供。

新プログラミング言語Swift。Swift のコードは従来のObjective-CやCと同じランタイムを使用し、併存可能。Cocoa / Cocoa Touch ネイティブ。

Xcode での2D ゲームのコーディングや、ゲームのロジックを走らせつつスライダで任意の実行タイミングに戻ったり、値をグラフィカルに確認できるなど、インタラクティブかつダイナミックな開発が可能。

またXcode は補完やデバッグなどにも対応するほか、サンプルやドキュメンテーションも完備。Swiftで書いたアプリはすでにApp Store へ提出可能。

iOS 8 ベータは開発者向けに本日リリース。正式リリースは今年の秋。対応機種はiPhone 4S 以降。
 iPhone and Android (アイホン と アンドロイド)
Apple showed , the biggest feature of the secret plan iOS8 of " overthrow Android " to " open up "

・ ・ ・ ・ ・ IPod touch is more than 100 million , iPad 2 more than 100 million , iPhone is also sold more than 500 million . However , things like not believe more is happening . It , in the past year , but also said that 100 million more than 30 million people who bought the Apple devices for the first time . Most people have switched from Android . They had bought the wrong Android phone . Better experience , they 've been moved to the iOS in search of a better life .

97% of iOS7 user is happy . Currently , people of 89% of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS7 . In contrast , people who are using the latest kitkat in the case of Android 's just only 9% . People who are using a version of four years ago which can be called " ancient " in many cases.

And Android boasts a market share of 99% in malware in mobile . It is a device that can not be said to be completely safe . Why Apple Is not the case. It is because we have a best efforts it ...

When the presentation of the latest version of Mac OSX is the end , and then proceeds to introduce the latest version of iOS , Tim Cook , CEO , showed banging Google rival the " Android OS" as this .

From a global perspective , of course , there is no change in the predominance of Android . country iOS dominated less , Android device boasts a strong market share even in the United States homeland . I showed also a keynote speech in the special consideration is given to Chinese support , but the spread of the iOS is not seen in the Chinese market . Among the smartphone market matures , the foot of the user spreads , are you not been able to find a way that corresponds to the product of priced Apple .

■ Japan is also not in good hands
Japan, which boasts a market share of more than half the major carriers rolled sell iPhone all together , a country rather exceptional , but the future is not a peace where even . LTE support one way of is already , carrier aggregation newly ( By collecting communication plurality of frequency bands , KDDI has introduced already in the process . Japan to expand the communication bandwidth , will spread future ) new such as LTE-Advanced and I came into the transition to technology . That corresponds to a communication environment in which the situation is different in each region becomes iron is often Apple . There is a possibility that the person of the Android device to device manufacturers and carriers are likely to have collaboration , is advantageous in the future .

Of course , many manufacturers are crowded in the Android device market , there is no doubt that to maintain second place , second only to Samsung Electronics in the share of each manufacturer . Whereby so long as it is only for high-value-added terminal , number one position also will not be shaken . However , it is visible that you missed if you keep the horizons of market spread , one foot is compromised .

Now, how , Apple was armed with iOS8 is , I wonder promote peel Android user .

■ user interface that is polished
For iOS8 this , Apple was talking in the direction of following three . By improving the iOS, one be a better iPhone the iPhone. The Migakikomi the user interface design was changed significantly in iOS7, you are trying to enhance functionally . To see for each , the function of the individual 's attractive .

For example, photo manipulation , I would make it easy user interface with excellent , such as if the cut part of the iPhoto application , which has been offered as a standalone product so far . In addition , iMessage message exchange function can be added to the text, photos, or to reply with recordings audio and video and embed the location of the map application on . Siri of electronic secretary function to sift through information smarter , search function to facilitate access to information by expanding its width .

Whether finished in what is really easy to use these functions , the future , it will becoming increasingly apparent . However , instead of the idea of Apple original looks culmination of features that are evaluated in the world which new features and improvements .

It's Apple's changed the landscape of the world as the agitator of the smartphone era , as the ancien resume now , there is also the impression that enhance the standing position of the current . However , this might be a phenomenon symbolizes not the responsibility of Apple , the height of the maturity of the product genre of smartphone .

It is to be able to measure the direction of the second is also a foothold of the device which is based on the iOS. Called the Health Kit and Enterprise function is a presentation of the corresponding framework to health care services .

Terminal management function for large enterprises will be subject to the decline of the BlackBerry , which has been a specialty of enterprise so far , and that will catch firmly migration customers . Microsoft has been focusing the enterprise features , compatibility with the enterprise systems with a focus on Windows Server in Windows Phone 8.1, BYOD measures and centralized management of the terminal has been greatly enhanced .

■ Strengthening ties with corporate users
By enhancing share of business documents through automatic reply function out-of-office and management of the conference schedule , the cloud storage service of any , and security configuration management and centralized management of the terminal function , iOS8 also , corporate users against this I'm trying to Tsuyomeyo ties with . It is a field that so far has not turning Apple too .

Health Kit provides a function that will be the basis for enhancing the integration of the sensor with health care products that are raised in recent years , to carry out intensive management of data in iOS. just to carry the iPhone, I be able to get health care data , although some mechanism that works health care Connect with other iPhone , and fitness is provided .

Standard application paired with this " Health " is designed as a comprehensive application of health management . It's a wearable device of health care / fitness system has seen an upsurge , but to take advantage of them , it must be mastered an app that different in each . By creating a window that receives data from the sensor which in iOS, Apple trying 's grow into one of the new attractions of iPhone this trend .

Apple is incorporated in iOS8 also " Home Kit " as a function of the same . This is the interface for connecting the iPhone with ( all home appliances intercom and electromagnetic locks, lighting ) a variety of consumer electronics products with network control . Was announced last year , is going to be proposed in combination with the locatable iBeacon.

So that the underlying software as seen from a developer's point of view , I want to make a more attractive , a new application , the direction of the third , is to strengthen the development of infrastructure . It is part of difficult to see from the general consumer , but, in fact, Actually, I was most advanced in iOS8 is , it's this part .

First , Apple has added a feature to enhance the cooperation between apps . There was a significant limitation to the processing flow computer basis to combine multiple apps so far , and advance the work of one , but to provide a mechanism for cooperation while increasing security in iOS8. It can be expected on the premise that the application range of application extends to cooperate in doing so , also the appearance of the application more specialized .

It can be said that it allowed the development of a software keyboard to partner companies and topics . Add character input program , Apple did not allow instead inserted up to now , but this change , Just System is entered , for example if the Japanese , it is possible to provide ATOK iPhone, for iPad.

New graphics library called METAL interesting . So to speak , it 's like a ( widely used even . Non-gaming features provided by Microsoft for the game ) DirectX version of iOS . In order to become possible use more efficiently , the ability of smartphones GPU that strengthening continues, can be developed at lower power consumption , the software with elegant 3D graphics .

And visitors center developer 's excited the most , it's the introduction of programming language Apple originally called Swift. According to Apple it would become possible to improve the performance of the terminal also can be described now more simply , the iOS app full featured by using the Swift. There is no difference in the WWDC is a developer conference , a variety of sessions to be organized around this Swift.

That, as discussed above , mature smartphone market has progressed clear, that approach from the basic software side , causing great innovation has become a difficult situation . Smartphone to become a majority anymore , has become a social infrastructure , but because they embarked on the road to a symbol of power from the old symbol of the new forces .

So Apple is going to start the " release " of iOS. By committed part of the iOS to developers gathered under the iPhone / iPad, providing a space for a new market genre development , we propose a development environment attractive more efficient , with the aim to foothold as a platform I think that someone are .
アップルが見せた、「打倒アンドロイド」の秘策 iOS8の最大の特徴は”オープン化”

 ・・・・・iPod touchは1億台以上、iPadは2億台以上、iPhoneは5億台以上も売れた。しかし、もっと信じられないようなことが起きている。それは、過去1年で、はじめてアップルのデバイスを購入した人数は1億3000万人以上もいることだ。ほとんどの人はアンドロイドからスイッチしている。彼らはアンドロイドフォンを間違えて買ってしまった。彼らはよりよい経験、よりよい人生を求めてiOSへと移動してきた。












2つめの方向はiOSを基本にしたデバイスの足固めとも言える方策だ。エンタープライズ機能とHealth Kitと呼ばれる、ヘルスケアサービスへの対応フレームワークの発表である。

大企業向けの端末管理機能は、これまで企業向けを得意分野としてきたBlackBerryの凋落を受け、移行客をしっかり捕まえようということだろう。企業向け機能はマイクロソフトが力を入れており、Windows Phone 8.1ではWindows Serverを中心とした企業システムとの親和性、端末の集中管理やBYOD対策が大幅に強化されている。


Health Kitは、近年とくに盛り上がっているセンサー付きヘルスケア用品との連動性を高め、iOSでデータの集中的な管理を行うための基礎となる機能を提供する。iPhoneを持ち歩いているだけで、一部のヘルスケアデータを取得できるようだが、他のiPhoneとつながるヘルスケア、フィットネスとの連動する仕組みが提供される。


同様の機能としてアップルは「Home Kit」もiOS8に盛り込んだ。これはネットワーク制御が可能なさまざまな家電製品(電磁ロックやインターフォン、照明などあらゆる家電)とiPhoneをつなぐためのインターフェイスになる。昨年発表された、位置検出可能なiBeaconとの組み合わせで提案されることになるだろう。