If you are reading only news smartphone , it is a fool ?

Smartphone I may be convenient , but some things you just can not do on a smartphone .

(Eg Oh , this article Na has come to the top of the front page today) that you feel ( treatment of that incident would lower by this newspaper why ) and such as , but not with a smartphone to expand the newspaper .

Smartphone is a tunnel vision basis , it's hard to grasp the big picture .

The case of a newspaper , who called a page -one editor is away , depending on the importance of the article , the placement of the article in the first aspect, it is not even Oh , It is the one that was considered not to even do this in the old days .

On the determination one ...... do with much larger article which , insight of the newspaper company is the reason had been put .

So for reporters wishing had a power very in-house , and page -one editor , and I want you to places where you write articles of individual , stand out as much as possible it, and fear , it is not there even in the presence reproachful .

But the web is so mainstream now , news came to be more and more flow from right to left , the importance of the concept of time deadline in time for next day's morning paper has been significantly reduced .

The importance of news , has been the topic repeatedly it on the net ? That is determined by the persistence. The more number of times that the RT on Twitter , it is posted to the Timeline of Facebook is large, touching the eyes of many people , and I mean that easy to become a hot topic .

I think that it may be restatement in the wind is the emergence of smartphones , that destroyed the raison d'etre of the page -one editor .

It's has changed , ( how chestnut page ) navigation Nari shape of the smartphone device that is , how they are finding the news and how they are consumed .

Marshall McLuhan , I expressed " what media is the message " and that the appearance of the conveniences of a new civilization would fundamentally changed the thinking patterns and behavior of human beings as such .

Newspaper of paper so that existing came to this , that the importance of the news that is determined by the persistence in social media , that by collection all the news and events of the day, to package a whole , and delivering it to the reader but that it is no longer make sense , before it is printed on the newspaper on a piece of paper and been around the net anymore , articles of individual , that is consumed is not the norm .

This is nothing but unbundling of (unbundling) of the article .

Then , for example, rather than to compete in the comprehensive strength of the entire paper surface , The New York Times , you will not do to be competitive is to pieces , in the individual articles .

On the other hand , as the Huffington Post , is not only original articles , media to be recording and reprinted an article published elsewhere because it appeared in the web , article of bloggers have been trained on a large newspaper it is that to compete in the same arena with articles of reporters , is becoming commonplace .

By article that is quality control , which has been carried out by the editor of the newspaper until it is consumed confused article it is not quality control at all that was written by bloggers ( article I of course is one of them ) and a mixture of wheat and chaff it is not the bear the aspect of .

At first glance , only the persistence of social media 's of determining the importance of the article , I think to be democratic , but there's a catch . For example, the reporter has interviewed a fair carefully how much , or wrote about ? Less likely to be evaluated on the net , or " five points you should know about ○ ○ " , eg, " ○ ○ in 3 minutes" , things like that will be more about how the article title to Internet users is likely to flutter , much it is important not to . ( Such Market Hack also use the old trick of this kind of course . Because , as this will no longer be able to tell , that it does not reach the threshold of persistence If you do not do this , I want readers to know much effort )

That the article content is dumbed down for this , as entertainment handy simplistic news is " consumption " are used to represent only norm . Users but are used to produce " doss , I zo I 'm reading daily this kind of esoteric news" such like by add comments word and my Cho~tsu to it , props of this accessories of news and none other .

News app that will choose the only news you want to know his , I useful , to be sure, but to accelerate to warp speed the tunnel vision of the user , which is also the terrible tool . This is because the user is because be spoon fed baby to be given with a spoon baby food from mom the only news that suits their hobby by using a news app.

This is nothing more than the abandonment of thinking in my head .

People different from the thinking of myself there a lot in the world , and news you do not want to read my own also brought one after the other . In terms of the market , things like miscalculation is , 's a natural happening all the time .

Is the same for research reports of securities companies in the news , but what is written there also might be important, what has been omit ? That also , is equally important .

Information to be output as an article is only the tip of the iceberg , the remaining 90% is wasted energy . And whether an effort to not appear in the table , on the receiving end the news forever Ata or whether get used to the caller , just flip a Tsukkomi and Cho~tsu the news , his like was is great and if it were , and I think that to decide whether to settle position of cheesy self-satisfaction .








ニュースの重要性は、ネット上でそれが繰り返し話題にされているか? つまりpersistenceによって決まります。ツイッターでRTされ、フェイスブックのタイムラインにポストされる回数が多いほど、多くの人の目に触れるし、話題になりやすいというわけです。









ソーシャルメディアでのpersistenceのみが記事の重要性を決定するというのは、一見、民主的で良いように思うのですが、そこには落とし穴があります。たとえばその記者がどれだけ丹念でフェアな取材をし、記事にしたか? というようなことはネット上では評価されにくく、「○○について知っておくべき5つのポイント」とか、「3分でわかる○○」など、ネットユーザーがなびきやすい記事タイトルの付け方の方が、はるかに重要になるわけです。(そういうMarket Hackも、もちろんこの手の常とう手段を使います。なぜなら、そうしないとpersistenceの閾値に達せず、せっかく読者に知ってもらいたいことを、伝えることができなくなってしまうからです)

このため記事内容はdumbed downされ、安易でお手軽なエンターテイメントとしてニュースが「消費」されることが常態化するわけです。ユーザーはそれにチョッと一言自分のコメントを添えることで「どや、オレはこんな難解なニュースを日頃読んでるんだゾ」みたいな演出に使われるわけで、これはニュースの小道具化、アクセサリー化に他なりません。

自分の知りたいニュースだけを選んでくれるニュース・アプリは、確かに便利なのですが、これはユーザーの視野狭窄をワープスピードに加速化させる、恐ろしいツールでもあります。なぜなら、ニュース・アプリを使うことでユーザーは自分の趣味に合ったニュースだけを赤ん坊がおかあさんから離乳食をスプーンで与えられるようにspoon fedされるからです。



ニュースでも証券会社のリサーチレポートでも同じですけれど、そこに書かれていることも大事かも知れませんが、何がオミットされたか? ということも、おなじくらい重要なのです。