最近のApp Storeのアプリ ベスト3?
Best 3 apps the App Store recent?
The App Store is evidence obscurantist society society now

Game of first place , a game to sell weed in the iTunes App Store now . No, really . But application of the "Weed Firm" also , but pretty decent Compared to second place . In one of busting game time seems to fool many recent second place , the name reminds me of "100 Balls", the Biapon . And "Toilet Time", as the name implies , it is a short game to play when you are on bets * Les third place that follow it . The "Make It Rain" The following 's a game that , skip the money by swiping as fast as much as possible further .

Welcome to the App Store ordinary man who (Everyman).

Or rather , in the words of someone Welcome, ignorant people in society (Idiocracy).

Idiocracy, or the App Store pic.twitter.com / yYZVqXSyKi
- Alexia Tsotsis (@ alexia) May 16, 2014

@ parislemon It's as if there were an App Store in the movie Idiocracy.
- Brian Herskovitz (@ gadgetmanBrian) May 15, 2014

Idiocracy In terms of plain English the [App Store. ]
It is a race that aims to goal named [ worst . ]
I'm good even if there is a App Store in Idiocracy of the movie . ]

These games , a sign that the vulgarity hobby American has dominated the world of mobile . Content, such as "The Real Housewives" such as "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" But , be at the top of the chart always not only the United States , in English countries around the world .

There are various causes of popular , but the user that the irresponsible marketing techniques increasingly sloppy application developers we decided , would have been tempted 've often . Games such, disposable likely to harm the health of the brain , become higher than cloneや"Flappy Bird" of "Red Bouncing Ball" is , in order to jump to a new app , more decent opportunity is , in general user because no . While not " public " buy the app to read a review of the game and specialized site [ TechCrunch. ]

Not only that, the flood of stupid games recently , transfiguration of the nature of the App Store is also affected .

Today In (today) , the smart phone market in the developed world 's most saturated . That means , many people young and old has , the sensitivity hobby or disjoint , and you are living in an unrelated area as " mobile app great next " technology elite who often appears in such as this magazine .

Also like , hordes of million people and is of (everyone) million people , stay at arm's length in the education literature and television reality show and television tabloid newspaper App Store.

In addition , a brat us even have a iPhone and now , it 's becoming ostracized If you do not have it . Significant portion of the customer Ajo game is the kid us .

It was said of this magazine an interview , Dong Nguyen , which made ??a "Flappy Bird" also , but most of the schoolchildren player .

In the " market maturity " like this , to busting game time To * Le weeds and game " and mature " go million people who is not a smart phone user to download seriously like the old days , a serious application . So now , app Google Search, Pandora, WhatsApp, Pinterest, like Twitter is , let alone not enter the top 10 , it 's do not fall in the top 20 in the often .

Industry is not well understood yet , the influence of the crowd who hang out in the school yard has on the chart of the App Store. Power trend of elementary school students on the market , but strong for many years , but it is not a story of Tickle Me Elmo and Cabbage Patch Kids doll today. Then It's a story of modern marketing that , filled with stock infinitely many , the virtual store shelves they are wandering around what you will buy .

But I can not just because of the young iPhone user , the race of the App Store , which aims to goal named worst .

Adults who do not live today , the world of information overload excess stress , even afford to pull the tension as well , he is seeking a little breather . Yes , toilet might be a place of relaxation only . And for that , exactly , it 's devoted to the game stupid .

By the way, to your home screen , recently , what I wonder if there ? To be honest .

App Storeは今の社会が愚民社会である証拠

今iTunes App Storeで1位のゲームは、雑草を売るゲームだ。いや、ほんとに。でもその”Weed Firm“というアプリも、2位に比べればかなりまともだ。2位は最近多いアホらしい時間つぶしゲームの一つで、名前は”100 Balls“、ビアポンを思い出す。そしてそれに続く3位は”Toilet Time“、その名のとおり、ト*レに入っているとき遊ぶ短いゲームだ。さらにその次の”Make It Rain“は、できるだ速くスワイプしてお金を飛ばす、というゲームだ。

凡人たち(Everyman)のApp Storeにようこそ。


Idiocracy, or the App Store pic.twitter.com/yYZVqXSyKi
- Alexia Tsotsis (@alexia) May 16, 2014

@parislemon It’s as if there were an App Store in the movie Idiocracy.
- Brian Herskovitz (@gadgetmanBrian) May 15, 2014

[App Storeをふつうの英語で言うとIdiocracy。]
[映画のIdiocracyにApp Storeがあってもよかったよね。]

これらのゲームは、アメリカ的な俗悪趣味がモバイルの世界を支配していることの表れだ。でも”Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”とか”The Real Housewives”のようなコンテンツは、合衆国だけでなく、世界中の英語国で必ずチャートの上位になる。

人気の原因はいろいろあるが、いい加減なアプリデベロッパたちが仕掛けるますますいい加減なマーケティングテクニックに、釣られてしまうユーザが多いのだ。そういう、脳の健康を害しそうな使い捨てのゲームが、”Flappy Bird”や”Red Bouncing Ball“のクローンより上位になるのは、新しいアプリに飛びつくための、もっとまともな契機が、一般ユーザにはないからだ。〔TechCrunchやゲーム専門サイトのレビューを読んでアプリを買う“一般人”はいない。〕

それだけでなく、最近のアホゲームの氾濫には、App Storeの性質の変貌も影響している。


App Storeは万人(everyone)のものであり、そして万人の大群は、タブロイド新聞やテレビのリアリティ番組は好きでも、文学や教育テレビには寄り付かない。


“Flappy Bird”を作ったDong Nguyenも本誌の取材に対して、プレーヤーのほとんどは学童だ、と言っていた。

このような“成熟市場”においては、雑草ゲームやト*レ時間つぶしゲームへと“成熟して”いく万人たちは、昔のような、まじめなアプリをまじめにダウンロードするスマートフォンユーザではない。だから今では、Google Search、Pandora、WhatsApp、Pinterest、Twitterなどのアプリが、トップ10に入らないどころか、往々にしてトップ20にも入らないのだ。

校庭にたむろする群衆たちがApp Storeのチャートに与える影響力を、まだ業界はよく理解していない。小学生のトレンドが市場に及ぼす力は、何年も前から強力だが、今日ではそれは、お人形のCabbage Patch KidsやTickle Me Elmoの話ではない。次に何を買おうかと彼らがうろうろしている仮想ストアの棚を、無限に多い在庫で満たす、という今日的マーケティングのお話なのだ。

しかし最悪という名のゴールを目指すApp Storeのレースを、幼いiPhoneユーザのせいだけにはできない。


ところで、あなたのホーム画面には、最近、何があるかなぁ? 正直に言って。