常時アイトラッキングで「自分を見る」眼鏡「JINS MEME」

Always Eye Tracking "See me" glasses "JINS MEME"

To develop open visualization , the API exposes the drowsiness and " JINS MEME " tired "see yourself " in eye glasses keeps track

May 13th , Jay N. Ai has announced that it will release next spring wearable device equipped with a potentiometric sensor to the frame of the glasses " JINS MEME " . The detected number of blinks and eye movement , and the inclination of the body, and that capitalize visualization of fatigue and prevention of traffic accidents , and health management . Exposes the developer SDK API and this fall , it is expected to be the birth of a variety of applications .

ONLY app as " JINS MEME "
Read in real time the potential difference that is equipped with a sensor eye pad left and right to touch the wings of the nose and between the eyebrows of the between the lens , to a total of three points , occur around the eye by eye movement , and tracking direction of the line of sight and number of blinks , and movement . It is also possible to swipe the screen smartphone just gaze .

8 gaze direction detection

Number of blinks also measurement

Retina side is charged with potential of plus or minus , cornea side eye , it's scheme to measure this potential difference the " eye potential" in the sensor . There is a method to use the camera and eye to detect the eye movement is " eye-tracking " , but use at all times by mounting the glasses impractical such as a battery or problem size . By measuring the potential of eye brow portion and nose pads with three-point sensors , real-time measurement of blinking and eye movement in the eight directions can be realized .

Also equipped with acceleration / gyro sensor in the tip of the cell , to detect the distance and speed of walking , also the slope of the body . In the feature is available in daily life unchanged weighs almost the glasses of conventional , continuous use time with built-in battery is about 8 hours .

I prepare an appropriate mode for the scene , " office ", " drive ", " fitness " of three smartphone apps only. Order to visualize as a number drowsiness and fatigue by tracking the eye movement , as indicated by alert the proper rest time, you help to prevent accidents and health management . View and blurring the number of steps and calories burned , the body axis in the fitness mode . Since measuring the movement of the head than the device wristband type , the ability to sense the movement of the body more accurately .

Quantified at between -10 to +10 degree of fatigue

Show the number of steps and calories burned

Half rim with a rim , design unisex three types of sports sunglasses for Wellington thick frame , only the top half . Price is undecided , " as JINS brand and will not be the price out of reach " and ( Hitoshi Tanaka, president ) .

Future , and placed in the visual field as well as the sale of consumer , bulk or the introduction of corporate customers , such as joint development of applications and tools to work with the same product , even wider use . The plans , and to publish the developer SDK and API ahead of the release this fall - as a platform the product, the development of tools and application if spreads .

It is a situation where you say " wearable device is also a boom in the world but , as much as possible in the glasses that you just by looking at the . Just outside one step ahead , you can do with your smartphone or PC, in What we look ahead to it without , As we look to the inner surface Tanaka President " stick out one's chest no sense to aim see myself " the device . just curious , as " to enrich a more healthy life .

Sensor of silver in three locations
And Ryuta Kawashima of Tohoku University and his colleagues , was developed over a four-year leg rest . Techniques to sense the potential difference of the eye was used in the medical field camera type , and a patch type , but the present invention can be used easily at issue and the battery device , on the assumption that it is mounted on glasses new " three -point I created a potential difference sensor eye " .

And I thought ...... anything how much I want to make glasses " head is better " is . Those days theme issued by the President Tanaka to " first, but repeated Brest many times , Kawashima is made ​​to some of the response look to bad . . sensing device and was supposed " to demonstrate the effect of the true thing to put in what is now life if there is one time to wear all the way .

Is carried out in cooperation between industry and academia to technology development , has begun a study of the operation support technology DENSO , Keio University Graduate School of Media Design in the automotive field . To put it . Reverse epoch-making rather than the " electronics manufacturer , this product is came out from the company of eyewear , simply because it is companies that are thinking always the possibility and merit of glasses , Masahiko Inami professor of the same family is natural you are talking about might have filled the innovation the extension of the everyday . width of . use say , not the movement of the eye only , but also a tool to visualize the movement of the mind and infinity . "
常時アイトラッキングで「自分を見る」眼鏡「JINS MEME」 疲れや眠気を可視化、API公開で開発オープンに

ジェイアイエヌは5月13日、眼鏡のフレームに電位差測定センサーを搭載したウェアラブルデバイス「JINS MEME」を来年春に発売すると発表した。眼球の動きやまばたきの回数、体の傾きなどを検知し、交通事故の防止や疲労度の可視化、健康管理などに生かせるという。今秋にはAPIと開発者向けSDKを公開し、さまざまなアプリの誕生にも期待する。

「JINS MEME」と専用アプリ













Eye tracking analysis
Eye tracking is the scientific methods that can be captured by the infrared is also used in research areas such as cognitive science and psychology , eye and face , the corneal reflection of the user , tracking the movement of the line of sight .

By using the technique of eye tracking , by analyzing scientifically where line of sight of the user to browse the Web site or is directed to whether the watching which point , Web which can not be extracted in the user interview and access log analysis it is possible to discover problems usability , leading to improvement .

I realize usability studies by scientific method using eye tracking the latest tools

User interviews to be used in the usability studies of conventional , user testing , the access log analysis , although it is possible to know the awareness and behavior of the user , that anywhere in the Web page user to see , where to have not seen the results I do not know a thing in which he was born . Eye-tracking tool , you can order that the eye with a powerful muscle to measure neatly movement of the line of sight very fast as possible , to understand browse and order viewing point , the gaze rate of real users . By setting based on the fact that infrared data has been tracking the movement of the line of sight , can eliminate the judgment ( new ) basis arbitrariness of investigators , research objective is possible.

Not the type to be worn on the body as the eye camera type of conventional , is a type of eye tracker of non-contact type is integrated with the liquid crystal display , eye tracker Tobii the Swedish company to use in the study , view the monitor it is the best tool for the study of Web usability . Also, as much as is also used in research , such as psychology and infant early childhood education , it does not matter literacy skills , such as the age of those surveyed .

Up accuracy problems extraction in combination with a behavior - speech user data

In the study of cognitive psychology , there is a report " near the center " is present in the human consciousness . For example , you may want to or did not know if, for example, they have focused you have been lost in thought at the time to go home after work , my what came back through which way and when I get home . In such a case , is not in the neighborhood consciousness signal or to determine whether blue , or to determine possible hazards on the road .

Even if the user is browsing the Web site , the movement of the line of sight does not match the center of consciousness necessarily . This is because there are cases where consciousness is thinking of something else , even if you watch the specific location somewhere eyes .

In this service , by which not only the data of the eye tracking study, performed a comprehensive analysis including ( page transition , and movement of the mouse) behavior data and speech for the user and enhances the accuracy of the problem extraction . Further , by that work with quantitative data obtained by the remote user testing , it is also possible to perform analysis with higher accuracy .