新型MacBook Air、これ以上良くなり得るか?

The new MacBook Air, do you get better than this ?

Not just when Steve Jobs was removed from the manila envelope MacBook Air the ( Mac Book Air ) in 2008 , it is a notebook PC thin like an idiot simply , it seemed to those utterly ridiculous idea itself . And to be close to $ 2,000 , instead of the DVD drive , a small port with a small storage device , the processor low performance was the only mounted very capacity .

But , after all , this idea was ridiculous was the future of the notebook PC. Right now nearly six years since then , up to the internal design of a compact appearance of aluminum tapering as it goes to the edge , and it is modeled Windows PC makers almost all .

However , the past few years , MacBoook Air is the originator of the ultra-thin notebook PC is keeping the lead in price reductions and improved . Price cut is was just announced last week . Apple has reduced to the ( ¥ 88,800 in Japan price) $ 899 the price of the basic model along with the minor product improvement .

MacBoook Air was higher ridiculously once has become a notebook PC the most affordable Apple product ever now . I wonder if there is no possibility that this notebook PC that best is better than this . If so , what Apple what should then taken out of the envelope . Anyway? Say a notebook PC.

Changes to be also referred to as only this time in the processor , Intel slightly faster " Core ( core ) i5 " is mounted . It is theoretically even if I say a high speed . I did not know the difference at all in comparison test with the previous model of the author . MacBook Air in the first place was to demonstrate the performance satisfactory to the needs of the majority for a long time.

Others , backlit keyboard with good feel and trackpad good reaction enough to unparalleled , aluminum body made ​​which did well same old same old . ( Japan price is 88,800 yen ) in the 11 -inch is $ 899 , battery life is 9 hours . However , recommendations author 's 13 type of ( ¥ 98,800 in Japan price) $ 999 . Screen and keyboard is larger , SD card slot sticks, too , battery life is 12 hours . 256 giga the built-in storage , even doubled in each 8GB memory , price is only ( Japan price 128,600 yen ) to $ 1,299 .

To conclude , new notebook PC If you need , you should buy a new MacBook Air. It's even more so now that it has been dropped .

However , at the same time convinced that it is a notebook PC that MacBook Air is the best ever , and should not be better than this I'm sure . Now that notebook PC that had pushed the envelope once became the standard product , what happens next .

True innovation of notebook PC ( innovation ) is the end , some people to see that it is a relic of the past notebook PC as compared to the terminal , such as tablets and smartphones of "post -PC era " . However , they are wrong . There is a possibility to get used to the terminal of the "post -PC era " in the same way as tablet notebook PC. To determine the shape and size of is divided only the two currently I just " form factor " .

Consumers are puzzled to boundary in the fading . A comparison of " iPad Air ( eye pad Air )" on tablet 9.7 -inch MacBook Air and 11 -inch , both computer 's good portability of very similar size . It is so if you install a keyboard to the iPad in particular . operability of the tablet with excellent obtained if I use the iPad, some tasks of the notebook PC is also a possible run . On the other hand , MacBook Air minimum size 's comfortable to operate on your lap , but the usability is bad If you want to read the e-book in bed .

They want the best of my coming out of the envelope sometime , it's hardware that combines without sacrificing the benefits of each of both the Air . In other words , I want the ultra-thin machine with touch screen , keyboard , fourth generation (4G) line connection function , the battery can be driven a few days . Author 's hope it's not just it . It is a feature that allows the mutual operation of the computer in a way that is apart from the PC era .

For example , the capability to manage your e-mail using " Siri ( Siri ) " the voice recognition feature would be if a notebook PC and mobile phone . Alternatively , gesture controls that can be operated simply by waving your hand to display whether ? Charger and wireless power is not required solar battery ? To eliminate any connection port, and you should be able to manage files in the cloud in the wireless all whether ?

It may sound to the idea that both ridiculous , but first generation Air was also so . However , it is very commonplace now .
新型MacBook Air、これ以上良くなり得るか?

 スティーブ・ジョブズ氏が2008年にMacBook Air(マックブックエア)をマニラ封筒から取り出したとき、それは単にばかみたいに薄いノートPCというだけでなく、アイデア自体全くばかげたものに思われた。2000ドル近くするのに、DVDドライブはなく、容量のすごく小さな記憶装置とわずかなポート、性能の低いプロセッサーが搭載されているだけだった。


 しかし、超薄型ノートPCの元祖であるMacBoook Airはここ数年、改良や値下げで首位を保っている。先週も値下げが発表されたばかりだ。アップルは製品のマイナー改良に伴って基本モデルの価格を899ドル(日本価格は8万8800円)にまで引き下げた。

 かつてはとんでもなく高かったMacBoook Airが今やアップル製品史上最も手頃なノートPCとなっている。この最も優れたノートPCがこれ以上良くなることはないのだろうか。だとすれば、アップルは次に何を封筒から取り出すべきなのか。そもそもノートPCでいいのか。

 今回の唯一とも言うべき変更点はプロセッサーで、やや高速なインテルの「Core(コア) i5」が搭載された。高速といっても理論上だ。筆者の前機種との比較テストでは一切違いが分からなかった。そもそもMacBook Airは以前から大半のニーズに対して申し分ない処理性能を発揮していた。


 結論を言えば、新しいノートPCが必要なら、新型MacBook Airを買うべきだ。値下げされた今はなおさらだ。

 しかし、MacBook Airが史上最も優れたノートPCだと確信すると同時に、これ以上良くはならないとも確信している。かつて限界に挑んでいたノートPCが標準製品となった今、次は何が起こるのか。


 消費者もその薄れつつある境界に困惑している。11型のMacBook Airと9.7型のタブレット「iPad Air(アイパッド・エア)」を比較してみると、いずれも同じようなサイズの非常に携帯性のいいコンピューターだ。特にiPadにキーボードを装着した場合はそうだ。iPadを使えば優れたタブレットの操作性が得られ、ノートPCの一部タスクも実行可能だ。一方、最小サイズのMacBook Airは膝の上で操作するには快適だが、ベッドで電子書籍を読むには使い勝手が悪い。


 例えば、携帯電話やノートPCで音声認識機能「Siri(シリ)」を使って電子メールを管理できる機能はどうだろう。あるいは、ディスプレーに手をかざすだけで操作できるジェスチャーコントロールはどうか? ワイヤレス電源や充電器が不要な太陽光電池は? 接続ポートを一切なくし、全てをワイヤレスにしてクラウドでファイルを管理できるようにするのはどうか?