IE(Internet Explorer)欠陥騒動 「情報格差」を笑う人々、埋める人々

 情報教育 (世代間格差か 情報格差か) IE欠陥騒動その後(人間性がみえる?)
People laugh IE defect uproar the " digital divide " people , people who fill people

" What is IE? " - . The end of April a defect is found , " Internet Explorer (IE) " to Internet browsing software of U.S. Microsoft (MS), turmoil of people in poor IT knowledge were reported one after another in the net . In a voice that ridicules ( ridiculed ) and analog boss at work is outstanding , the current state of deep-seated " digital divide " also seems to have highlighted the commotion of a series .

" Instructed that " to refrain from the use of the Internet for the time being , " came out at work " "I will talk more you do not want to use " Yahoo from dangerous that " good for some reason , everyone is adapted to Google Search in IE "

The end of April the news ( Applause. ) resistance found serious vulnerabilities in IE, the United States Department of Homeland Security is to have reminder widespread . The on Twitter , post puzzled to confusion in the workplace to be chased by a corresponding one after another .

Cases were confused net browsing software , including IE and ( web browser ) , and a search engine such as Yahoo are also reported, " I thought it was trying to advice , but to begin with the word" browser "is not through " scream " and is in also " . Net for many users who had considered " the most basic of " the knowledge of browser , confusion report successive seems was something you pose again the knowledge gap and the " beginner " .

The criticism in the " older generation"

There is a kind of rice or Google " Chrome " Mozilla rice such as " Fire Fox " In addition to IE , which was a problem in the browser . However , there is also a position as the standard Windows browser is IE, I adopt a system that companies and organizations of many on the assumption of IE. This environment was also boosted the confusion .

On the other hand , in response to the turmoil of this time , "It is not through true , even if the description I elderly layer is often " as such , voice ridicule or Naji~tsu poor IT knowledge the " older generation" are also out in the net . First place in the net , amount of knowledge is divided in terms, such as " information the strong / weak " , stern look has been poured for the " weak " in particular .

Anecdote where the customer ordered a " please the Internet " in consumer electronics stores have been handed down as a joke now. In April this year , it Furutachi ( Furutachi ) Ichiro caster TV Asahi of " news station " was speaking presentation software of MS for " PowerPoint " and " do not know " has become a big topic , and "too ignorant " criticism was also gathered and or .

Also question to " air ridicule "

However , the question is "air to ridicule , I do not know me ? " I wish not liked such a thing " that do not know ," and is also issued in this trend , voice appeal the need for IT education of the minimum to rise in have . In addition , attempts to likened to car browser , or " feel ? Trouble because came out to the car that IE, I 'll transfer the car" , to seek an explanation that chew for beginners was also seen . At the same time , " is often the case that do not know how to system and mechanism as the car , but you are using " " I mon say anything apart from Nantes browser if no interest . Car should I able to run , at a level much " or , familiar ones by likened to , there is also a movement that " senior " is going Ayumiyoro .

Net also many people that are exposed to the " risk " because that can be used even " unlicensed " unlike car . Even for advanced users as well for a beginner , IE turmoil of this time , might have had one side to reaffirm the significance of learning through each other .

Vulnerability of Glossary IE ( Applause. ) of

MS announced in late April , the 6-11 version of IE, a defect that could receive an intrusion from the outside has been found . Was reminded that MS is called for , such as setting to prevent Mochidase information from the outside of the " extended protection mode " , such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security also refrain from the use of IE. ( The 2nd Japan time ) May 1 , MS began free distribution of fixes that enhance the safety of IE.
IE欠陥騒動 「情報格差」を笑う人々、埋める人々