ユーチューバーと連携、企業の関心高まる 低コストで独自表現
You work with the tuber , its own representation at low cost growing interest of companies

Companies teamed up video streaming who creates a high-quality image to attract viewers , the most popular and " Top You Tuber " , a movement that lead to promotion through work has been intensified . Phenomenon in which goods and services are hit by top user tuber is , convey and how to enjoy and usability of the product in the representation unique approach different from the TV CM may also occur . For video production also can be accommodated by the low- cost , small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies interested in tag .
In the futon , a young man and you can view the dream good luck in the new year , and sleep while imagining and hawk and Mount Fuji , but would look at the dream of travel "Hatsu-Yume Fair " for some reason . This surreal animation was popular video posting site " YouTube " . The author , ABTVnetwork Mr. popular in video production . Leading travel H.I.S. Co., Ltd. It was the request , but (HIS).
It is determined that the videos he is popular with young people under the age of 20 in particular , to be able to appeal effectively towards the user base in the future HIS. Real or how much that led to the sales video viewing 'm not disclosed , but it plans to make about six months continued collaboration with him in response to the magnitude of the response .
Began the delivery of video recruitment Jobs to run the job site " FromA navi " to look at this popular I appointed You Tuber of multiple He , et al . He also said, " It has been on track as a business as well as production on a voluntary basis , and take also of the work produced , revenue is stable " he said.
You brought up the top tuber , Creek and River , Inc. to perform the work , such as the introduction of the creator is to strengthen the business to sell to the client . Attribute to see the work of top user tuber compared to TV CM toward " an unspecified number is narrowed down to some extent . Besides video production costs because it is available from 100,000 yen about one , Ishimaru Osamu executive officer of the thousands of times , analyzed and " lead to a substantial promotion and becomes tens of thousands of times to play . I appeal " large companies want you to make the small and medium-sized companies as well " he said.

Opt dealing with Internet advertising agency business ( Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo ) , a service that production and distribution this video squeezed to how- such as cooking and sports , visitors can learn and the way the " Biebo ! (Beable!) " I started in November last year .
Opt employees review this video sent from the top you tuber of the future. About 5000 yen per one piece of about 2-3 minutes is paid to the provider that is being evaluated. For example, " there is also likely to be income of tens of thousands of yen in series of pitcher experience of baseball if provided. Popular in the video for each part the motion of the hand and pitching form " ( Yonetani AkiraNoboru online video business this that director ) . Moving the current number of 200 's this about , but it is thought to increase to 2,000 by the end of the year system .
According to the research firm Seed Planning , domestic Internet video advertising market is expected to grow to 64 billion yen in 2005 after five years from 4 billion yen in 2012 . That said , movement and businesses top Yu tuber is partnering in Japan just begun. " Compared with foreign countries , there is also a surface that has been delayed by technical parts such as the use of VFX ( visual effects ) " ( Mr. Ishimaru )
Videos authors used as a tool as a reliable source of income , can be promotional toward the layer companies want to appeal at a relatively low cost while overcoming these challenges . Hit product , the more movement to partner a tag also likely to accelerate .
ユーチューバーと連携、企業の関心高まる 低コストで独自表現

 この人気をみて求人情報サイト「FromA navi」を運営するリクルートジョブズも同氏ら複数のユーチューバーを起用した動画の配信を始めた。同氏も「自主的に制作するだけでなく、プロデュースの仕事も引き受けるなどビジネスとして軌道に乗ってきており、収入も安定している」と話す。