Googleは現時点でピークをつけてしまったのか問題  と Google Glassの原価
Google problem Did I put the peak at this time

It is an article of market hack here , but the comment because it was quite interesting .

Market Hack - Silicon Valley crushed weight , the choking of being successful
Rather than the lightness such as start-up , and the oligopolistic as Standard Oil of Rockefeller just behavior as a company is not forced to become exclusive . Human resources of bid-rigging problem this time is a good example .

When the most part, companies have come to such a behavior , market ends .

Rate is not a pre-established harmony .

...... This that with the utmost care to think in Rizume , so as not to blunders , go a prudently safe course is an attitude contrary to the ethos of Silicon Valley , leader of the Valley initiative subconsciously it I mean that Shiteya~tsu . The does not seem to notice the comical is , in less-than-subtle is sad , it is blue as investors still .

In other words , it is that the Facebook and Apple and Google , horrible bear market is coming future .

In a nutshell , human resources from bid-rigging case of Google / Facebook, if such incidents occur , it means that you have entered the oligopoly to market basis . It is that at present it is not the expansion of the market , which has become a scramble for market share , market price of , and will come down in the future.

Well , I feel like similar how how it 's called , or capture this problem the person and of that , or sees the technology will be . Prediction it is rapidly expanding the future of that the unlikely also , in fact first , Google / Facebook is also the fact that a profit from the advertising market is no doubt I will see . 's Mentioned as a basis for another , point " account in the household , spending for technology . Seems that peaked maybe " and . The I , this place is skeptical . Because , it is because it is thought that changes will occur in the future , negotiations with the government side , and will become the stage to say things considerably . In other words, is the stage of the big companies .

For example , automobile AI to advance the development of Google. On April 28 , Google has announced the progress of automated driving car project . Mileage in the accident is Masu Bawakari in excess of ( about 1.13 million km ) 700,000 miles , I get a look at the video below, think situational awareness , and judgment has reached to the accuracy of the driver or more normal already We will .

Google Self-Driving Car on City Streets - YouTube

However , given that this technology is on the market actually of course , for example, when the automatic operation causes a fatal accident , Who should take responsibility . Is it the person sitting in the driver's seat of the car? If so, how do you should think about negligence ? Already this function seemingly ancillary only as EyeSight being introduced . Or , how far do you may believe what technology it . A variety of questions and so will come spouting full .

Given the negotiation with the government and a legal liquidation of this area , to the research results of AI to evolve at an accelerated pace , it's become a bottleneck for the technology really the future , and to market it in the speed how much I think to come to the point that it , can do. For example, as trimmed the investment environment global for Singapore to keep its competitive edge , at a speed how much legislation you can take advantage of how much the technology will evolve at an accelerated rate in the future , which is represented by AI for the country it is the key to most of the future of part " account in the household , spending for technology . seems that peaked maybe " and it may or may not be able to , simply because it is companies Zutai became strapping at that point , that you can I think that there is also a ton .

So yeah , I'm a pretty skeptical to the point " account in the household , spending for technology . Seems that peaked maybe " and . I think that the technology can be still greater , and the role that Google plays in it is quite large .


成功していることの重さ、息苦しさに押し潰されるシリコンバレー - Market Hack








Google Self-Driving Car on City Streets - YouTube




Cost of Google Glass to 150,000 yen is how much whether the heck? 

Google Glass that limited sale the 1st is performed on April 15, application and is Japanese translation, began in earnest towards the general sale. That without tax $ 1,500 selling price of April 15 was (about 153,000 yen), but the cost is that, whether the how much of the price on earth is expected.

Google Glass Teardown

Report: Google Glass parts make up 5.3%-roughly $100-of $1,500 price tag | Ars Technica

Was examined Teardown is making the BOM ( bill of materials ) , the conclusion that came out " $ 79.78 (about 8100 yen ) Cost " . This is 5.3 percent of the sales price , a lot of people were surprised , but Google PR denied as " not true " in The Wall Street Journal.

BOM that published Teardown of this is .

Main board taken out by decomposing the Google Glass is such a feeling .


Touch pad board .

Teardown has published a report which is disassembled thoroughly Google Glass in 2013 , but did not reveal the expected cost at that time .

Report decomposed thoroughly Google Glass appeared , what you're stuffed ? - GIGAZINE

According to the forecast Teardown went this time , $ 5.66 ( about 580 yen ) , $ 8.18 ( about 840 yen ) , the processor is in touch-screen $ 13.96 ( about 1400 yen ) , the NAND memory of 16GB is a 5 megapixel camera high PPI glass be $ 3 with (about 300 yen ) . It should be noted that the expected cost is divided with respect to glass , I was watching $ 30 and (about 3000 yen ) about The China Post but , Al Cowsky 's that made the cost expected 10 cent coin in the "Display device with a large has been used , and by adding a simple projection device , it says roughly $ 5 glass that's " about ( about 500 yen ) as a whole .

This expectation is based on the false assumption that " you are using a TFT instead of LCOS ," In the future modification is applied but , Cowsky who is a re-examination now if you buy the LCOS of " 1000 it is a state that is $ 30 but thought ( about 3000 yen ) , the price of one per a supposed " price per unit is lower large companies like Google is if you buy in large quantities.

In addition , components such OMAP4430 also is the price varies depending on order , but it does have a conviction about the expected price of the components of the camera , and other RAM, Cowsky 's 90 to the cost , even considering the price of packaging and display said, that will be seen as fit to $ 95 ( 9200-9700 yen ) . Of course, because we have not been considered in a cost of parts that are used purely the cost of how much I was poured into research and development , which expire said, " cost 5.3 % of the selling price ," and always not a thing .
15万円するGoogle Glassの原価は一体いくらなのか?

4月15日に1日限定販売が実施され、アプリが日本語翻訳されるなど、一般販売に向けて本格化しだしたGoogle Glass。4月15日の販売価格は税抜きで1500ドル(約15万3000円)でしたが、一体その価格のうち原価はいくらなのか、ということが予想されています。

Google Glass Teardown

Report: Google Glass parts make up 5.3%-roughly $100-of $1,500 price tag | Ars Technica

TeardownがBOM(部品表)を作って調べたところ、「原価は79.78ドル(約8100円)である」という結論が出ました。これは販売価格のわずか5.3%であり、多くの人が驚きましたが、Googleの広報はThe Wall Street Journalで「事実ではない」として否定しました。


Google Glassを分解して取り出したメインボードはこんな感じです。



Teardownは2013年にGoogle Glassを徹底的に分解したレポートを公開していますが、その時は原価の予想を明らかにしていませんでした。

Google Glassを徹底的に分解したレポートが登場、何を詰め込んでいるのか? - GIGAZINE

今回Teardownが行った予想によると、5メガピクセルのカメラが5.66ドル(約580円)、プロセッサが13.96ドル(約1400円)、16GBのNANDメモリが8.18ドル(約840円)、タッチスクリーン式の高PPIグラスが3ドル(約300円)であるとのこと。なお、グラスに関しては原価の予想が分かれており、The China Postは30ドル(約3000円)程度であると見ていましたが、原価予想を行ったAl Cowskyさんは「ディスプレイには10セントコイン大の装置が使われており、シンプルなプロジェクション装置を足して、全体としてグラスは大体5ドル(約500円)ぐらい」だと語っています。