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Google automatic vehicle that has evolved so far - published a new video

Google has released a new video and blog post to introduce or how much progress has been made over the past year is the automatic vehicle technology . Currently , automatic vehicle project , have shifted the emphasis to be operated safely from relatively monotonous freeway , the situation corresponds to the complex situation of the city crowded .

Google software is installed in the automatic vehicle is intended to be correctly recognized at the same time all the target hundreds of road . It is present on the basis of rules that target a myriad of different is different is on the road bike to signal that the pedestrian you are over cross the intersection , turn by hand , such as a stop sign , which is posted on the high places of the street . According to Google, the Google automatic vehicle , since it is not that it is not always neglect the care , to guard also tiring , in most cases , that it is safer than a human driver .

Google says to be done still is left up to the many practical applications , but this project is running a automatic vehicle 700,000 miles also ( 1.12 million kg ) already . This is a length of about 28 laps to the earth .

Google car have a decision corresponding to the following circumstances: from 0:30 per [ Japan version ] video .

Lane change in advance by reading the label of " Construction Ahead "
- I pass through according to red induction cone
• Avoid taking a safe distance the tracks that are parked
• The pause at the railroad crossing , and wait until there is enough room car in front is out of the railroad crossing
And deceleration by reading the hand signal of a bicycle rider
• If you want to ( turn left if Japan ) and waits column of bike coming from behind to pass turn right at an intersection






Momentum sustained Pazudora . Chinese version is also off to a good start 1Q financial results for the Gung Ho , to full-year sales and profit growth to input

March forward of Gung Ho Online Entertainment to deploy " Puzzle & Dragons ( Pazudora )" on Sumahogemu does not stop .

( 61.5% year-on-year) 49.9 billion yen sales , 1 to fiscal year ended March 31 , 2014 the company announced on April 28 is , operating income indicating the earnings of the core business (up 54.6% year-on-year) 28.7 billion yen and , I was a record high for both . By event and implementation television CM towards the launch Nintendo 3DS for Nintendo " Pazudora Z" run its course , advertising expenses has returned to a regular basis , operating income was reduced by the second consecutive quarter was also V -shaped recovery .

■ All six titles profitability
"All six titles are deploying is profitable ." Kazuki Morishita president says the response to the new , but it 's supported by one hand the high profits of the company currently , there is no doubt that this is a Pazudora beyond the 27 million domestic total download . Also at this time beyond the two years from release in February 2012 , I have maintained a top domestic sales for both Apple , Google for .

The number of users by the company the most important to match , have one or more times a month login (MAU) is also growing steadily . "These type theme park management that the enjoyment longer one work " result of ( Morishita president ) , keep a 15 billion yen or more in monthly sales since last December . It seems to say towards the year-on-year revenue and profit growth in the full year listed in the beginning of the fiscal year , and got off to a good start .

Attention in the future , but new game strategy and overseas expansion was listed in the key strategies of the current fiscal year . Currently , fire is attached to Pazudora popular in Hong Kong that won the top sales overseas. MAU in overseas also soared to the beginning of this year . You are " in preparation " it's ( Morishita president ) also release the Chinese version . In addition to the cooperation was acquired in partnership with Softbank parent company , Sumahogemu the Finnish company and the " supercell " , " In addition to the drop of . Advertising expenses for which you want to strengthen the relationship between the various companies , there is also a further M & A leverage " Europe and the United States ( I talk about the willingness and Morishita, president ) .

Expectations were surpassed one million downloads in one and a half months delivery start , board game to such as " Samonzubodo " is also growing new game, but also added a new game that specializes in puzzles most attention was " Pazudora W" wax . Toward light users to elements of role-playing games such as the development of the monster is difficult , it's a new game that specialize in puzzle action .

It was up scheduled for this spring , but " it has continued to brush up , has been delayed slightly ," and ( Morishita president ) , but the success or failure of the game is its foot further appeal the Pazudora also light users and non-experience person it seems to say of whether or not it can be extended , the touchstone of fair game .

パズドラの勢い持続。中国語版も投入へ ガンホーの1Q決算、通期増収増益へ好発進








 Mobile phone charges , not too high of you? Attention as " LCC smartphone " is

The smartphone you are using everyday , I wonder how much is paid every month ? If 6,000 to 7,000 yen , are adding the terminal fee even if I do not use the phone too , will some people more than 8,000 yen . Price difference is not so much that's leading carriers , but it's LCC is attracting the attention now .

Stands for low-cost carriers and LCC, that of businesses that provide a communication line or terminal at a bargain . For example , the ions released cheap smartphones in the 8,000 limit . It has become a 2,980 yen per month together all the basic cost data communication and terminal fees and voice communication . 1,000 -limited , Bic 's cheap and 2,830 yen per month included crowded .

There are several reasons why put out a price of less than half of the major carriers. At first , the procurement cost of the terminal 's cheap . Ion adopts the " Google Nexus 4 " . It is a reference terminal of Google , but released in November 2012 . It's a terminal which has appeared a year and a half ago . Android OS what corresponds to 4.4 , but old 1-2 generation indeed . Bic is " FleaPhone CP-F03a " . Unfamiliar , it's a simple terminal manufacturer that COVIA.

Then , there is a limited ability to communicate . The Company uses the line called MVNO, it 's very different from the major carriers such as connection speed . Of ion smartphone is equipped with a " b-mobile SIM " , data communication speed is slow and 200kbps. Bic is but 14.4Mbps, communication amount to 1GB a month . Is limited to 200kbps if it exceeds the capacity .

Services that sing the LTE or 4G, maximum communication speed is fast and 75Mbps. High-speed communication is possible but more in some areas . At the same compared , 200kbps slow uneven . Streaming video playback is hopeless , and download the app , of course , display of large image might also painful . That said , it is possible to send and receive e-mail and web browsing , and it can be used without a problem if the application traffic , such as a social game and LINE less .

Besides , there is also that it will not be able to use the mail carrier such as Softbank and DoCoMo , features such as call waiting and voice mail is not available . It 's by the terminal , but it is not available mobile wallet for now .

If you can convince these disadvantages , LCC be suppressed increasing the cost per month is recommended . No problem or was second and demand , if light use such as sending and receiving e-mail and web browsing . Now that the high cash back by ( number portability ) MNP is gone , presence of LCC is increasing . MNP to LCC 's also possible from leading carriers.

In the future , Yodobashi Camera and K-Opticom is a communication company of Kansai Electric Power system is also expected to enter the LCC. This summer , the smartphone market is big but seems to sway .
あなたのケータイ代、高すぎない? 注目を集める「LCCスマホ」とは

 普段使っているスマホに、毎月いくら支払っているだろうか? 電話をあまり使わなくても6,000~7,000円、端末料金が加算されている場合は、8,000円を超える人もいるだろう。大手キャリアだとそれほど価格差はないが、今注目を集めているのがLCCだ。


 大手キャリアの半額以下という価格を出せる理由はいくつかある。まずは、端末の調達コストが安いのだ。イオンは「Google Nexus 4」を採用している。Googleのリファレンス端末だが、発売は2012年11月。1年半前に登場した端末なのだ。Android OSこそ4.4に対応しているが、1~2世代古いことは確か。ビックカメラは「FleaPhone CP-F03a」。あまりなじみのない、COVIAというメーカーのシンプルな端末だ。

 次に、通信機能に制限がある。MVNOと呼ばれる回線を利用しており、接続速度など大手キャリアとは大きく異なるのだ。イオンのスマホは「b-mobile SIM」を搭載し、データ通信速度は200kbpsと遅い。ビックカメラは14.4Mbpsだが、通信量は月に1GBまで。容量を超えると200kbpsに制限される。




To wipe out the Japanese actress in the " adult " eradication campaign , fake account also appeared one after another - China

April 27, 2014 , " ( adult site , illegal image crackdown )掃黄hitting non " campaign that targets the Internet site , account of the China version of Twitter Japanese actress who appeared in adult offerings delete one after the other have been . ( Electronic version ) said the People's Daily .

Such as national public Internet information valve chamber and China Ministry of Public Security , the national organization of four 's was started from this month , the eradication campaign , billed as " non - striking掃黄Kiyoshi-mo 2014 " . As a result, the account of the China version of Twitter actor and actress to appear in adult offerings in Japan have been removed one after another . It should be noted that the account of the talent of the popular Sora Aoi is continuing as it is in China , encouragement of " hang in there " has also been sent from the Chinese fans .

However, with this , the advent new account claiming to be an actor or actress that was deleted after another . The Internet site that is the target of control , you have to strengthen the reporting system from the user , but is showing signs such as the weasel pretend occurrence also be deleted .

The 27th , is as poor supervision led to vulgar of the net information , Sina portal site , which operates ( U~eibo ) China Twitter - BiHiroshi that face the most user Announces apology . I have emphasized the support and cooperation to the " non - striking掃黄Kiyoshi-mo 2014 " .




 iPhone game machine hit the signs of the destructive power of the controller for the iPhone ? Stratus no longer need

Game console manufacturers were led by Nintendo , is inferior to stand in the rise of the smartphone . Products that could further accelerate the flow appeared .

Wireless game controller for game iOS7 equipment professional manufacturer of Denmark , series steel company is selling " Stratus Wireless ( Stratus wireless ) ," said .

Features that can be manipulated in the same way as home-use game machine , a game which has been downloaded to the iPad and iPhone. Product called game pad that corresponds to such as iPhone and iPad had come out so far , but the operability was not good enough . And will be released overseas in January 2014 , Games Info site such as " Pocket Gamer " is acclaimed all together Stratus . ( Ginza , Shibuya , Nagoya Sakae ) in the three stores of the Apple store , sales will start in the Apple online store from early April , it has become a hot topic among the game core fans immediately at the end of March in Japan . Price is 7800 yen without tax .

■ fighting game also easily operated
In addition to the cross key of the base , Stratus include shoulder buttons four (L1, L2, R1, R2) face four buttons Dual analog stick (A, B, X, Y) and , at the top . In spite of being equipped with a button of this much , about the same size of the vertical and horizontal with iPhone5. Body weight is about 75 grams , it is fairly light compared controller Sony's " PlayStation 4" (210 grams) .

Built-in lithium ion battery , available 10 hours continuously. It's charge in about 2 hours with USB charger included . In addition, some games that support Stratus , you can play up to four people maximum at the same time .

The Sumahogemu so far , if anything , something simple that can be operated with one finger tip and puzzle game in many cases. Previously , game fighting system is hard to play fast operation is difficult in the touch panel , and there is no controller in particular " . The smartphone . Dedicated game machines , which do not play only in dedicated game machine with dignity is after all officers of a game company I was , "said some .

However , voice " lightly was possible to be continuous tricks of fighting game " and , with the play without stress is up to the user who purchased the Stratus .

Sumahogemu that corresponds to the controller is not so large now , the threat of Stratus description remains potential .

However, the barriers between smartphone and dedicated game machine is becoming low . For example , was popular in the PlayStation 2 , action game of the U.S. Rockstar Games ' Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas " is also released as a game for iOS already , it is also compatible with Stratus .

■ development environment ready
The " Unity ( Unity ) " in the environment that supports the Stratus is prepared Unity Technologies of the United States has to offer , game development tools to be able to simplify the development of complex applications . Unity has been used a lot as well as PlayStation games for Sony and Nintendo " Wii U " for , in the development of Sumahogemu , user ballooned to hundreds of thousands of people scale Including the developer of indie game that are named .

While the cumulative worldwide sales of the Wii U was released in 2012 is sluggish and ( in 2013 the end of December ) 5.86 million units since its release in November last year in about five months seven million units worldwide cumulative sales PlayStation 4 , ( I topped the April 6 point ) 2014 . That in the smartphone to spread rapidly , there is a strong need to be dedicated game machine that's for sure .

However , improvement of the development environment and improve the performance of smartphones , with the advent of the controller , such as the Stratus , the possibility that future brings up a Sumahogemu comparable to special-purpose machine for a high . Struggle for supremacy of . Dedicated machine vs smartphone is going to be more and more intense .
iPhone用 ゲーム機はいらなくなる?ストラタスの破壊力 iPhone用コントローラーにヒットの兆し


デンマークのゲーム機器専門メーカー、スチールシリーズ社が販売しているiOS7用の無線ゲームコントローラー「Stratus Wireless(ストラタス・ワイヤレス)」だ。








また米国のユニティ・テクノロジーズが提供している、複雑なアプリケーションの開発を簡単にできるゲーム開発用ツール「Unity(ユニティ)」には、ストラタスをサポートする環境が用意されている。ユニティは任天堂の「Wii U」向けやソニーのプレイステーション向けゲームだけでなく、スマホゲームの開発にも多く使われており、利用者はインディゲームの開発者を含めると数十万人規模に膨れあがっているという。

2012年に発売されたWii Uの世界累計販売台数が586万台(2013年12月末時点)と伸び悩む一方、プレイステーション4は、昨年11月の発売から約5カ月で世界累計販売台数700万台(2014年4月6日時点)を突破した。スマホが急速に普及する中で、ゲーム専用機にも根強いニーズがあることは確かだ。