ニコニコ動画 ・ニコニコ超会議3は、いい!(Nico Nico Douga ・Nikonikochoukaigi 3 is good!)
ニコニコ超会議3ではここに注目!(I pay attention here in Nikonikochoukaigi 3 !)
I pay attention here in Nikonikochoukaigi 3 ! Attractions introduction for beginners

The " Let's Sing " and " Let's dance ", " VOCALOID " " Nikonikogijutsubu " - the 26th , events to reproduce on the ground all of the smiling video content and performer every meeting " Nikonikochoukaigi 3" in Makuhari Messe finally I kicks off Te . Mean that huge festival unfolds over two days , voice also seems such thing ...... you do not know where would I be able to find this? In this study , Let's introduce the attractions of Nikonikochoukaigi 3 from beginner to advanced can enjoy .

First of all can be called the centerpiece of a maximum of 3 Nikonikochoukaigi It's " super sumo meeting place" . Wrestler of about 250 people , including grand champion Hakuho of , the Nichi-ba Fuji comes up super conference . I wage a fierce fight for two days . Also for those who had no interest until now , is going to be an opportunity to know the charm of sumo . Can compete with wrestlers " naughty arena Festival" since they are held , and try some participants also interesting . Rarely this opportunity .

Highlight of the exhibition booth ultra- deep water and ultra- booth space booth than anything . Under the JAXA cooperation , rocket parts genuine " fairing " is on display in the super universe booth . Further in limited quantities visitors present fairing that is (!) . The ultra- deep water of one booth , I play an active part in the state-of-the-art deep-sea exploration " Shinkai 6500 " is coming . Because this does not rarely seen , let us look by all means at this opportunity . In addition , Apache Longbow that appeared in the Self-Defense Forces booth can not miss the big game exhibition . It is not in addition to at the super conference 3 chance to see up close the strongest attack helicopters of which becomes the entire length 17m. I can also cosplay experience of the Self-Defense Forces .

Let the meal in the food court super stomach when empty . In addition to food of story -based like Nico Nico Douga is provided in limited quantities , usually serving delicious menu normally is substantial . I think it because of that and was 1.5 times the number of food , and never to be sold out Oh than last year, but limited menu 's where you want to eat as soon as possible especially . Burgers and that made ​​the person in charge of the original chef fired up , especially recommended popcorn wagon , which is installed around the venue . In addition , if a person to be able to drink liquor , drink is determined by the "super- ZUN beer " ! I enjoy 500 yen a glass of beer of the orthodox school of world beer cup Gold Award " Baird Brewing " dealt with.

Two days which is the opening day , the introduction of a food court and a permanent exhibition in either place I enjoy more . I enjoy recommendations for meeting ultra- 3 while enjoying a walk through these , to walk all round the venue , it 's that try to stop by the booth that I thought , " Oh ." Ultra- wide meeting anyway , Booth rich variety that you cover all genres grove . In addition , events surprise special guests , such as Takashi Okamura and Funasshi is such as to appear somewhere , are scheduled to be .

Going Flat also ants , but to enjoy the total because such as not enough at all , even for two days , it would be better it 's know the booth you want to go ahead . So let 's enjoy together at the venue !
ニコニコ超会議3ではここに注目! 初心者のための見どころ紹介

「歌ってみた」「踊ってみた」「VOCALOID」「ニコニコ技術部」――ありとあらゆるコンテンツ&パフォーマーが集まるニコニコ動画のすべてを地上に再現するイベント「ニコニコ超会議3」が26日、いよいよ幕張メッセにて開幕する。2日間にわたって繰り広げられる巨大フェスということで、どこを見ればいいかわからない……なんて声もありそうだ。 そこで今回は、初心者から上級者まで楽しめるニコニコ超会議3の見どころを紹介していこう。



 お腹が空いたら超フードコートで食事にしよう。ニコニコ動画らしいネタ系のフードが数量限定で提供されるほか、普通においしくいただける通常メニューも充実している。昨年よりも食数を1.5倍にしたとのことなので、そうそう売り切れることはないと思うが、特に限定メニューは早めに食べておきたいところだ。おすすめは元シェフの担当者が特に気合を入れて作ったというハンバーガーと、会場内のあちこちに設置されるポップコーンワゴン。また、お酒を飲める人なら、飲み物は「超ZUNビール」で決まり! ワールドビアカップ金賞受賞の「ベアードブルーイング」が手がけた本格派のビールが1杯500円で楽しめる。


ニコニコ動画は、いい!(Nico Nico Douga is good!)

Songrium to step over people seven years of Nico Nico Douga "super player history" is too convenient

To explain, "Well, ... I melt when the shock" or to Bokarofan recent, such as those entered in Senbonzakura also is troublesome. According have been developed for the Nikonikochoukaigi 3, in Songrium in handy in such a case is, it is "super-player history".

AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) has to offer, Songrium services to facilitate follow the related videos or YouTube videos Nico Nico Douga. Videos that are common in large bubble, not even so the size of its own way, disappearing bubbles are born one after another "bubble player" features. Ultra history player, he can be seen Dara in succession only touch the popular video to date from 2007 by using that feature.

He had the ability to these only Vocaloid so far, but also provides "All Categories" this time. Some, such as seeding and videos seen singing early in 2007, and the "Let's Go! Onmyoji" but, "Mikumikunishiteageru" appeared suddenly in the days there was no category VOCALOID still, sequence and Imus Big Three and the East I can "relive" the manner in which we become a category called. ...... And to be looking at the state of today. Diversity .... Yeah.

Can be compressed re-experiencing of the major categories for each "Vocaloid music" and "Let's Sing" and "Let's dance" and "ultra-history". If Vocaloid music, Hatsune Miku green, color-coded red and also because it is the MEIKO, it is possible to know with the popular music of DB at that point.

This ultra-history player, something that has been developed in the booth for the "category History by Songrium look back at the" super-historical player "" that Nikonikochoukaigi 3 of "The Super Dimension smiling Institute" on 26 and 27 April, but convenient too " It was critical functions, has decided to open to the public in a sustained manner the Web version "of (AIST Information Technology Research Institute senior researcher Masataka Goto-san).

Senior to that, do not be shifted away from the scene for some time be able to smile again this Songrium in the "super-player history".





 これまではボカロだけでこういった機能はあったのだが、今回は「全カテゴリ」も提供。2007年初期、「レッツゴー! 陰陽師」などの歌ってみたやガチムチ動画などはあるものの、まだVOCALOIDカテゴリがなかった時代に突然「みくみくにしてあげる」が出現し、東方やアイマスと並び御三家と称されるカテゴリとなっていく様子を「追体験」できる。そして今の状態を見てみると……。多様性が……。うん。


 この超歴史プレーヤは、4月26、27日にニコニコ超会議3「超時空ニコニコ研究所」の「『超歴史プレーヤ』で振り返るカテゴリ史 by Songrium」ブース用に開発されたものだが、「あまりに便利な機能だったので、Web版を持続的に一般公開することにしました」(産総研 情報技術研究部門 首席研究員 後藤真孝さん)という。