The end of the era segregation clash finally leading U.S. IT

IT major companies in the United States, doing business in succession to forte competitors. For relevant strong, need to entered the business by other companies prior to increase the customer is because has increased each service of IT.

Now the biggest attention, was "the Amazon smartphone". U.S. online sales of Amazon's largest announced its own smart phone (smartphone) is also in June, after another U.S. media was told when market in autumn. Without any special glasses, features visible image floating three-dimensional as shown in (3D) that are included.

Speaking of smartphones in the U.S., iPhone of Apple's pronouns. Amazon that has expanded its operations and content delivery and retail, starting in bookstores, likely entered by dividing the smartphone market of IT battleground.

April, Amazon was selling the equipment in the United States to enjoy the net and video on a TV called "set-top box". I just challenged the "Head Match" in Apple or Google the preceding.

Microsoft (MS) also in April, I announced the voice recognition technology for smartphones of Cortana. Operation can recognize the voice, without using your hands and talk to the smartphone. Technology of Apple or Google is ahead in this field, competition is likely to become violently. But MS is said to be a giant of the software, was charged with homegrown tablet terminal in 2012, it is scattered sparks, etc. Amazon and Apple.

Google has strengthened rapidly commitment to hard equipment. The launch of this year's is the leading eyeglass-type terminal "Google Glass". It's aim to secure market share quickly wearable each company to focus (to wear) in the terminal market. The company is also strengthening online mail order. Is to extend to other cities of the same-day delivery service free to proceed on a trial basis on the west coast of the United States, to compete with Amazon.

On the other hand, strengthen the service of the search field, Facebook, which operates a social networking site of the world's largest is against Google.


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