LINE :  プラットフォーム化による功績と今後の壁

(Number of users of LINE wall and future achievements by breaking through)
Number of users of LINE wall and future achievements by breaking through ─ ─ platform of the 400 million people world total

Number of users of LINE service began offering on June 23, 2011, continues to increase rapidly in the ever-increasing. Global expansion is especially remarkable, use be scaled, such as Western Europe and North America in addition to Spain and Southeast Asia. from November 25, 2013 the number of users has reached 300 million people, it's topped 400 million users world total in a short period of about four months. Goal of "breakthrough 500 million during fiscal 2014," which Mr. Akira Morikawa of LINE President has made it clear also, not a dream never Tamotere if this pace.

One of the reasons for LINE has spread so far, UI features and is optimized for smart phones and so on. Even instant messenger of the same generation as LINE, those with a simple operation from the mail, corresponding to the real-time communication of more than one person and yet was certainly there. However, the popularity of LINE's projecting what will if there is a UI that sophisticated. Do not have any troublesome operation such as tapping the "reply" of course, convenience to be able to send messages in just a few seconds and explosive growth as a center of student reviews. As a means of communication in the privacy of such as inside a company or among family members, and it is support from a broad range at present. It is always said that a variety of stamps delivered the feeling in the nuances unlike pictogram is one of the features, but this stamp was alive and also because there is a solid foundation as a communication tool.

Challenge to the new area expansion and revenue platform of

In 2012, to declare the service platform of a large scale with a focus on free calls, free email smartphone app: LINE (NHN Japan old). By providing a variety of content and other games, we have to realize this beautifully. According to the 2013 full-year results that LINE announced on February 6, turnover December quarter 2013 (4Q) in (16% from the previous quarter) 15.9 billion yen, sales figures for the full year 2013 51.8 billion yen to expansion. I can say that net sales in LINE business, resulted in about 60% of games accounting, about 20% stamp charging, and other like official account Sponsored stamp, platform service reduction was tied to profit spectacularly.

LINE and began proceeds to a new area one step further. New services recital was held on February 26 in the "LINE Showcase 2014 Feb.", An extension of the function of the official account API by (Application Programming Interface) published "LINE business connect", and Ya fixed-line telephone as well as LINE other users The announcement toll call service that is also subjected to mobile phone "LINE phone", can be sold in the "LINE STORE" anyone to create a stamp regardless of professional amateur "LINE Creators Market". LINE Business Connect acceptance of the registration stamp creators and publication of examination guidelines on April 17 LINE Creators Market is accepting applications from February 26, LINE phone and start, the leading service for Android from March 17 already has started. In addition, the announcement of March 6 to abolish time sales commission EC mall that had started a pilot for individuals of "LINE MALL" also had a significant impact on industry participants.

Yes growing into a social infrastructure beyond the boundaries of mere communication tool, history of these LINE will expected to further increase for revenue. However, in order to achieve the target of "500 million users breakthrough", wall messenger application that boasts a high market share in Europe and North America called "WhatsApp" exists. In addition, the planned acquisition by the U.S. Facebook has progressed WhatsApp, there is also likely to cause a new movement is this fusion.
LINE far is how extensible share in the world wide, there is going to be a big point of interest this year.

LINEのユーザー数が世界総計4億人を突破 ── プラットフォーム化による功績と今後の壁

2011年6月23日に提供を開始したLINEサービスのユーザー数は、右肩上がりで急速に増加し続けています。特にグローバル展開が目覚ましく、東南アジアやスペインに加えて北米や西ヨーロッパなどでも利用が拡大。ユーザー数が3億人に到達した2013年11月25日から、約4ヶ月という短期間で世界総計4億ユーザーを突破したのです。LINE 代表取締役社長の森川亮氏が明言している「2014年度中の5億人突破」という目標も、このペースを保てれば決して夢ではありません。



 LINE(旧:NHN Japan)は2012年に、無料通話・無料メールスマートフォンアプリを中心とした大規模なプラットフォームサービス化を宣言。ゲームをはじめとした多彩なコンテンツの提供により、これを見事に実現してきました。LINEが2月6日に発表した2013年通期業績によれば、2013年10-12月期(4Q)の売上額は159億円(前四半期比16%増)で、2013年通期の売上額は518億円まで拡大。LINE事業における売上構成比は、ゲーム課金が約60%、スタンプ課金が約20%、その他が公式アカウント・スポンサードスタンプなどで、プラットフォームサービス化が見事に収益へ結び付いた結果といえます。

そしてLINEは、もう一歩新しい領域へと進み始めました。2月26日に開催した新サービス発表会「LINE Showcase 2014 Feb.」では、API(Application Programming Interface)公開により公式アカウントの機能を拡張した「LINE ビジネスコネクト」、LINEユーザー同士だけでなく固定電話や携帯電話にもかけられる有料通話サービス「LINE電話」、プロ・アマチュア問わず誰でもスタンプを作成して「LINE STORE」で販売できる「LINE Creators Market」を発表。すでにLINE ビジネスコネクトは2月26日より受付中、LINE電話は3月17日よりAndroid向け先行サービスを開始、そしてLINE Creators Marketは4月17日に審査ガイドラインの公表およびクリエイターとスタンプの登録受け付けを開始しています。そのほか、個人向けに試験運用を開始していたECモール「LINE MALL」の販売手数料を撤廃するという3月6日の発表も、業界関係者に大きなインパクトを与えました。