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Limited sale of the 1st Google Glass is popular sold out white

In limited sale the 1st general public " Google Glass " of ( prototype ) that the 16th April ( local time ) , was carried out the day before , the U.S. Google has announced terminal which is prepared has been sold out . Has not been published sales .

The color of the current Glass 5 -color dark gray , red , gray , white , and blue . Than from the 9:00 time in the Pacific Ocean , white that was sold out at 12 o'clock am , first sale .

Since we announced the Glass of 2012 in the " Google I / O " , Google has increased the user stepwise through the " Glass Explorer " program , but the opportunity that can be purchased with no conditions, such as the introduction of the user and this was the first .

Google is going to continue to expand the program in a variety of formats in the future . Time of product release version of Glass is unclear yet . Denied the rumors March , Google that will be released as soon , I have described in " immediate feedback is still needed before commercialization " he said.

Google Glassの1日限定販売は完売 白が人気

米Googleは4月16日(現地時間)、前日実施した「Google Glass」(プロトタイプ)の一般向け1日限定販売で、用意した端末が完売したと発表した。販売数は公表していない。


 Googleは2012年の「Google I/O」でGlassを発表して以来、「Glass Explorer」プログラムと通じて段階的にユーザーを増やしているが、ユーザーからの紹介などの条件なしで購入できる機会は今回が初めてだった。



The Japanese finally corresponding positive or Google Glass, released in Japan

Is distributed from the 17th U.S. time, update of Android 4.4.2 KitKat-based Google Glass XE for it is (XE16), but according to overseas users who examine the update file, for Japanese is "GlassVoice.apk" be contained is now clear.

This is the file that defines the corresponding operations did on stringify Japanese voice the user utterance. Operation by Japanese becomes possible from Google Glass XE16 in that this file is present, I will be able to respond to voice such as "Show me the map."

Japan launch of Google Glass is undecided at the moment, one day at limited general sale and will be (XE version), movement began to dawn toward the full-scale development of Google Glass finally in the United States in just the other day.

Google Glass、日本発売に前向きか ついに日本語対応

米国時間の17日から配布されている、Google Glass XE向けのAndroid 4.4.2 KitKatベースのアップデート(XE16)ですが、そのアップデートファイルを調べた海外ユーザーによると、日本語に対する「GlassVoice.apk」が含まれていることが明らかになりました。

これは、ユーザーが発話した日本語音声を文字列化した上で対応する操作を定義するファイルです。このファイルが存在することでGoogle Glass XE16からは日本語による操作が可能になり、「地図を見せて」といった音声に反応出来るようになります。

現時点でGoogle Glassの日本発売は未定ですが、つい先日には米国において1日限定で一般販売(XEバージョン)されるなど、いよいよGoogle Glassの本格展開に向けて動きが見えてきました。

Samsung " Tizen " with smartphones , around the end of the second quarter to release - Reuters news

Day terminal to be mounted open source mobile OS Samsung own " Tizen " is in stores close .

April 16 U.S. time , Samsung has said it will for Reuters, released in 2014 around the end of the second quarter Tizen smartphone the company's first . Is scheduled to become a high-end model , that there is also likely to be a product comparable to the flagship smartphone to mount the " Android " is the same terminal . The terminal is scheduled to mid-range will be available in later .

Samsung hopes to greatly Tizen. Same OS that contains the elements of the Android while being open source , was licensed from Google's 's efforts with the goal to break the high dependence on Android, Samsung promoted . However , the terminal equipped with the same OS has been postponed several times so far , momentum they've been Soga somewhat by it .





 サムスンの収益において、AndroidはTizenを大きく引き離して最も重要なモバイルOSだが、同社自体の成長のためにGoogleのOSにあまりに大きく依存したくはないことを同社は明確に示している。サムスンのシニアバイスプレジデントを務めるYoon Hankil氏はReutersに対し、同社のスマートフォン売上高の15%を占めることができればTizenは成功したとみなされるだろうと述べた。

 なお、サムスンは「Windows Phone」端末も販売している。

この記事は海外CBS Interactive発の記事。

What " iPhone 6 " will be ? - 11 things that you want to achieve ?

It is expected the next flagship smartphone of Apple's , and will be released this fall equipped with a " iOS 8 " . Are listed and technology features that you want to achieve the same devices that are eagerly anticipated in this article .

( But not too large ) larger display

Apple's , came to a bold movement to mount a larger 4 inches display to improve a product of earlier it was feel the image is a little small to " iPhone 4S " , as well as increase its size in the " iPhone 5 " . However, according to rumors and reports then , Apple has adopted a display of 5.5 inches or 4.7 inches large In addition, that it may raise up to 401ppi resolution of the display resolution is high enough even now . Once this is achieved , the next-generation " iPhone " is should be one of the products with high resolution most of the smartphone on the market today .

「iPhone 6」はどうなる?--実現してほしい11?のこと

Appleの次期主力スマートフォンが、「iOS 8」を搭載して今秋に発売されると期待されている。本記事では待ち望まれている同デバイスで実現してほしい特長と技術を挙げる。


 Appleは、少し画面が小さいと感じられた以前の製品である「iPhone 4S」を改良し、「iPhone 5」でそのサイズを大きくするとともにより大きな4インチディスプレイを搭載するという大胆な動きに出た。しかし、その後の報道とうわさによると、Appleはさらに大きな4.7インチか5.5インチのディスプレイを採用し、今でも十分解像度が高いディスプレイの解像度を401ppiにまで引き上げるかもしれないという。これが実現されれば、次世代「iPhone」は現在市場に出回っているスマートフォンのうちでもっとも解像度の高い製品の1つとなるはずだ。
Analysis of " Tweets of the trip " , to attract tourism of foreign guests

Foreign tourists and others to analyze the information " tweet " is written in a simple posting site " Twitter " on the road , tourist agency , begin efforts to lead to foreign.

Aim ahead of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic of 2020 , is to understand the needs of foreign tourists is expected to increase .

Analysis of tweets , data processing company that commissioned by Tourism Agency is carried out by the information purchased from the U.S. company Twitter . Analysis travelers anywhere in the country , or whether it originated many tweets of any content . Reference to it, and kneading a way to attract foreign tourists effective , to provide information and travel company and local government .

For example, for a spa town , tweets favorable " was great " and such as " want to go by all means " , the more you can organize for foreigners tour incorporating the spa town , or in a foreign language displays a guidance sign and then to meet the tourist needs .

On the other hand , criticism " transport links is bad ," " there is no exchange offices " and is , to help improve .