IT in various ways  (Facebook Google Apple etc)
U.S. Facebook, -1 to March period rose 70% = strong smartphone service

The January-March period this year the U.S. accounting Facebook [current events] Silicon Valley Internet exchange sites (SNS) is the largest announced the 23rd, 2.5 billion $ 02 million of 71.6% year-on-year sales (about ¥ 260 billion), net profit was 600 million $ 42 million of approximately 3 times (about 66 billion yen). Advertising revenue grew against the background of the user expansion for mobile devices such as smart phone service (multi-function mobile phone).


Ability to look past the Street View

April 23 ( U.S. time ), Google added the ability to display an image of the past in the street view of the desktop version of Google Maps .

Switch to street view on Google Maps , button of the watch if it is displayed in the menu in the upper left , you can view the image of the past of the place . Click the button to move the time by moving to the left or right time slider .

According to Google, the oldest image that can be displayed at this time in 2007 . For example , 1 World Trade Center, scheduled to open this year in (! 3m4! 1e1! 3m2! 1sI1fDNLjkb6vIeBVpIYH6ZA! 2e0), I can see how the building is gradually nearing completion in the summer of ( 2006 ) the following year starts on the New York World Trade Center ruins . There is a place that has been photographed street view image frequently , I adopted a material called glass skin the old stadium in 2012-2013 Castellon Stadium in Brazil in (! 3m4! 1e1! 3m2! 1s9xxSzYVmvnzpd2vqHSylyA! 2e0) you can check to see reborn in new stadium .



Googleによると、現時点で表示できる最も古いイメージは2007年。例えば、ニューヨーク世界貿易センタービル跡地に今年オープン予定の1ワールドトレードセンター( !3m4!1e1!3m2!1sI1fDNLjkb6vIeBVpIYH6ZA!2e0 )では、着工(2006年)翌年の夏からビルが完成に近づいていく様子が分かる。頻繁にストリートビュー・イメージが撮影されている場所もあり、ブラジルのカステロン・スタジアム( !3m4!1e1!3m2!1s9xxSzYVmvnzpd2vqHSylyA!2e0 )では2012年から2013年に旧スタジアムがグラススキンと呼ばれる素材を採用した新スタジアムに生まれ変わるのを確認できる。
Apple, -1 to March period five quarters profit = iPhone strong

45.6 billion $ 46 million of 4.7% year-on-year (about 4 trillion 680 billion yen), January-March quarter 2014 financial results [current events] Silicon Valley Apple announced December 23, net income sales but it was 10.2 billion $ 23 million increased 7.1% (about 1 trillion 050 billion yen). Sales in the highest ever for January-March period, profit is 5 quarters. (Multi-function mobile phone) other sales "iPhone (iPhone)" and grew, delivery services, such as music and movies was a strong smartphone.


アップルから発売される次のスマホは「iPhone Air」になる?(The next smartphone to be released from Apple is " iPhone Air " ?)

The next smartphone to be released from Apple is " iPhone Air " ?

iPhone is thinner ?

According to the Industrial and Commercial Times of Taiwan paper , the next iPhone of 5.5 inches seems to be called " iPhone Air " . Following the iPad and MacBook, iPhone Air too? Would be born .

This seems to be undecided or become official name under the designation only of course . But , looking at the fixing condition of iPad Air, I feel iPhone Air is also likely to be nicely will .

By the way, release date seems to do are postponed to 2015 . The cause thinning of the body . In particular , or if you 've been struggling in the manufacture of batteries following 2mm thinness that is placed on the body .

It is said that the next iPhone to large and small size appearance , but ( 4.7 inches ) is likely to be announced in the fall as usual in the smaller . This also adopt scheduled thin body of course .

There is also talk about a new iPhone is equipped with an A8 chip , respectively , the price of the increased \ 10,000 . If you cram the state-of-the-art technology in a thin body , it Could it be that there is no such be helped .


アップルから発売される次のスマホは「iPhone Air」になる?


台湾紙の工商時報によると、5.5インチの次期iPhoneは「iPhone Air」と呼ばれているそうです。MacBookやiPadに続き、iPhone Airも誕生するのでしょうか。

もちろんこれはあくまで呼称で正式名称になるかは未定だそうです。でも、iPad Airの定着具合を見ると、iPhone Airもしっくりしそうな気がします。