Amazon VS Google, clash overheating erosion of the U.S. IT giant as "retail" each other "search"

Google and in the U.S. leading IT plays a game of cat and mouse with severe service and product development.

It's two companies that have been segregated in the search and retail, respectively, erode the customer area of ​​each other in a fierce competition. It has become a microcosm of the IT industry diversification advance with the aim of customer retention.

"There is a processing capacity of three times the Google of" chrome cast. "I have also prepared a large amount of content"

"Fire TV" Larsen, vice president of Amazon's put the chest, (released in Japan yet) that was launched in the U.S. in the 2nd. It is a device to play on TV video delivered over the Internet. Is scheduled to begin service also to be able to enjoy thousands of game controller (sold separately) to chase third-party products that lead in the same kind of machine, such as "chrome cast". U.S. IT site "Gizmodo" gave high marks "I was surprised operation to fast." Smart (smart) TV "was realized" he said.

Google and Amazon also clash in the cloud business. When Google announced last month a discount of up to 85 percent in services, such as enterprise data storage, compete against price cut without putting Kanpatsu also Amazon. Google entered the cloud that Amazon is preceded by it's two years ago, but to expose the fighting spirit "market is expanding rapidly," and (stakeholders), the revenue growth in January-March period financial results announced on the 16th contributed.

Some point out the Amazon entered the television equipment also, that there is a aim to spread to TV from the tablet computer or device, a means for providing services of online mail order of core business of the Amazon.

Offense and defense has intensified in the core business of each other. Google whereas a pillar of sales of advertising paid search, advertising revenue of the Amazon's part, but every year the ratio is increasing. It is because you are focusing on advertising sales that was linked to the product search.

On the other hand, Google is also to strengthen the online mail order. According to the U.S. media, the same day delivery service free that went to trial in San Francisco, you are considering to be expanded to other cities such as New York.

In portable information terminal of main battlefield of IT companies, Amazon if expansion in e-book other than the function of the tablet "Kindle", Google also introduced a self-developed tablet "nexus" now. It is observed Google dominate smartphone market (high-performance mobile phone) for OS (operating system) in the "Android", but also of the Amazon to announce even mid-year smartphone developed in-house is increasing.

SNS of core business from (social networking site), Facebook and Twitter are also spread as the amoeba business areas such as video streaming and smartphone app for. Even on to go against these emerging forces, "party, even in a good market, Kuraitsuku dare" (analyst) strategy is motivated IT major.


アマゾンVSグーグル、「小売り」と「検索」互いに浸食 米IT大手の激突過熱