Lower tariffs smartphone competition(Entry of three companies other than checkmate)
スマホ 料金値下げ競争 (王手3社以外の参入)
"As much as the iPhone release," Kaoru Kato, president of echo DoCoMo new fee

Kaoru Kato, president of NTT DoCoMo, according to the 17th interview of Fuji Sankei Business i, said the management and strategy of the later summer, for discussion and review of competition policy, which began in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The main exchange are as follows.

- To provide voice communication services using high-speed data communication "LTE" and "Vortex" from this summer

"Smartphones summer model (high-performance mobile phone), nearly all models corresponding to the Vortex"

- Impact on revenue of the new rate plan

"And family use of packet communication and. Voice Flat-Rate get letters about the same as it was when released smartphone of Apple the" iPhone "will lead to lower sales, but I would like to expected effects, such as customer acquisition"

- A review discussion of competition policy, insisted the elimination of pre-regulation

regulatory action is disabled (the dominant market operators were defined in the Telecommunications Business Law) ", collaboration with various companies it challenged the Company. In response to the voice of the user and would like to subscribe to a variety of services in one company pair "

- When the effect achieved set discount with light service of NTT East and NTT West Regional Companies

"I do not know whether there is an effect much, but I'm worried about 8 bifurcation problem of the optical line and emerge again, dwarf discussion or not (dwarf) of. We hope the discussion in order to increase the convenience of the user"

ドコモ新料金の反響「iPhone発売と同じくらい」 加藤薫社長










Kansai Electric Power system to " K-Opticom " cheap smartphone entry

It has been found that this summer , telecommunications company K-Opticom system of Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. ( Osaka ), but embark on smartphone sales of cheap at the earliest .

And about 3000 yen per month usage fee is assumed to be less than half as compared to the leading mobile phone company in the terminal price included . Smartphone terminal is considering to sell to the whole country , such as the Internet .

To adopt a method MVNO to rent a communication line from the mobile phone company 's existing ( mobile virtual network operators ) . If you rent a line of NTT DoCoMo were many suppliers of MVNO conventional , K-Opticom is adjusted in the direction that use the line of KDDI.

K-Opticom provides optical line services through the two prefectures of Kansai , and hold a market share close to 50% in the House for . However, since the growth of the market has slowed , and entry into the cheap smartphone business, we aim to secure sources of income .






2980 yen ion "cheap smartphone" per month! Popular with middle-aged and elderly people that do not need a variety of functions

Call or mail, of course, is said smart phone that can be connected easily to the net (smartphone), one people are using two people now, neck thing use fee is high. Natsume Mitsuhisa moderator tell "average utilization rate of smartphones is around 10,000 yen from ¥ 8000 per month. Has increased by about 20% compared to the cellular usage fee so far" he said. With that said, if it, major supermarkets "ion" was selling cheap smartphone monthly fee of 2980 yen this month in the 4th (2014).

Biglobe also cheap smartphone launched in July
   Person in charge of the ion that "is ideal as a smartphone version. Smartphone entry-level machine for cheap." Ion was released in 8000-limited but cheap smartphone, 4,000 half've sold before yesterday. The majority of the purchaser's silver generation. Though cheap, why young people do not snapped up. There is to restrict access to the Internet, connection speed also because slow.

 However, an elderly lady who buy cheap smartphone is says. The "e-mail and phone call, other functions that it is attached to the smartphone of. only other net, you want to use is not the inconvenience is not required. speed even if slow do not know may study how much"

   Natsume "Because use in call well, maybe around 10,000 yen a month still" listening to Takashi Saito caster "Saito-san do you pay How much per month" and

   By the way, use fee of smartphones in Japan or what number in the world. According to Natsume, "ranked first third New York. Tokyo of America Germany, is next" is seems.

   "I think a smartphone in the future and divided into two or function or cheap" Natsume

   Biglobe of Internet connection as well as to launch a cheap smartphone that can be used in about half of the leading companies in July. Cheap competition of smartphones is likely to start.








MNP also accessible - provides options that enable you to voice calls to " smartphone nearly " BIGLOBE,

April 8 , biglobe announced in SIM service of data communication dedicated to ever offered in the MVNO business , and to provide from July a voice call option you will be able to use the 090 phone number .

It should be noted , was to be performed to provide an option , but you are "not packed yet more " and ( biglobe President Yoshiyuki Koseki Mr. ) . Therefore , it is not finalized at this time prove to be a form of providing an option.

Can have user wanting a " smartphone " almost in the " over-the-counter , Koseki said not back it is said that can not I use the phone number to" this is ? " As the reason that the to be able to voice calls on the phone number 090 it was found that the talk cases Karel and " were many , transference which utilized the MNP ( number portability ) also going to be .

Smartphone generally " currently offered in (tax-excluded) 900 yen while also " because movement is intense , this industry have not decided the amount of money specifically " and for the price , but trying to receive shape or ZoneAlarm option I spoke to believe kana " and ( Mr. Koseki ) .

BIGLOBE、"ほぼスマホ"に音声通話ができるオプションを提供 - MNPも利用可


なお、オプションでの提供を行なうとしたものの「詳細はまだ詰めていない」(ビッグローブ 代表取締役社長 古関 義幸氏)としている。そのため、オプションでの提供形態になるかも現時点では確定ではない。




2830 yen per month in call charges and terminal Bic: cheap smartphone

Cheap smartphone, electronics stores also Yodobashi and Bic Camera

18, Bic Camera electronics stores giant announced that it had started selling inexpensive smartphone. Models called Kovu~ia of (Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi) and "free phone", contains charge communication charges and terminal price (up tax, below) 2830 yen per month. I sell at Kojima of all stores and some of the Bic Camera.

The entry into the smartphone market by cheap large distributors, ions start in 8000-limited from the 4th to sell 2980 yen per month. Ion adopts terminal of the U.S. Google "Nexus 4".

At the same time as the free phone, 2580 yen per month, Bic will be released at 3580 yen per month smartphone of the large tablet devices. Limited sale of a total of 1,000 units.
格安スマホ:ビックカメラ 端末と通話料で月額2830円

格安スマホ、家電量販も ビックカメラやヨドバシ



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