Strategy of Google

The acquisition rice Google , the solar drone manufacturer

14 , AFP = [ current events ] U.S. IT giant Google (Google) has announced the acquisition of (Titan Aerospace) Titan Aerospace to manufacture the solar drone .

A dawn in ( fame ) phase still " in the e-mail that is addressed to the AFP spokesman of Google , but , and provides Internet connections to several million people , the environment, such as deforestation and disaster assistance " atmosphere satellite " "explains there is a possibility to help resolve issues such as damage . And said, " That is why I am looking forward we welcome from the Google owned the Titan Aerospace " he said. Purchase price were not disclosed .

 Drone of Titan 's , can be five consecutive years flying 65,000 feet altitude (about 19,800 meters ) . It can have a function similar to that of a stationary satellite , the cost can be kept low .

 Google is working to deliver the region that has not been provided by the net current Internet connection signal using a large balloon of " Project Rune (Project Loon) " also .


【AFP=時事】米IT大手グーグル(Google)は14日、ソーラー無人機を製造するタイタン・エアロスペース(Titan Aerospace)を買収すると発表した。



  グーグルは大型の気球を使ってインターネット信号を現在ネット接続が提供されていない地域に届ける「プロジェクト・ルーン(Project Loon)」も進めている。

The thing that Google "camera built-in contact lens" is to enable

The Google announced Smart contact lenses, it was also filed patent "contact lens with a built-in camera" was found.

Google announced in January 2014, to complete the prototype can monitor blood glucose levels from tears of the wearer of the "smart contact lens", that it has conducted a clinical study of more than one already. And the company has found that recently, had filed patents of "built-in camera contact lenses."

The contact lens intended to "Google X" lab developed, patent filed in 2012, the other day, patent application content has been published by (USPTO) the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to "Patent Bolt" (, the basic structure There is a detailed discussion of the integration of the camera).

This patent application is something related to contact lens embedded camera and circuit, the sensor. Control circuit, leads to cameras and sensors wired or wireless. Is that it would become to one light sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, the electric field sensor, possibility of obtaining what person wearing, such as a "sixth sense" is likely to have the sensor.

Among the patent application, and it is possible that the camera acquires the eyes image of a person in a contact lens on, treated, it can be relayed to the user of the blind through the sense of another one that looked to Google are described. For example, I'm like, warning sound that the car is approaching the intersection. It is also possible that the option to add a cutting-edge device having a zoom function can be.

This project may seem unrealistic in a while but not that feasible technically. The display with smart contact lenses, the test is carried out in several laboratories already, it's awkward little far. Instead of mounting the camera next to the face as Google glass, one of the major benefits of embedding the contact lens, because frame (camera is placed at the edge of the lens, away from the pupil It is actions such as taking pictures by pattern (blink would point at which there is no possibility) field of view that is blocked, the frame of the camera to follow exactly in the line of sight of the user is possible).

The Akatsuki that this contact lens has appeared on the market in fact, "Glass Hall" (Glasshole: the words that you hang it on asshole, meaning of "guy unpleasant multiplied by the Glass") and jump over the steps of, at a stretch "lens Hall You might get used to "(new word or other although may bring).




このコンタクトレンズは「Google X」ラボが開発したもので、2012年に特許が出願され、先日、米国特許商標局(USPTO)によって特許出願内容が公開された(「Patent Bolt」に、基本構造とカメラの統合に関する詳細な解説がある)。





Unmanned aircraft maker Google has agreed to acquire

"Unmanned machine" that can fly up to five years in the sunlight

Drone unmanned airplane manufacturers Google has agreed to acquire are developed, can be solar panels are spread all over the wing part, which is also about 50 meters, a maximum of five years also continue to fly in solar power.

Google is that it envisions it or to be based within the net you can skip to the place where the Internet can not connect, or applied to the map service.