Internet Explorer サイト閲覧で PC 制御される恐れ (「Firefox」か「Google Chrome」がおすすめ!)

 Site browsing software 
Or "Firefox", "Google Chrome" is recommended!

Fear to be PC control vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer unmodified, on the site browsing

Fear to be PC control vulnerability of unmodified , browse the site to IE6 ~ 11 (Internet Explorer (IE))

" Internet Explorer (IE) 6 ~ 11 " in the Web browser of the United States Microsoft (MS), ( Applause. ) characteristics is found a new vulnerable . There is a risk that is controlled without permission PC When you open a malicious Web site , such as . Workaround for security updates are not caught up yet , such as the introduction of tools to ease the threat separately is required .

According to the MS, attacks exploiting this vulnerability already have been found . There is a possibility that the application terminates abnormally or is controlled from an external PC and attacked .

With the introduction of " Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) " and is relieve the threat of attack as emergency measures . From a dedicated site , download , you can install the EMET 4.0 or later .

Also open a workaround for IE in the " Internet Options " and " Security" tab , and , set to "High" level of security for each local intranet and the Internet , MS is introducing . However that reminds to be introduced in terms of both confirmed what effect on the system .

You can see security advisories from the company ( in English) for more information .


「Firefox」か「Google Chrome」がおすすめ!

Internet Explorer 未修正のぜい弱性、サイト閲覧で PC 制御される恐れ
IE6~11 に未修正のぜい弱性、サイト閲覧で PC 制御される恐れ(Internet Explorer(IE))

米国 Microsoft(MS)の Web ブラウザ「Internet Explorer(IE) 6~11」に、新たな脆弱(ぜいじゃく)性が見つかった。悪意のある Web サイトなどを開くと PC を勝手に制御される恐れがある。まだセキュリティ更新が追い付いていないため、別途脅威を和らげるツールを導入するなどの回避策が必要となる。 

MS によると、すでにこの脆弱性を突いた攻撃が見つかっている。攻撃を受けるとアプリが異常終了したり、PC を外部から制御される恐れがある。 

応急の対策としては「Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit(EMET)」を導入すると、攻撃の脅威を和らげられる。専用サイトから、EMET 4.0 以降をダウンロード、インストールすればよい。 

また IE の「インターネットオプション」にある「セキュリティ」タブを開き、インターネットとローカル イントラネットそれぞれについてセキュリティのレベルを「高」に設定する、といった回避策も、MS は紹介している。ただしどちらもシステムにどのような影響があるかを確認したうえで導入するよう念を押している。 

The warning by the U.S. ... dangerous and refrain from using the " IE (Internet Explorer) " and also in the latest
28 , as there is a possibility that the fragile vulnerability of safety is found " Internet Explorer (IE) " in Internet browsing software by Microsoft (MS) -supplied , subject to hacking [ Washington ] U.S. Department of Homeland Security , and warned to take measures such as using browsing software another .

Vulnerability was found up to 11 of the latest version 6 of IE. MS until take action , the ministry has called to refrain from use .

The 26th of this month , acknowledged the risk of hacking , MS is set to take measures with the investigation as soon as possible.
Warning out so that as there is a possibility that the vulnerability of safety is found " Internet Explorer (IE) " in Internet browsing software by Microsoft Corporation to provide , subject to hacking , to take measures such as using the browser of another have .
The targets of bug fixes to 11 from version 6 of IE. For support of basic software (OS) Windows XP is off on April 8 , attention personal computer utilizing the XP because it is out of correspondence .
IE user , switch the use , such as Firefox or Chrome Internet browsing software update until it is released by Microsoft .

最新でも危険、「IE(Internet Explorer)」の使用控えて…米で警告


You can rapidly add features wanted by the add-on , open source web browser .
It is attractive to be able to , such as adding various functions search light browsing , JavaScript to be read at high speed , such as Google / Yahoo! by the search plug-in , such as mouse gestures add-on , to build up the browser of his own way .
Screen shot ..
Evaluation and review of Firefox
. Evaluation of user
. . Supported OS number 110 ratings.
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1,. Providing source Windows Server 2003, Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8, Linux, Android
Mozilla Japan ..

Google Chrome
Web browser of Google stuck to the speed .
Function are summarized in simple , high-speed start-up time as the browser surprised . Reading Javascript also fast , I can comfortable browsing . Menu from the wrench icon to the right . Search window with the address bar to integrate , search engine you can set the search engines like Bing and Yahoo! in non-Google . Bookmarks with a single click the star icon . You can use the browser without leaving a record of the personal computer history Cookie, such as cache if you use the secret mode .
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Evaluation and review of Google Chrome
. Evaluation of user
. . Supported OS number 173 ratings.
(32/64bit), Mac OS X 10.6 or later , . Providing source Linux, iOS, Android Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
Google Inc ...


軽快なブラウジング、高速で読み込むJavaScript、検索プラグインによる Google / Yahoo! などの検索、アドオンによるマウスジェスチャーなど様々な追加機能など、自分の思い通りのブラウザを作り上げることができるのが魅力的です。
Firefox の評価・レビュー
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, Windows Server 2003, Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8, Linux, Android.提供元
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Google Chrome
速度にこだわった Google のウェブブラウザ。
機能はシンプルにまとめられており、ブラウザの起動時間が驚くほど高速。Javascriptの読み込みも速く、快適なブラウジングができます。メニューは右にあるスパナアイコンから。アドレスバーと検索窓は一体化し、検索エンジンは Google 以外でも Yahoo! や Bing などの検索エンジンを設定できます。ブックマークはスターアイコンを1クリックで。シークレットモードを利用すればCookie、キャッシュなどの履歴の記録をパソコンに残すことなくブラウザを利用できます。
Google Chrome の評価・レビュー
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1(32/64bit), Mac OS X 10.6以降, Linux, iOS, Android.提供元
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