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テニス・メキシコOP 錦織選手、決勝進出 世界ランク4位決定
圭 バック 世界へ

Tennis Mexico OP  Nishigoori player and final game advance  The world rank about 4 decision

By Mexican opening of tennis, Kei Nishigoori  A player (25) is a final game advance. After a meet, a 4th place of the world rank of own best decided with this.
Nishigoori player who aims at a continuous victory for 2 weeks takes on a cabin Anderson player of a 15th place of the world rank at a semifinal.
I succeeded in the first break and took the 1st set away by the 3rd game to the partner for whom a mistake is conspicuous from an early stage.
Nishigoori player from whom this meet has dropped the set which continues for the first time.
The last set changed gears and worried a partner with a stroke.
The lob shot with which I thrust at partner's unexpectedness.
The straight shot which is a good backhander and is excellent.
I entered a full set and didn't overlook the partner from whom a foot didn't move any more.
The end decides service ace and Nishigoori player has decided a final game advance.
This result was received and it was an announced world rank and surfaced in about 4 of own best in the beginning of the next week.
テニス・メキシコOP 錦織選手、決勝進出 世界ランク4位決定

テニスのメキシコオープンで、錦織 圭選手(25)が決勝進出。これで、大会後、自己最高の世界ランキング4位が決定した。

圭 フォア 高

圭 メキシコ

By a broche straight-set victory, a little more than 4.

< tennis: Mexican opening>◇ 26 day◇ Mexican Acapulco◇ male singles quarterfinal

 Kei Nishigoori of the 1st seed aiming at an appearance 2 meet continuous victory (25= Nissin Food Products) won 6 - 4 or 6-4 in straight set in 5th seed's Aleksandr and DORUGOPOROFU (26= Ukraine) by a 33rd place of the world rank by a male singles.


錦織 メキシコオープン準決勝へ



「滋賀県」より「近江県」の方が知名度高い? 県名変更をめぐる議論沸騰
"Shiga-ken" does "Omi prefecture" have higher celebrity? Argument boiling concerning prefecture great change

"Shiga-ken", "Omi prefecture" or-.

 Celebrity is Shiga-ken which has low worries in the urban and rural prefectures in the whole country, and the argument I ask for change in the prefecture name has happened. The voice which infers "Omi prefecture" from brand popularity of Omi beef and Omi rice by a prefectural assembly. Procedure of a referendum is necessary for prefecture great change, and it's opaque whether it's achieved.

 Shiga-ken is in a dishonorable result as about 37 and the same rate lowest rank by the "awareness" which is indicated by the percentage of the person who answered "It was known where urban and rural prefectures were." according to "area brand strategy survey 2013" of Nikkei research company. The, on the other hand an orchid queen made "Omi" medium with about 29 out of 88 countries by the awareness to the ancient nation name.

"Resolutely, in Biwa-ko Lake prefecture?"

 By a prefectural assembly plenary session on the 25th, LDP member of the prefectural assembly, "Celebrity is higher than a prefectural official thinks of "Omi" for a person out the prefecture.", as, change to Omi prefecture was proposed.

 Even this is a prefectural assembly and argument concerning prefecture great change often surfaces, in 1990, "since it's made "Biwa-ko Lake prefecture" resolutely, please", such as, it was also voiced.

 But 78 and the 4% by which 72 and 6% "feel attached to the present prefecture name" by the questionnaire a prefecture did targeted for the inhabitant of a prefecture in February, 2010, "I'd like the condition now for a prefecture name.", answer. After getting agreement of the majority by the Diet when it was prefecture great change actually, agreement of the majority is needed in the referendum which made a voter of a prefecture the subject.

 A governor built with the crescent large, "The prefecture name as "Shiga" for which you have had an affection for a long time is very heavy. It'll be the trigger which looks at an identity of inhabitant of a prefecture again to deepen argument from various viewpoints about a prefecture name.", I'm speaking.

「滋賀県」より「近江県」の方が知名度高い? 県名変更をめぐる議論沸騰









がんばれ! 受験生! (受験 サポーター)
かんばれ! 受験生

National and public universities: A secondary test starts.

 On the 25th, the first term schedule of a secondary test of national and public universities has started. 258,870 people applied to recruitment of 80,144 people by 542 departments in 161 universities of whole country. The application magnification was 3.2 times (3.3 times of last year). A national institution, 3.1 times and a public school are 4.0 times. The public large starts from March 1 and a national university starts with announcement of the result of the examination from 6th.

 2 stage selection to which a student preparing for taking an examination of a secondary test is narrowed down is as a result of the national center test for university admissions and is conducted in 41 departments of 27 university, and total of 3692 people "have been turned away at the door".

 About 10,000 candidates were less than last year with 474,546 people to 101,605 people of recruitment (101,366 people of last year) at total of 164 universities by the whole secondary test including a medium and the latter period schedule. The application magnification was 4.7 times (4.8 times).

 The falling width of the year-to-year comparisons was conspicuous for the medicine very popular in recent years, 5.5 times of tooth (5.9 times of last year), medicine and 5.6 times of nursing (6.0 times) for the department system another application magnification of the whole national and public universities. Additionally 4.6 times of civilization and public opinion (4.6 times of last year), 4.4 times of▽ science and engineering (4.5 times),▽ nou marine 4.6 time (4.7 times) etc..

 The application magnification according to the university, by a national institution, Asahikawa Medical College (12.1 times), but Gifu Pharmaceutical University (16.3 times) is best for a public school. A minimum, a national institution, Tsukuba technological university (0.9 times) and a public school are Okinawa Prefectural College of Arts (2.2 times).

 Such as the students preparing for taking an examination of an expression who contracted read a reference book and a notebook from the opening the gate front at 8:20am, then I did and waited University of Tokyo Hongo campus (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo). A public school for high 3 years and Mr. Kouta Iizuka of Gunma-ken which takes an examination for science I kinds (18), "I'd like to put on the thinking power through professional study.", it was enthusiastic.







錦織 米テニスツアー大会3連覇
圭 勝利のポーズ
錦織 圭 スケッチ

圭 バック ジャックナイフ

錦織 圭 スケッチ
Broche  A rice tennis tour meeting, 3 straight victories.

Nishigoori Kei player of a 5th place of the world rank won a final game of a tour meeting of the male tennis performed at the State of Tennessee in the United States in straight set for a South African cabin Anderson player of the 15th place of world, and this meet achieved 3 straight victories.

The 1st seed's Nishigori player won though he could even fish a full set in all 3 games until a semifinal, and 2 meters of strong service paid out from 3 centimeters of tall figure took on Anderson player of the characteristic at the 2nd seed by a final game.
Nishigoori player took a point in an important position away by the return Anderson player is good at the 1st set to service and took the first 1st set of this tournament for 6-4.
Such as deciding a sharp backhanded shot by the 2nd set, a meet did, didn't hand over leadership, also took this set away by 6-4 and won 2 to set count 0 in straight set, and achieved 3 straight victories.
Nishigoori player mentioned 8 chance of winnings which will be Japan open since then in autumn of last year by the tour sum total by the first-time victory this season.
Nishigoori player, "I'm happy because I can play the best game. I have confidence fairly from the second half of last year, so, I'd like also to do in the wonderful season like last year this year.", I was speaking.

錦織 米テニスツアー大会3連覇


錦織3連覇、今季初V 賞金1270万円