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紅白歌合戦 : 今年の見どころは 明菜&聖子、豪華“衣装”対決に妖怪ウォッチ&アナ雪も 
Red and White Singing Contest: This year's attractions is Akina & Seiko, gorgeous "costume" is also specter Watch & Ana snow in showdown

New Year's Eve tradition "65th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen" is the 31st 19:15 - same 11:45 (middle, interrupted by 5 minutes news) to be broadcast live from the Tokyo Shibuya "NHK Hall". Moderated by idol group Shirogumi is the fifth year in a row, "storm", red pair is Yuriko Yoshitaka's actress is the first challenge, popular group "V6", idol group "HKT48", "SEKAI NO OWARI", May J. Mr., Yakushimaru Hiroko five sets of addition to debut, first serve Matsuda Seiko's studded artists appearing Nakamori Akina's and large birds in the relay from the United States to contest. Such as this year planning corner of the "specter watch" and "Ana snow" I summarizes the highlights of lots of red and white Uta Gassen.

◇ actually first appearance "V6", Yakushimaru Hiroko ...... first appearance set of attractions

"HKT48" show off "melon juice" from the top batter. V6 conclude the first half of the "Let's dance Become a WA". Yakushimaru who sing the "Woman" tragedy of W "," was released in 1984 to participate in piano performance of Masataka's Matsutoya which was in charge of the arrangements, I sing just a special arrangement for this day. Among young people proud of the overwhelming popularity "SEKAI NO OWARI" show off "Dragon Night" but, Fukase's vocals in associate with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's singer to compete in the red group, of lovers "co-star" also a topic.

◇ Hikawa huge "costume" of Mizumori also compete in the giant robot?

Appeared in "Shimane Koitabi" the singing Mizumori Kaori is the annual giant "costume" is also this year. This time in the dress that "Happy human dress" is the theme "giant", up to about 6.5 meters in height. Hem 8 meters in front at the maximum, next to spread eight meters, a maximum of 22 dancers to expand the stage of force to participate. On the other hand, "Choi To whim migratory birds" to the stage Hikawa's singing, giant wearing a large contact surface of Okame and Droll fellow in front "robot" two bodies appeared. Height 2.6 m, the arm of the "robot" the movement of the containing operator in the "expansion" and behavior-expanding fan in the suit "Sukerutonikusu" that "robot" of weight 40 kg operates is programmed it works.

◇ "specter watch" planning corner of "Ana snow" also

The red and white of this year, planning corner of two major works that became a "social phenomenon" that game and anime around the elementary school became a big boom "specter Watch" and large-hit Disney movie "Anna and The Snow Queen" are also available. "Specter Watch" broadcast a special project twice. Sing the theme song of "specter watch" play a is debutants "King cream soda" and "Dream5", "storm" of Shirogumi moderator also I wage a special performance to participate. "Ana snow" is a Japanese dubbed version, Sayaka Kanda played Ana role of heroine is played with Idina Menzel's rice musical actress of "upstream" Elsa role, and "born from the special venue of New York the medley showing off the first time, "said the two songs" Let It Go ". Singer of May J. Ms. show off "~ in the Let It Go ~ truth" from NHK Hall.

◇ also gathered "morning Dora frame" also enhance "Hana Anne" Special Edition "Matthan" performer

Yoshitaka's moderator is also broadcast Special Edition of "Hanako and Anne" of the previous fiscal year '14, who served the heroine, the main cast is studded. In addition to Ayaka's is singing the "background color to" theme song, Renko in the drama (Yukie Nakama's) are used in the scene to elope, became the topic "Song of Love" the Miwa Akihiro Mr. showcase. Fellow who played the Renko also a performer scheduled as a guest judge.

In addition, Asadora "Matthan" from Masaharu Kameyama currently being broadcast (Matthan) role of Yushan Tetsuji's and heroine of Erie officer Charlotte Kate Fox's et al appearance. Miyuki Nakajima showing off theme song "wheat of song", Miwa, who sing in the next Nakajima and unfolds the "classic confrontation". In addition, this red and white in the Tao Tsuchiya (Tao) play the heroine of 15 semester Asadora "rare" san guest appearance. It is "Hanako to Anne," "Matthan" likely at the moment you do not miss for the morning Dora fans old and new morning Dora heroine to gather the "rare".

◇ Nakamori Akina is new song showcased in relay

In Johnny's urging, Sexy Zone the white set top decoration in the second consecutive year, in addition to V6 of debutants is round out the first half, Kanjani ∞ is "Omoidama", TOKIO is "LOVE YOU ONLY", SMAP is "Let's sing with everyone ! SMAP medley "to show off. "Storm" is scheduled to be titled "2014 Thanks Medley" as white pair of birds wage a "flashy stage".

EXILE is "NEW HORIZON", Sandaime J Soul Brothers was shining in Record Award "R.Y.U.S.E.I.", E-girls show off "Highschool love". In the AKB48 group, other HKT48 of top batter, "SKE48" & "NMB48" I will expand the Gasato Hiromi and special dance showdown. AKB48 show off "heart of the placard" that Mayu Watanabe serve a single center. Last year there was a surprise that Yuko Oshima to announce the graduation, it's attention to whether there is a surprise of something this year.

In addition, since 2009, Akina Nakamori's singer had been dormant music activities to appear in live from the US recording studio. Red pair, with appearances as guest planning beyond the white pair of frame, I sing about 5 and a half years of new song "Rojo -Tierra- (Rojo Tierra)". In addition, Seiko Matsuda, director of red pair of birds play a "large bird" of his first in the "~ Missing You ~ Two Much".

◇ Jer ream & Funassyi also participated Yoshitaka moderated, Udo Ana costume?

Comedy duo that was a break in the "Dameyo ~ Damedame" "Japan Erekiteru Union" is Mr. Shinichi Mori to sing the "older woman (person)" that was hit in the same phrase to 45 years ago, the US Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees Tanaka Masahiro pitcher is in addition to rush to cheer the popular idol group "Momoiro Clover Z", Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture unofficial character of "Funassyi" also, in order to liven up the stage of Ayako Fuji, Tohoku six prefectures of your local character the Hikitsure I appeared.

Guest judges other's companions in, Mr. Tamori, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi's, is Inoue Mao further individuality rich lineup uniform. In addition, whether Yoshitaka who was "God rolled" during rehearsal can be used to bring served successfully moderated, such as Yumiko Udô announcer costume comprehensive moderator who had said, "want to refrain from exposure this year", attractions is endless .
大みそかの風物詩「第65回NHK紅白歌合戦」が31日午後7時15分~同11時45分(途中、5分間ニュースで中断)に、東京・渋谷の「NHKホール」から生放送される。司会は白組が5年連続でアイドルグループ「嵐」、紅組は女優の吉高由里子さんが初挑戦し、人気グループ「V6」、アイドルグループ「HKT48」、「SEKAI NO OWARI」、May J.さん、薬師丸ひろ子さんの5組が初出場するほか、米国から中継で登場する中森明菜さんや大トリを初めて務める松田聖子さんら豪華アーティストが競演する。「妖怪ウォッチ」や「アナ雪」の企画コーナーなど今年も盛りだくさんの紅白歌合戦の見どころをまとめた。


 「HKT48」はトップバッターで「メロンジュース」を披露。V6は「WAになっておどろう」で前半を締めくくる。1984年に発売された「Woman“Wの悲劇”」を歌う薬師丸さんは編曲を担当した松任谷正隆さんのピアノ演奏で参加し、この日のためだけのスペシャルアレンジで歌う。若者の間で圧倒的な人気を誇る「SEKAI NO OWARI」は「Dragon Night」を披露するが、ボーカルのFukaseさんが紅組で出場する歌手のきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅさんと交際中で、恋人同士の“共演”も話題だ。




 今年の紅白には、小学生を中心にゲームやアニメが大ブームとなった「妖怪ウォッチ」や大ヒットしたディズニー映画「アナと雪の女王」という“社会現象”となった2大作品の企画コーナーも用意されている。「妖怪ウォッチ」は2回にわたって特別企画を放送。「妖怪ウォッチ」の主題歌を歌う「キング・クリームソーダ」と「Dream5」が初出場を果たし、白組司会の「嵐」も参加してスペシャルパフォーマンスを繰り広げる。「アナ雪」は、日本語吹き替え版で、ヒロインのアナ役を演じた神田沙也加さんが“本家”エルサ役の米ミュージカル女優のイディナ・メンゼルさんと共演し、米ニューヨークの特設会場から「生まれてはじめて」と「レット・イット・ゴー」の2曲をメドレー披露。歌手のMay J.さんはNHKホールから「Let It Go~ありのままで~」を披露する。

 ◇“朝ドラ枠”も充実 「花アン」特別編 「マッサン」出演者も集結


 また、現在放送中の朝ドラ「マッサン」からは亀山政春(マッサン)役の玉山鉄二さんとヒロインのエリー役のシャーロット・ケイト・フォックスさんらが出演。中島みゆきさんは主題歌「麦の唄」を披露し、中島さんの次に歌う美輪さんと“名曲対決”を繰り広げる。さらに、今回の紅白では15年度前期朝ドラ「まれ」のヒロインを演じる土屋太鳳(たお)さんもゲスト出演。「花子とアン」「マッサン」 「まれ」の新旧朝ドラヒロインが集結する朝ドラファンにとっては見逃せない瞬間になりそうだ。


ジャニーズ勢では、Sexy Zoneが2年連続で白組トップを飾り、初出場のV6が前半を締めくくるほか、関ジャニ∞が「オモイダマ」、TOKIOが「LOVE YOU ONLY」、SMAPが「みんなで歌おう!SMAPメドレー」を披露。「嵐」は白組のトリとして「2014 Thanks Medley」と題して「派手なステージ」を繰り広げる予定だ。

 EXILEは「NEW HORIZON」、三代目 J Soul Brothersはレコード大賞に輝いた「R.Y.U.S.E.I.」、E-girlsは「Highschool love」を披露。AKB48グループでは、トップバッターのHKT48のほか、「SKE48」&「NMB48」が郷ひろみさんとスペシャルダンス対決を展開する。AKB48は渡辺麻友さんが単独センターを務める「心のプラカード」を披露。昨年は大島優子さんが卒業を発表するサプライズがあったが、今年は何かのサプライズがあるのかにも注目だ。

 また、2009年以来、音楽活動を休止していた歌手の中森明菜さんが米のレコーディングスタジオから生中継で出演する。紅組、白組の枠を超えた企画ゲストとしての出演で、約5年半ぶりの新曲「Rojo -Tierra-(ロホ ティエラ)」を歌う。また、紅組のトリを務める松田聖子さんは「あなたに逢いたくて~Missing You~」で自身初の“大トリ”を担う。

 ◇エレ連&ふなっしーも参戦 吉高の司会、有働アナの衣装は? 



株式会社の学校、苦境…定員割れも   私立中高一貫
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「株式会社立」やめて学校法人に 岡山の中高、経営難で
School Inc., predicament ... capacity cracking also

Ltd. stand school was born in began Special Zones for Structural Reform in the Koizumi administration era.

Management plane in succession of schools that are in dire straits, in some cases the transition to the school corporation obtained a grant from the local governments.

Private middle and high consistency Asahi cram secondary education school in the mountains of Okayama City. Night of mid-November, in the dorm study room adjacent to the school, about 50 people of 1-6 years (medium 1 to high 3) went to the desk. In mathematics tests 1, 2 graders received, and faculty the bar code of the problem you make a mistake to read, similar problem is printed, students re-challenge. It's like a school that thorough iterative learning. First year of Huashan Hideaki Hanayama Hideaki kun (13) "I can understand what a mistake why, it is possible to overcome the weak field".

Weekday morning in the dormitory, one hour before school, night is obliged learning of 2 hours after dinner. I do iterative learning of similar problems in a manner similar to the dormitory at school.

School's predecessor, Asahi Gakuen group 2004 to the school as a base, the country's first Corporation standing junior high school was opened in the special zones. Can not be established a school corporation in assets shortage, old Mito proposed the use of closed school and elementary school (now Okayama City) has managed to opened in that it has been certified in special zones. Get the same group is adjacent land after three years, high school was also established.

Also has its own subjects to feed debate force

In the Zone it is possible to fold the curriculum that features that are not tied to curriculum guidelines, and established its own subject "discussion Department" to feed the debate force. However, the influence and the declining birth rate, there is also the voice of the "Corporation standing school might collapse", capacity cracking was followed. Allows free curriculum other than special zone with the new system, and founded a school corporation that is subject to private school grants of about 100 million yen per year. I became a secondary education school in 11 years.

Also cage students attend from home, the current number of students a total of about 170 people of just under 60% of capacity. In the strict management, each grade 2 class is provided, teachers 2 people responsible for students 5-20.

This spring, 5 graduating class graduation. 40% passed the Kokkoritsudai. 1 inaugural class, Asako Mr. Kurokawa was a job to affiliated organization of Okayama Prefecture from Kagawa Univ. (23) "Ikitodoki teacher's eyes, me riding on empathetic to consultation". Toriumi Toriumi Ju-ji Koji same group Headmaster (80) "it was possible to create a school because there was a special zone. To appeal the appeal and go track record of small education, I want to collect the student" and put the power.

According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, but Ltd. standing school of special zone was established 35 schools, abolition and 26 schools currently in transition to school corporation. "Although there are examples that led to the activation of the region, challenges in operational aspects are often" ministry and, it is prudent attitude nationwide deployment of Corporation standing school.

"Concern about the stability and continuity" ministry pointed out

Special Zones for Structural Reform is a system to mitigate the regulation of specific areas in the region limited, founded in 2002. In the past, can be installed school was school corporation that owned the school building, school sites, is also recognized Corporation if it meets certain requirements, such as guarantee to rent a long period of time in the special zones. However, recruitment stop, etc. continued, ministry in the investigation of 11 year, pointed out that "stability of education, there is a concern in continuity". On the other hand, there were also cases that achieve education that is featured in the region. I opened scheduled Corporation standing elementary school in Gunma Prefecture in next spring.













今日は19年に1度の『朔旦冬至(さくたんとうじ)』 太陽と月が復活する日
'19 To 1 degree "Shuo Dan winter solstice (fence in charge of same)" today the sun and the moon is a day to be resurrected

December 22, 2014 is "winter solstice", but it is a special winter solstice different from the usual winter solstice little, "Shuo Dan winter solstice (fence in charge of same)." Winter solstice, everyone you know, but is the most noon of short day of the year, "Shuo Dan winter solstice" is Will different from the usual winter solstice what exactly.

Actually, I would like to introduce the celebration with a double "Shuo Dan winter solstice."

The "winter solstice" by the cycle of the sun

Winter solstice was made by the period of the sun, had been the starting point of the Solar term. This is the starting point of the sun.

Sunshine time becomes more and more To reduce the energy of the sun is weakened to the limit, once again from there, the greater the energy of the sun to the boundary of the winter solstice, the day of time will become more and more long, of such sun Day of Resurrection is a, in Japan and has been celebrated since ancient times.

Shuo Dan winter solstice is the day that the resurrection of the sun and the moon are overlapped

For the period of the sun, it is new moon that falls on the winter solstice in the cycle of phases of the moon. Moon went missing more and more from the full moon, and after having turned off the once appearance, and resurrected in new moon, it is because we filled towards the full moon.

This Day of Resurrection of the sun "winter solstice", it is the Day of Resurrection of the month that the overlap is "new moon", "Shuo Dan winter solstice." "Shuo" is the new moon, I represent the "Dan" is the rising sun.

This is the origin of "Shuo Dan winter solstice."
Now, through, etc. to various refurbishment of calendar, November 1 of the lunar calendar and the winter solstice overlap day has become a "Saku Dan winter solstice."

Although it is auspicious "Shuo Dan winter solstice" in this double, the period of the sun and the moon (about 365 days and about 29.5 days), you do not mean overlap each year so we of course different. Once in '19 that although the two overlap, and I have 2014 such once rare day in the '19.

Moreover, following "Shuo Dan winter solstice" of 2014 will be the 2052 after '38 rather than after '19. This is due to the lunar calendar 2033 problem, also of this situation occurs in from being enacted Tenp? calendar in 1844 189 years, is the first time that.

※ lunar calendar 2033 issue, month names of the lunar calendar is, but is the problem that can not be determined by the calendar of Tenp? calendar, it does not detail touches here.

Layers considering the time that "Shuo Dan winter solstice", why not have seemed superfluous to the rare?
Winter solstice (or, through the next day from the winter solstice, immediately after the winter solstice, etc.), the winter solstice festival has been celebrated in many parts of the world other than Japan. Christmas is also the origin of the Nordic and Tari a winter solstice festival (Yule), is auspicious day.

And the rising sun, as in go full moon, I'm be nice if you we can also on the day of the milestone, such as newly promote feelings.
今日は19年に1度の『朔旦冬至(さくたんとうじ)』 太陽と月が復活する日




冬至は、太陽の周期によって作られた、二十四節気の起点とされていました。 太陽のスタート地点です。



太陽の周期に対して、月の満ち欠けのサイクルで冬至にあたるのが新月です。 月は満月からどんどん欠けていき、そして一度姿を消したあと、新月で復活し、満月に向けて満ちていくからです。

この太陽の復活の日『冬至』と、月の復活の日『新月』が重なるのが『朔旦冬至』です。 『朔』は新月を、『旦』は昇る太陽を表しています。



しかも、2014年の次の『朔旦冬至』は、19年後ではなく38年後の2052年になります。 これは、旧暦2033年問題によるもので、こんな事態が起こるのも1844年に天保暦が制定されてから189年で、初めてのことです。




【今年の漢字】2014年は「税」 ベスト10は? 20年の歴史!

[Kanji of the year] 2014 is "tax" Best 10?

"This year's Kanji" representing the social conditions of 2014 in one kanji is December 12, was decided to "tax". In Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, Higashiyama-ku, Mori Kiyonori (Mori prepress) Kanshu was calligraphy (symbol). Such as was reported current affairs dot com.

Consumption, such as tax is raised in April to 8 percent from 5 percent, that's why it was a one-year, which is forced to think about "tax".

"This year's Kanji" is, Nihonkanjinoryokukenteikyokai (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto) is public through postcards and web site. The most common one character me has announced as this year of Chinese characters. This year, in the period of November 1 to December 5, there are applicants of 167 613 votes of "tax" is a collection of 8679 votes (5.18%).

Follows best 10.

Second place "heat", third place, the "lie". 10 place from fourth place, respectively, became a "disaster", "snow", "crying", "injection", "increase", "false", "Mystic".

(Presented at this year's Kanji "tax" Kiyomizu Temple - than Sankei News 2014/12/12 14:06)
Kanji of the year is 20 th in this. The 2013 "wheel", the 2012 was "gold".
【今年の漢字】2014年は「税」 ベスト10は?






(今年の漢字は「税」 清水寺で発表 - 産経ニュースより 2014/12/12 14:06)
「今年の漢字」20年 世相映した一文字一堂に 清水寺



漢字 読み 選考理由 票数
総数 2位

1995年  震   シン
ふる-える 兵庫県南部地震(阪神・淡路大震災)発生。地下鉄サリン事件や金融機関の倒産などによる社会不安の拡大。
1996年 ショク
た-べる O157による集団食中毒の多発、それによる学校給食などへの影響。税金や福祉を「食いもの」にした汚職事件の多発。牛海綿状脳症(狂牛病)の発生。
1997年 トウ
たお-す 相次ぐ大型企業の倒産や銀行の破綻。山一證券の廃業。サッカー日本代表がFIFAワールドカップのアジア地区予選で強豪を倒して出場決定。
1998年 ドク 和歌山毒物カレー事件の余波で毒物混入事件が多発。ダイオキシンなどへの不安の高まり。社会問題となった環境ホルモン。
1999年 マツ
すえ 1000年代、1900年代、1990年代の最後(世紀末)。東海村JCO臨界事故発生。翌年への「末広がり」の期待を込めて。
2000年 キン
かな シドニーオリンピックで、女子フルマラソンの高橋尚子、女子柔道の田村亮子が金メダル。金大中と金正日による初の南北首脳会談。長寿姉妹のきんさんぎんさんの成田きんが逝去。二千円紙幣誕生。
2001年 セン
たたか-う アメリカ同時多発テロ事件発生。対テロ戦争。アメリカのアフガニスタン侵攻が始まる。 2285
かえ-る 初の日朝首脳会談により、北朝鮮に拉致された日本人が日本に帰国。日本経済がバブル期より以前の水準に戻る。昔の歌などのリバイバルヒット。 3518
とら 阪神タイガースが18年ぶりにリーグ優勝。イラク戦争の勃発。「虎の尾を踏む」ような自衛隊イラク派遣。 17709
2004年 サイ
わざわ-い 新潟県中越地震発生。新潟・福島豪雨、福井豪雨。台風23号をはじめとする台風の連続上陸。浅間山の噴火。美浜発電所の事故や三菱リコール隠し。 20936
2005年 アイ
いと-しい 愛知県で愛・地球博の開催。紀宮清子内親王と黒田慶樹が結婚。卓球の福原愛の中国での活躍。「あいちゃん」という愛称の女性の活躍が目立った。親が子を、子が親を殺すなど「愛の無い事件」が目立った。 4019
2006年 メイ
みこと 悠仁親王の誕生。小学生、中学生の自殺多発。北朝鮮の核実験。臓器移植事件、医師不足などによる命の不安。 8363
にせ 不二家をはじめ、「白い恋人」や「赤福餅」など、食品表示偽装が次々と表面化。年金記録問題の発覚。防衛省の汚職問題の発覚。テレビ番組『発掘!あるある大事典II』による捏造問題。→ウィキニュース 16550
2008年 ヘン
か-える 日本の内閣総理大臣交代やアメリカのオバマ次期大統領の「チェンジ(変革)」、株価暴落や円高ドル安などの経済の変化、食の安全性に対する意識の変化、世界的規模の気象異変による地球温暖化問題の深刻化、スポーツや科学の分野での日本人の活躍に表れた時代の変化。政治、経済をはじめ、よくも悪くも変化の多かった一年を象徴する。→ウィキニュース 6031
2009年 シン
にい 自由民主党と公明党に替わる民主党を中心とした鳩山由紀夫新政権発足、アメリカのバラク・オバマ新大統領就任など、政治の一新に加え、裁判員制度や高速道路料金割り引きなど、様々な新制度のスタート、新型インフルエンザの流行、スピード社の高速水着による競泳の世界新記録ラッシュ、イチローの9年連続200本安打の新記録などの世相を反映[2]。 14093
2010年 ショ
あつ-い 観測史上1位の猛暑や非常に厳しかった残暑により熱中症にかかる人が多発し、これに伴い野菜価格が高騰し、熊なども人里に出没。また地中の「暑い」中から作業員全員が生還したコピアポ鉱山落盤事故、1万℃の突入温度から帰還した「はやぶさ」なども反映。 14537
2011年 ハン
ほだ-す 東北地方太平洋沖地震(東日本大震災)、台風などによる大雨被害(平成23年7月新潟・福島豪雨、台風12号等)、ニュージーランド地震、タイ洪水などといった国内外で発生した自然災害などにより、家族や友といった身近でかけがえのない人物に対する絆を改めて感じたり、チームワークと信頼でFIFA女子ワールドカップに優勝したサッカー日本女子代表(なでしこジャパン)の姿などに感動し、勇気を得たりしたことなど、多くの日本人が絆の大切さを改めて感じた一年であったため。 61453
2012年 キン
かな 自立式電波塔として世界一の高さとなった東京スカイツリーの開業、ロンドンオリンピックでの過去最多のメダルラッシュ、山中伸弥(京都大学教授)のノーベル賞受賞など数々の「金字塔」が打ち立てられた。他にも932年ぶりに全国的に観測された金環日食や21世紀最後の金星の太陽面通過といった「金」に関係する天文現象や消費税や生活保護など「金」が関わる問題の多発など。「金」は2000年にも選出されており、初めて複数回選出された漢字になった。 9156
2013年 リン
2020年夏季オリンピックの東京招致成功、プロ野球の東北楽天ゴールデンイーグルスの日本選手権シリーズの初制覇により東北地方に歓喜の輪が作られた事、更に平成25年台風第26号による伊豆大島災害や平成25年台風第30号によるレイテ島(フィリピン)災害に対する日本各地並びに世界各国からの支援の輪が広がったことなど。 9518
2014年 ゼイ
みつぎ 17年ぶりの消費税増税とそれに伴い生活環境が大きく変化したことを反映。森貫主は「国民の多くが税に厳しい目を持っているということではないか」と話している。 8679

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