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最新ニュース速報 政治(選挙) TV/新聞社中心 (最新版)  選挙を読む!

最新ニュース速報 政治(選挙) TV/新聞社中心等 (最新版)

紅白に妖怪ウォッチコーナー!W出場内定 ジバニャンらも出演へ

妖怪ウォッチ ジバニャン コマさん

NHK Kohaku May J. Also five sets debutants specter watch corner such as V6

NHK is the 26th, announced the participation singer of the 65th Kohaku Uta Gassen to be broadcast on New Year's Eve. Last year the same 51 sets of appeared and, May J. debutants is the Japanese version of the theme song of the movie "Anna and The Snow Queen" was hit Mr. (26), popular group "V6" which celebrates its 20th anniversary debut as a total of five sets. As planning in the program, anime and games collect the popular character et al appeared in the "specter Watch", was also revealed that such anime theme song will showcase.

In debutants set of press conference, members of the V6, director of starring in the drama "Gunshi Kanbei" in broadcasting, Okada Junichi's (34) enthusiasm as "If Good luck with the feeling of rookie", Yoshihiko Inohara's (38 ) is "in '20 from debut, and the other contestants had been thought that there is no. I really appreciate," said, it was said, so bitten and tightened.

Vocal foursome band "SEKAI NO OWARI", Mr. Fukase (29) last month, his father suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, confess that it is in rehabilitation. I put the force is "I want to sing hard to reach the father."

Yakushimaru Hiroko last year, Asadora "Amachan" of Red and White Singing Contest has appeared in the planning, debutants as the sole singer. Nakajima Miyuki (62) also appeared for the first time in 12 years.

The specter in red and white watch corner! W played prospective Jibanyan et al also to performers

In the "65th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen" (7 pm-15) of the New Year's Eve, social phenomenon of to have "specter watch" corner that 24 days is provided, I found. Two pairs of contestants sing anime songs and music unit "Dream5" "King cream soda" is appointed, NHK is currently being adjusted in the direction to cast the costume of popular character. For kids, it's likely to be irresistible production.

On the first floor plaza of Adachi-ku, Tokyo Ito-Yokado, Ario Nishiarai store, gathered parents and children with more than 500 people. It's to see the stage of Dream5.

The hot air has reached the climax, when it was unveiled in a row the ending song of TV Tokyo anime "Dan Dan Do~ubi ・'s Bar!" And before ending song "dissolution gymnastics first". Children rising, sang to mimic the cute choreography.

Quintet that debuted in November 09. Along with the social phenomenon of the specter watch, suddenly it became popular among children, it was decided to appearance of a stretch to dream stage. According to the officials, not the contestants from the usual red and white pair, has been sounded the appearance of planning to corner. Trio singing "Geragerapo in Geragerapo / First Love Pass in the festival music" opening song, has arrived a similar offer to King cream soda.

NHK is currently being adjusted in the direction costume of main characters such as Jibanyan and Brie captain also to appear. In the anime character of TV Tokyo, the world's popularity Pikachu of "Pokemon" is also without that it has appeared, it will be the first of the case. It's going to be a hot topic as the "specter has clung to NHK" among children. In addition, the cage is a member of the following 16-year-old in Dream5, because the appearance time is until 21:00, corner is provided in the first half.

NHK, as well as the specter watch, has decided to provide a planning corner of social phenomenon of the Disney movie "Anna and The Snow Queen". Play Nakauta "Let It Go" appeared in the US actress Idina Menzel (43) satellite relay from the US New York sang the Japanese version was responsible for the end of the song May J. (26) sing at NHK Hall of venue.

Aim to collect the viewing of children in both corner. If you look children, parents I see. This year's theme "Let's sing. New Year's Eve is all in participation!" To meet the.

"Specter Watch" song # 1 & # 2 Exclusive! Willingness to red and white "If enjoy specter us and Wachawacha"

Has become a social phenomenon related song "specter watch" in the 10 date Oricon weekly singles ranking, 1 & 2 place that is three days you are a monopoly on, it was found.

Quintet men and women in the anime version ending unit ・ Dream5 (mean age 16 ・ 6 years) "Dan Dan Do~ubi ・'s Bar!", Won the first appearance first place in sales 6.6 million copies.

And sales of the 6.2 million copies "Geragerapo in Geragerapo / First Love Pass in the festival music" of King cream soda threesome unit men and women in the same opening, it becomes second place, was achieved the "one-two finish."

King cream soda this day, appeared in the new song event in Tokyo. Maiko (age not disclosed) to explain the "Geragerapo is the sense that" enjoys abandoned or "your work" and "buzzword", and towards the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen expectations of debutants will take, "specter had not excited about a good Na "When we enjoy and Wachawacha.
NHK紅白  May J. V6など5組初出場 妖怪ウォッチコーナーも

NHKは26日、大みそかに放送される第65回紅白歌合戦の出場歌手を発表した。昨年と同じ51組が出演し、初出場は映画「アナと雪の女王」の日本語版主題歌がヒットしたMay J.さん(26)、デビュー20周年を迎える人気グループ「V6」など計5組。番組内の企画として、アニメやゲームが人気を集める「妖怪ウォッチ」のキャラクターらが出演し、アニメ主題歌などが披露されることも明らかになった。


 4人組バンド「SEKAI NO OWARI」のボーカル、Fukaseさん(29)は先月、父親が脳出血で倒れ、リハビリ中であることを告白。「父に届くように一生懸命歌いたい」と力を込めた。


紅白に妖怪ウォッチコーナー!W出場内定 ジバニャンらも出演へ



 熱気が最高潮に達したのは、テレビ東京のアニメのエンディング曲「ダン・ダン ドゥビ・ズバー!」と前エンディング曲「ようかい体操第一」を続けて披露した時。子供たちは立ち上がり、かわいらしい振り付けをまねして歌った。



 NHKは、妖怪ウォッチと同様、社会現象化したディズニー映画「アナと雪の女王」の企画コーナーを設けることを決めている。劇中歌「Let It Go」を歌った米女優イディナ・メンゼル(43)が米ニューヨークから衛星中継で出演、日本版のエンドソングを担当したMay J.(26)が会場のNHKホールで歌う。




 アニメ版エンディングで男女5人組ユニット・Dream5(平均年齢16・6歳)の「ダン・ダン ドゥビ・ズバー!」が、売り上げ6・6万枚で初登場1位を獲得した。



Phone 6 と Xperia Z3 Compact 比較

Xperia Z3 CompactとiPhone 6、どっちがどう優秀か。使い倒して比べてみた
Xperia Z3 Compact and iPhone 6, Which is how excellent. I tried than to defeat use

Awake in alarm smartphone, check today's schedule, the smartphone that ...... Check the timetable of the train beyond the realm of "next to the skin using" become "skin itself" gadgets. You a hard time to get used to the operation, but once you get used same as the hands and feet. With glue that ...... or model I a strange successor machine can be used in the same sense also the time of, you or was co author has also transfer to the "iPhone from the iPhone".

However, Android smartphone, especially Japanese manufacturers If you are constantly evolving at a gallop in order along the expectations of people such as "Atarashiimonozuki" "multi-function-oriented", and take in hand suddenly the new model, Glatt to transfiguration that beyond recognition would come. Above all, Xperia Z3 Compact screen size (4.6 inches) of Sony, which also appeared in Japan this fall even for iPhone 6, would Sumaho that suggests that intense rivalry.

Sumaho select will "try to touch it" is fundamental. and if you want to do it on the actual hand and determines Kana ...... in the iPhone 6 "truly" also there "there?" is also there. Point to be may point and mind that it try using Xperia Z3 Compact also what days was found. Compared with the iPhone 6, and what about do me Xperia Z3 Compact? Actually as a user touches the two, I tried to consider from various angles.

Size Xperia Z3 Compact is that fits comfortably in the hand

Screen size is also the same in weight also Donpisha, Xperia Z3 Compact and iPhone 6, such as twins. However, it is separate from the impression of when to hand the actual equipment. Before iPhone 6 in which the liquid crystal becomes a 4 → 4.6 from the product of the iPhone 5S is, in large as also proportional to the size of the body. The only feeling is ingrained in the body in the app many years of association, such as Safari and Mail, thumb is difficult to reach in the upper right corner when you single hand? Sense of discomfort There is also little.

Xperia Z3 Compact remains of body size reminiscent of the iPhone 4, is the feeling that the liquid crystal is spread in 4.6-inch to 3.5-inch iPhone 4. By single hand only can cover every corner of the screen thumb, there is also a grip that it will not come out Suppo.

When the ruler of "nicely in hand", Xperia Z3 Compact might be one step ahead. Bottom in flat, Ryoyoko soft feel made of resin. Even for small women hand, it is the size of the safe.

If you say in terms of appearance, iPhone 6 with a reputation for the design, sophisticated form rounded indeed. The color variations Silver without change from iPhone 5S, Gold, in space gray of three different colors, basic and conservative tint tired does not come. And against, Xperia Z3 Compact is white, green, orange, four colors of black. Especially green and orange "water surface that shines refreshing" Each delicate have expressed the "vivid sunset reflected on the water surface" color is beautiful. Color preference is each person, but it is an attractive color tint that can claim the personality is available.

Camera and high-resolution playback

Probably Xperia if you choose the Android smartphone, a well-established Xperia Z3 series that at the forefront among you there. Xperia Z3 Compact is equipped with a "premium Random auto" shooting functions, such as a full-fledged digital camera, automatically determine the scene, you can take the time and effort rather than pretty pictures. It also supports camera shake correction.

In the case of iPhone 6, then you have a reputation in the balanced quality of balance, and I think better of iPhone 6 Some people look beautiful. Just Xperia Z3 Compact can be done also fine manual adjustment. In addition, since the Xperia Z3 Compact is compatible with ISO12800, dark and without a flash even in the room, take a few pictures of bright noise, there are strengths that. This point might be Sony unique is also the "camera manufacturer".
As the selling of iPhone 6 in camera-related enjoyment of video spread "time-lapse". The unique iPhone 6 be able to enjoy its unique movement with friends by market share in SNS.

It has become 1 weather, reproducibility of color in photographs taken in the two models. Xperia Z3 Compact to save in the real truth of color but, iPhone 6 seems to be equipped with initial settings to save color darker than the real thing. I am happy for those who contrast prefers a dark image. However you will not be able to return the color to that of the remains real. In terms of reproducibility would be tactics to Xperia Z3 Compact.

And, indeed cause groan with Walkman Sony Hi-Res (※) corresponding to the playback. On that can be played even without an external amplifier if there is a high-resolution sound source, there is also a function and noise canceling function that boosts the sound quality close to the hi-res even MP3 of Futsu, we Gunto pull the iPhone 6.

But, still high-resolution / noise-canceling headphones or speakers such as optional equipment is necessary. Since the built-in speakers are also up performance, I can enjoy the music well enough to be alone.
※ can be found in high resolution (high resolution) and high-resolution. It becomes granular sound information in a large amount of high-resolution source than CD, it is possible to express the realism with air feeling that can not be played on CD.

A "multi-functional" Xperia Z3 Compact

Let's look at the other functional aspects.
The characteristics of the iPhone 6 There is a fingerprint authentication. It is the wrong place to hit with it or when tracing the point you can hit the number, the lock can not be released at once when you want to open in a hurry, My God than everyone has experienced. In that respect, it is not annoying it is possible to unlock the smart one and only fingerprint.

For iPhone 6 is a global model, Xperia Z3 Compact is the impression that "the Galapagos in a good way." Yes Seg inherited from successive Xperia, there is also a mobile wallet feature that will not let go and use once, also is equipped to "gloves mode" that can be manipulated, leaving the gloves for the coming cold season. So more "waterproof", perfect to accompany the women of sitz bath. Delicate customization snuggled in Japan of infrastructure and living environment is a place is welcome. This is not parted anymore!

"Fingerprint authentication", "time-lapse" such as whether iPhone 6 that is installed in the global model, mobile wallet, hi-res music player, high-sensitivity camera, gloves mode such as Japan's Xperia or that we have continued to evolve to suit the user. Only to each attractive terminal, and try to comparison can be taken by the hand by all means, respectively, such as over-the-counter?
Xperia Z3 CompactとiPhone 6、どっちがどう優秀か。使い倒して比べてみた


しかし、Androidスマホ、特に日本のメーカーは「新しいもの好き」「多機能重視」といった人々の期待に沿うべく駆け足で改良を重ねていて、ふと新機種を手に取ると、見違える変貌にグラっと来てしまう。中でも、この秋に日本でも登場したソニーのXperia Z3 Compactは画面サイズ(4.6インチ)もiPhone 6に対して、強烈なライバル意識がうかがえるスマホでしょう。

スマホ選びは「触ってみること」が基本です。iPhone 6で決まりかな……と実際に手にしてみれば「さすが」もあり「あれ?」もあり。Xperia Z3 Compactも何日か使ってみることで良い点や気になる点が見つかりました。iPhone 6とくらべて、Xperia Z3 Compactってどうなんだろう? 実際に2つを触ったユーザーとして、様々な角度から検討してみました。

Xperia Z3 Compactは手にすっぽりと収まるサイズ

画面サイズも重さもドンピシャに同じで、双子のようなXperia Z3 CompactとiPhone 6。しかし、実機を手にすると別ものの印象です。前製品のiPhone 5Sから液晶が4→4.6となったiPhone 6は、本体のサイズも比例するように大型に。Safariやメールなどのアプリは長年の付き合いで感覚が体に染み付いてるだけに、片手持ちすると親指が右上に届きづらい?的な違和感も少しあり。

Xperia Z3 CompactはiPhone 4を思わせる本体サイズのまま、液晶がiPhone 4の3.5型から4.6型に広がった感じです。片手持ちして親指だけで画面の隅々までカバーでき、スッポ抜けないグリップ感もあります。

「手にしっくり」という物差しにすると、Xperia Z3 Compactが一歩リードかもしれません。底面もフラットで、両横はソフトな感触の樹脂製。手の小さい女性にとっても、安心のサイズです。

見た目の面で言うと、デザインに定評のあるiPhone 6、丸みを帯び洗練されたフォルムはさすが。カラーバリエーションはiPhone 5Sから変更なくシルバー、ゴールド、スペースグレイの3色展開で、飽きが来ないベーシックかつ保守的な色味。対し、Xperia Z3 Compact はホワイト、グリーン、オレンジ、ブラックの4色。特にグリーンとオレンジはそれぞれ「爽やかに光る水面」「鮮やかに水面に映る夕日」を表現していて繊細な色味が美しい。色の好みは人それぞれですが、個性を主張できる色味が用意されていることは魅力です。


Androidスマホを選ぶならXperiaでしょ、と定評のある中でも最先端に位置するXperia Z3シリーズ。Xperia Z3 Compactは「プレミアムおまかせオート」撮影機能を搭載しており、本格的なデジカメのように、自動的にシーンを判別して、手間なくキレイな写真を撮ることができます。手ブレ補正にも対応。

iPhone 6の場合、バランスの取れた画質には定評がありますし、iPhone 6の方がキレイに見えるひともいるかと思います。ただXperia Z3 Compactはマニュアルで細かな調整も行うことができます。またXperia Z3 Compact はISO12800に対応しているため、暗い室内でもフラッシュを使わず、明るくノイズの少ない写真が撮れる、という強みがあります。この点は「カメラメーカー」でもあるソニーならではかもしれません。
カメラ関連でのiPhone 6のウリとしては動画の楽しみ方が広がる「タイムラプス」。SNSでシェアして友人同士でその独特な動きを楽しむことができるのはiPhone 6ならでは。

1点気になるのが、2機種で撮った写真における色味の再現性。Xperia Z3 Compactは実物ありのままの色味で保存しますが、iPhone 6は実物よりも色味濃く保存する初期設定が備わっているようです。コントラストが濃い画像を好む方には嬉しいですね。ただし色味を実物ままのものに戻すことは出来ません。再現性の点ではXperia Z3 Compactに軍配でしょう。

そして、さすがウォークマンのソニーと唸らせるのがハイレゾ(※)再生への対応。ハイレゾ音源があれば外付けアンプなしでも再生できる上に、フツーのMP3でもハイレゾに近い音質に引き上げる機能やノイズキャンセリング機能もあり、iPhone 6をぐんと引き離しています。

※ハイレゾとはハイレゾリューション(高解像度)のこと。 CDよりも情報量の多いハイレゾ音源ではきめ細やかな音になり、CDでは再生できない空気感と臨場感を表現する事ができる。

「多機能」なXperia Z3 Compact

iPhone 6の特徴としては指紋認証があります。番号を打ったり点をなぞったりするとつい打つ場所を間違えて、急いで開きたいときに1回でロックが解除できない、なんてことは誰しもが経験しているのでは。その点、唯一無二の指紋でスマートにロック解除できるので煩わしくありません。

グローバルモデルであるiPhone 6に対して、Xperia Z3 Compactは「いい意味でガラパゴス」という印象です。歴代Xperiaから受け継いだワンセグあり、一度使うと手放せなくなるおサイフケータイ機能もあり、これからの寒い季節に手袋をしたまま操作できる「手ぶくろモード」までも搭載。さらに「防水」なので、女性の半身浴のお供にも最適。日本のインフラや住環境に寄り添った細やかなカスタマイズが有難いところです。これはもう手放せない!

グローバルモデルで「指紋認証」「タイムラプス」などが搭載されているiPhone 6か、おサイフケータイ・ハイレゾ音楽プレーヤー・高感度カメラ・手袋モードなど日本のユーザーに合わせて進化を続けてきたXperiaか。それぞれ魅力ある端末だけに、ぜひそれぞれ店頭などで手に取って比較してみては?

未婚が多い 注目株アラフォー俳優
イケメン スケッチ

Unmarried often hot stock Arafo actor

Nishijima Hidetoshi (43), in November that was sprung by marriage of Mukai Osamu (32). In Twitter, had been well as future marriage likely people expected, it probably is happening actually. Married, including unmarried person, I want to summarize the situation of Arafo actors.

Special "popular among 40s and" seasonal man "Nishijima Hidetoshi attractive?"

◆ The following marriage? Actor who rose to topic

First, most of the name had been raised in one review this time would be Kuranosuke Sasaki (46). Is on the net it is tweet to as the "last bastion is Kuranosuke Sasaki", in Twitter, it was up to entering trend though not a why married parties.

As with Sasaki, the name was raised, the Fukuyama Masaharu (45), but, in between the fan, "that somehow scream occurs even married is unlikely" seems to be calm opinion that. I feel a sense of stability of the relationship between the person and the fan.

Yutaka Takenouchi (43) also, there was a devoted reports that Kurashina Kana (26) this year. Because the agency has also commented that "if you could watch over warm is welcome", ahead, Nishijima, may also have get to follow opposite.

◆ The marriage rush in recent years Arafo actor

Such a marriage there is a reason to become a topic. In recent years, have followed the marriage of Arafo actor, but year after year, because single actor has decreased. For example, finished the race this year in October and general women younger 8-year-old Hideaki Ito (39) marriage, in April Masato Sakai (41) actress Kanno Miho of the same year and (37). To the 2012 Tomo Omori (42) ran a shock even when you married Yuriko actress Ono (25), Hiroshi Oizumi (41) was also married to a drama producer in 2010.

Amid Arafo actor is going more and more married, still Some actor through the unmarried. Ryo Kase (40), it's still has been rumored to Mikako Ichikawa (36) single. Also, does not come hear talk of marriage from Hiromi Hasegawa (37). Hirofumi Arai (35) is also devoted coverage it's there but unmarried.

Koizumi Kotaro (36), also both of Tsuyoshi Muro (38) of each other in the best friend is calling each other as "Muro" "anti" unmarried. Abe adults plan Sadao (44) married, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi (40) 's unmarried.

In addition, Nagasawa Masami and long companionship is rumored Iseya Yusuke (38) unmarried. In same born model and actor Iseya, New Iura's not known what has been surprisingly married (40), but, in fact, also have children already married.

◆ Arafo actor of hot stock now even many unmarried

Still in popularity rises likely actors now, singles often. "Dear Sister" if (Fuji TV) in Matsushita Nao play Fukasawa Hirayama to play a role that I think to steadily the Hazuki Hiroyuki (37) also Single, Soap opera "Cinderella Dating" heroine of Married play (Tokai TV) in Mali Hoshino Makoto-to Hidekazu play a role sign in to post a thought to (38) it is also single.

The only single of Oizumi Yo also belongs TEAM NACS is, but Mr. shame also referred Shigeyuki Totsugi (41). In these articles, I think it is there is at'm sorry becomes to be used in large punch line, it is also the evidence attention is turned up.

◆ Arafo actor psychology of women to fret over the marriage of?

Thus marriage of actor became a hot topic, it looks like female fans have fret, and I wonder if dough is fact. When looking at Twitter, or "collapsed from the waist", and such as "no longer stand up", can also be seen as exaggerated expression. But truth is, it is also visible to be enjoying the exchange to your die marriage of actor.

The called Arafo actor and fan, you can go to see paying money, rather than a relationship, such as idle and fans like support its activities, but more casual relationship. For many women, such as when you saw in such CM and drama, or will not be a of the existence, such as gives healing when casual. Moreover, who is the best, if not this person no good! Rather than that, would be many people that love the whole existence that was vaguely called Arafo actor. Precisely because such a presence, women, consume as casual a common topic, or would not you're Mise been exaggerated fret.

On the other hand, seems to have not a little woman who was shocked that is said to be this time of Nishijima impact. Twink not only say that, even though a Mote likely a humanly nice if there is a depth to the inner surface, are implanted to work without even uttered a marriage. Against such appearance, in addition to the longing and favor, somewhere to remember the sympathy, might had been sprouting like camaraderie. Unawares, it seems because that had led to the support and confidence of some sort, shock ran a chain of stunning unexpected marriage.

However, even such women, of that Arafo actor fans, just people who can afford to enjoy as topic as described above. That's why, I wonder is born also words playful that Nishijima impact.














 大泉洋も所属するTEAM NACSの唯一の独身は、ミスター残念とも称される戸次重幸(41)だ。こうした記事で、大オチに使われることになってしまい申し訳ないところではあるが、それは注目度が上がっている証拠でもあると思う。



 アラフォー俳優とファンというのは、お金を払って会いに行き、その活動を支えるようなアイドルとファンのような関係性ではなく、もっとカジュアルな関係だ。多くの女性たちにとっては、CMやドラマなどで見かけたときなど、ふとしたときに癒しを与えてくれるような存在なのではないだろうか。しかも、誰が一番、この人でないとダメ! ということではなく、アラフォー俳優というぼんやりとした存在全体を好きという人も多いだろう。そんな存在だからこそ、女性たちは、気軽な共通の話題として消費し、大げさに一喜一憂してみせているのではないだろうか。



"In truth," "Dameyo ~ Damedame" ... wordsmiths candidate

You can mirror the social conditions of the year one year, strong impression is given to you or the words left the "2014 You Can Shingo wordsmiths" (election "basic knowledge of modern terminology") nominated 50 words 19 days, was announced. "In truth," "Rerigo" from the Disney movie that's gaining popularity, went up and popular comedy duo of gag "Dameyo ~ Damedame". From this, the top 10 and the annual grand prize is determined to December 1.

[Candidate word list]
Shining woman / STAP cells there you / back building / Masado / trickle down / dengue / Dameyo ~ Damedame / 2025 problem / danger drag / ice bucket Challenge / housework Hara / Matahara / sobering in / Rerigo / Kopitto / Have a nice day / Little Honda / J marriage / ghost writer / Tamorosu / mild Yankee / Revenge porn / JK Business / superb / Legend / Yudzu / specter Watch / salt corresponding / mounting (women) / aggravated girls / Joso-ko / crying conference / sexual harassment jeers / right of collective self-defense / limited acceptance / aggressive pacifism / win no opponent is not anymore / Carp girls / Wan'ope / half half / annihilation potential city / wall Don / Euglena / 壊憲 anniversary / Islamic countries / umbrella revolution / bindweed / salt lemon / Bitcoin / Ebola hemorrhagic fever