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脳波で操縦するヘリコプター「Puzzlebox Orbit」の国内販売を開始
Started domestic sales helicopter to steer in the brain waves of "Puzzlebox Orbit" 

Japan as a dealer helicopter to operate in the U.S. EEG · Puzzlebox developed the "Puzzlebox Orbit" mobile edition, Global Trade has started selling online direct sales to the Japanese market, at wholesale. Price 20 000 9,800 yen. 

The greatest feature of the product, the controller is a must-have toy of the autopilot is not used, is to steer the "brain wave" instead. Was mounted EEG headset NeuroSky made ​​the "MindWave Mobile" in front of the operator, and sent to the tablet and smartphone brain waves has been detected. It is a mechanism to convert the operation instruction EEG data in a dedicated app, that operate in the infrared. In the app, and then visualize the brain waves that are received from the headset, displays each level of Meditation (meditation) Attention and (attention). When they reached the target level, the thing that set into motion signal is sent to the helicopter. Propeller helicopter is surrounded by a gauge, that there is no possibility of damage even hit the ceiling or wall. 

In addition, body size, 160mm height 200mm × width 200mm × length. In addition to the body, infrared transmitter and EEG headset, USB charging cable, spare propeller is attached. For Android and iOS version are prepared to use app, available for free download from Google Play or App Store. Note, EEG headset battery operated, but to remove noise "notch filter" is installed, the need to select either "50Hz version" or "60Hz" version in accordance with the power supply frequency of residence some.
脳波で操縦するヘリコプター「Puzzlebox Orbit」の国内販売を開始

Global Tradeは、米・Puzzleboxが開発した脳波で操作するヘリコプター「Puzzlebox Orbit」モバイルエディションの日本正規販売店として、日本国内向けにオンライン直売、卸売りにて販売を開始した。価格は2万9,800円。

同製品の最大の特徴は、自動操縦の玩具の必需品であるコントローラーは使わず、代わりに「脳波」で操縦することにある。操縦者の頭にニューロスカイ製のEEGヘッドセット「MindWave Mobile」を装着し、検知した脳波をスマートフォンやタブレットに送信。専用アプリで脳波データを操作命令に変換し、赤外線で操作するという仕組みだ。アプリ上では、ヘッドセットから受信した脳波をビジュアル化し、Attention(注意)とMeditation(瞑想)の各レベルを表示。それらが目標レベルに達すると、ヘリコプターに信号が送られ動きだすということだ。ヘリコプターのプロペラはゲージで囲まれており、壁や天井にぶつかっても破損することはないという。

また、本体サイズは、長さ200mm×幅200mm×高さ160mm。本体に加えて、EEGヘッドセットや赤外線トランスミッター、充電用USBケーブル、スペアプロペラが付属する。使用アプリはiOS版とAndroid版が用意され、App StoreやGoogle Playから無料でダウンロード可能。なお、EEGヘッドセットは電池で動作するが、ノイズを除去するための「ノッチフィルター」が搭載されており、居住地の電源周波数に合わせて「50Hz版」か「60Hz版」かを選ぶ必要がある。

ICTで変わる教育 育て!未来のグーグルやMS プログラミング教育で人材育成

The change brought up education in ICT! Human resource development in MS programming and education of future Google 

Aimed at the world's most advanced IT nation, ICT education of the country to promote (information communication technology) reduction. Not only as a tool simply master and tablet terminal of "one per person", what is expected, it's the development of human resources that give birth to innovation. One of programming education. Countries that promote compulsory education is of a growing number abroad, discussion's in its infancy still in Japan. 

◆ challenge with no correct answer 

Vast campus of (Machida City, Tokyo) private Tamagawa Gakuen there from kindergarten to graduate school. Elementary, middle and high school students of the robot club are working on assembling the robot workshop. 

Staff is described in "Increasing the sensor, is likely to exceed the limit of the size and weight. We try or fit well what if" he said. 

The built-in sensors and motors, is controlled by computer programming. There is a limit, such as the size and weight of the robot that can participate in the Games, such as robot soccer, students repeat the trial and error. 

In an attempt to actively the development of science and technology to create new value, education that integrates the basics of science and engineering field has been attracting attention in the Western and Asian countries. There is a place that is implemented in the robot teaching materials, such as classroom and private extracurricular activities in Japan. More than 10 years in robot activities, the school also have been working. Robot club you kept track record high in the Games, staff showed off a demonstration of robot soccer to U.S. President Barack Obama that came to Japan in April. 

There is a Strategy Guide to. Game to a way of giving the task without the "correct answer, but Arikawa Atsushi teacher of high school English Department to serve as an advisor to think that all the teams facing the. Games there are many ways is different robot I talk to. "

◆ vital force 

Effect not only on the acquisition of technology simply, nurture and problem solving skills and team work can be expected, you are stacking the know-how with the aim of introduction to the regular curriculum of the same school. However, there seems to be a challenge to incorporate in earnest in curriculum. 

From experience that was carried out exercises of robot programming, the time devoted to programming in class hours of Information Science and stipulated in the "course of study is less limited, Noborihon Yoko teacher of high school of Information Science chief tackle carefully point out not been incorporated into difficult. admissions, added, "What's challenge also want to set a target. 

Is provided in four years from one year subjects Ritsumeikan private elementary school in (Kita-ku, Kyoto), and assembling the robot, to learning to move in programming. By partnering with the curriculum content and teaching time that exceeds the course of study, we realized the subjects distinctive. 

"Cultivate creativity, thinking, cooperative force.'s An essential force in children who live in the society of the future," said Yasufumi Kawarada led teachers to expect a nationwide expansion. 

In modern society the tools around us moves by programming, the ability to know how it works, to move, to make that could influence the future of our children. Education to make use of the "one per person" is required. (Rie Terada, Yuki Murashima) 

■ "We should review the curriculum guidelines of now," Ken Sakamura Tokyo University Professor 

Programming education to actively. Innovation need a (innovation) "If Japan aimed at the world's most advanced IT nation, society a large number of individuals are able to form an idea by programming is advantageous is not limited to professional "

Speaking this is, it's Ken Sakamura Tokyo University professor, known worldwide as advocate "TRON (TRON)" of a computer operating system that is built into the home appliances. 

For example, farmers who can tackle programming To increase agricultural productivity by using the computer is fast. Such as Microsoft and Google as grew to large companies, programming obtained a large return soon with a small investment. Israel is compulsory in high school in early 2000, the United States also is working to the placement of high school programming teacher. In the UK, education programming that begins as compulsory education this fall. 

Said of "Modern to" 3Rs ", programming language is also essential as a basis academic achievement Sakamura Professor. Japan also should review the curriculum guidelines for now how to use spreadsheet software and word processing has become a center I'm talking, "said.
ICTで変わる教育 育て!未来のグーグルやMS プログラミング教育で人材育成




















ロボット 農業 プログラミング データ分析



1.3 billion people breakthrough -4-June quarter of the U.S. Facebook, 60% increase in revenue = user 

Net sales from April to June period closing the U.S. Facebook [current events] Silicon Valley Internet exchange sites (SNS) is the largest announced 23rd, 2.9 billion $ 10 million of 60.5% year-on-year (about 2950 billion), net profit was 700 million and $ 91 million of about 2.4 times. Number of users in the world topped 1.3 billion people, sales, profit was also a record high on a quarterly basis. 
Advertising revenue mainstay of about $ 2.6 billion an increase of 67 per cent. Of these, the percentage of advertising from the mobile terminal for service was expanded to 60% from 40% in the same period last year. Number of users at the end of June increased 14 percent from a year ago at 1.3 billion 17 million people.

The start in the United States test can be purchased directly Facebook, from advertising of "Buy" button 

July 17, the U.S. Facebook has announced the experiment provides can be purchased directly from the ads that appear on the site of the "Buy" button. It started as a development in the United States only to small and medium-sized businesses. 

"Buy" button, can be embedded as a purchase button to ads that appear in the Pages and news feed of Facebook. They are displayed on the desktop and mobile users are available for purchase directly by pressing the same button. 

You are "do not share a debit card or credit card information to be consideration for privacy and safety, to enter at the time of purchase" is Facebook. User to provide the option that you can decide whether you want to save for future shopping payment information that you entered. 

According to Reuters, it would be a transaction that occurred using the Buy button at this time, Facebook of not made ​​it possible to obtain a commission part of the settlement amount. 

To be limited to advertisers - small to medium-sized, test is carried out only in the United States. According to the company, and that expand to give a feedback.







Educational institutions and companies first - Google "Chromebook" landing in Japan

July 14, Google announced in educational institutions and companies in Japan, and began offering notebook PC "Chromebook" and "Chrome Administration Console". 

Chromebook is a notebook PC, which is based on software is a web browser "Google Chrome". Web apps and documents Gmail, such as spreadsheet is available, I can work at the place without internet connection. Differential data that you work while offline are updated to the net connection. By using the software or third-party virtualization technology has to offer, it's available existing applications be continued. 

By using the Chrome management console, administrators will be able to centrally manage users Chromebook multiple use within the organization, device, or application. It should be noted that according to Google, if you want to introduce a Chromebook, and administrative expenses of approximately 500,000 yen would be reduced by three years as compared to a conventional computer. 

July is Acer, 8 month Asus, release timing manufacturers and sales is determined, in September by Hewlett-Packard (HP). It 's Toshiba Dell and so soon announce the release date of the sale under consideration by other manufacturers. Price to be determined. It is to be noted that a 200-300 U.S. dollars in the open price in the United States. 

In Google, you are considering continuing the sale for the general public. This time, the aim of the pre-sale to educational institutions and companies in Japan, by making a good case and "partners, Abe Shinichi the company's enterprise sector, Managing Director, great when you enter the large market than future I told the foot is "spread benefits also. certain, if there is a case in Japanese companies.



 Chromebookは、ウェブブラウザである「Google Chrome」を基本ソフトとしたノートPC。Gmailやドキュメント、スプレッドシートなどのウェブアプリが利用可能で、インターネット接続のない場所でも作業ができる。オフライン時に作業した差分データは、ネット接続時に更新される。仮想化技術やサードパーティが提供するソフトウェアを利用すれば、既存のアプリケーションも継続して使用可能だ。




グーグルがポルノ広告締め出し 自主規制? 賛否割れ波紋
Google porn debarment advertising self-regulation? Pros and cons crack ripple 

That the U.S. Google has decided to prohibition of publication of pornographic advertising to the Internet search page is spreading ripples. 

While the anti-pornography organization evaluates to "tailwind to pornography banished from the Net", the voice of repulsion or "too abrupt" is up from such as the adult industry. Because that is, determination of Google is likely to call the discussion, including the Japan service around the world. 

■ To notify the customer 

"I do not accept advertising which carries a sexually explicit image or depicting sexual activity in the future" 

According to the U.S. media, such as, Google was notified simultaneously to suppliers last month, has been advertising the ad. Behavior of the subsequent Google also quick, porn advertising is no longer being posted on the search results page of Google already. 

Echo spread in Japan, well-established news site of Osaka such as "Gigajin" is, is introducing the changes to the advertising policy of Google. 

According to it, it was banned this time, sex in return (3) reward advertising content on the theme of sexual coercive behavior and (2) minor publicity carrying the (1) sexual content it is - publicity of services that could be considered a behavior. 

As well as a notification, Google is that it prompts you to examine and change the representation within a few weeks to companies that deliver ads that are expected to be in violation of the new advertising standard. 

Because say search and the number of "sex" and "porn", word porn advertising is likely to appear, and exceeded 300 million 50 million alone in May this year, the impact of the Internet users as well as business partners it's likely to be a big thing. 

■ skilled in the art as a "surprise attack" 

Against the decision of Google, reverberation is one after another from various quarters immediately. 

According to the business In'ida of the U.S. news site, as a view of the anti-pornography organization in the United States one of the best proud of the history and the founding in 1962 of "Morariti-in-media", the organization is "earns a profit in pornography Google" be criticized, it was a series of discussions with Google side, that drove the decision of Google. In addition to the anti-pornography organizations across the country, voice is not limited to the organization, to welcome the change of route Google is up from advocacy groups such as women and educators. 

On the other hand, some advertisers and to point out and was hit by a surprise announcement of Google, the orientation of questioning. 

According to the U.S. CNBC television, management deal with such adult magazine "AVN Media network" was untouched also. 12 years it has become an advertiser from the early days of a great deal of paid search advertising, "Google has been introduced I point out complain and "not even think Takara, Nantes is changed no way, and gloat in the decision of Google this time, would be skilled in the art of trying to convince them free large amounts of content to not advertise. Gigajin has also been pointed out, there is also the voice of ambiguous what the ad or to meet the criteria of Google actually. 

According to the report, Google are listed some examples of products and services that are not allowed for suppliers, advertising or is allowed. For example, promotion of sexual content with advertising and sexual massage services and prostitution, genital and oral, anal referred to as "not allowed". 

On the other hand, promotion of dating sites and strip clubs that are "allowed". However, there is likely to be prohibited by the promotion can be these ads, I hear more is left to discussions with advertisers and Google. 

■ The "do not be evil" 

As described above, Google relies on search advertising most of the sales, can be seen advertising pornographic also was a constant source of income. Why Google is what made ​​the decision to keep out porn ads. 

Google has not announced to comment on this decision, but there are several reasons to be inferred. 

First, it's said, "Don't be evil (do not be evil)" to, pornography ads and not suitable really famous as an informal corporate motto of Google itself. There is also a view Larry Page, CEO of Google also (CEO), and were concerned about the point. 

Then, the United States there is a growing trend worldwide to strengthen regulation against pornography, has been tolerant of children and pornography relatively relationship with freedom of expression is no exception. That, as mentioned above, such as from women's groups and anti-pornography groups "pressure" has suffered from Google would certainly. 

That the Obama administration of the Democratic Party to face one of the support layer women organizations, faces a severe attitude to pornography as authorities not unrelated. The Concerning child pornography is a problem in recent years, even after President Clinton of the Democratic Party (at that time) was signed also "Children's Online Protection Act" was determined to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court's decision, the Department of Justice eyes of scrutiny, especially I have turned the. 

Concerning child pornography problem, there is also a history of the past, was asked to submit random samples to Google, the Justice Department pointed out, such as "in it moved to" self-regulation "is Google" is also heard.
グーグルがポルノ広告締め出し 自主規制? 賛否割れ波紋




















 まず、グーグル自身の非公式な社是として有名な「Don’t be evil(邪悪になるな)」に、ポルノ広告はいかにもふさわしくないといった指摘だ。グーグルのラリー・ペイジ最高経営責任者(CEO)も、その点を懸念していたとの見方もある。