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Mixi is soaring with " Monsuto " expected , greater than DeNA by market capitalization

Tokyo stock market of May 30 , mixi (TSE Mothers ) to update the year-to-date high . It was a significant sales of ¥ 12,140 ¥ 1,060 the day before high ratio ( Tasu9.57 %) at the closing price . Market capitalization based on the closing price becomes 202 billion yen , exceeding (DeNA, First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange ) and DeNA .

The forecast for the current fiscal year that Mixi has been published , 40 billion yen of 3.3 times year-on-year net sales , forecast operating income would have 10 billion yen of 20-fold greater . Number of users smartphone game " Monster Strike " of ( Monsuto ) topped seven million people , overseas expansion also start from this month . Momentum is on and pull out was the top long in the App Store sales ranking of Apple's " Puzzle & Dragons " temporary .

It is calculated that this will soared more than doubled from ¥ 12 business day closing price 5850 May 14 only to show the outlook for the current fiscal year . The practice of the stock split of 1:5 as the record date June 30 seems to have attracted the speculation of investors .

DeNA is 1329 yen one yen depreciation of ( -0.08 %) . And ¥ 200.4 billion , market capitalization based on the closing price of forgave reversed mixi . DeNA received the April-June period forecast expecting a significant decrease profits , expand the stock price does not even have continued .

Glee ( ¥ 222.2 billion market capitalization ) ¥ 929 ¥ 18 high of ( Tasu1.98 %) , 2339 yen 28 yen depreciation of ( -1.19 %) ( 286.9 billion yen ) , the Gung Ho Online Entertainment 17 yen Koropura is high ( 671 yen of Tasu2.60 %) it was ( 772.9 billion yen ) .


 ミクシィが公表した今期の業績見通しでは、売上高が前期から3.3倍の400億円、営業利益は20倍超の100億円になると予想。スマートフォン向けゲーム「モンスターストライク」(モンスト)のユーザー数が700万人を突破し、今月から海外展開もスタート。一時はAppleのApp Store売り上げランキングで長らくトップだった「パズル&ドラゴンズ」を抜くなど勢いがついている。




iPhone Android  IT技術者あるある (本当に人気職種?)

Popular job really ? It is some IT professionals

It 's up high in the profession seeking to marry a woman , the image of stability and high income is a strong " public servants ", " Medical ", " lawyer " . However 's is said to be popular next to them , in fact, is the " IT professionals " What . IT industry is also likely to be large companies in the service as soon as . From the fact that there is a high image salary IT professionals who are many young science of human resources , it is said to be a job with the popularity of women . So I will introduce " a certain IT professionals " as seen from the wife whose husband the IT professionals of such popular in this article .

■ It can be seen if his wife ? There is some IT professionals !

◎ 1: I am in possession of two or more computer

PC few cars Possession is natural at home . Some people expert in two lines of desktop , laptop . And there are many some people dying of new PC-related products is wanted . Realization of efficient working environment totally begins to check happily the functions and specifications of the new product as if imperative . It may be may be made ??to give tolerance to occasional spending .

◎ 2: you are worried about the person in charge to hear the news of other problems

IT engineers who are struggling with problems of programming at all times . In addition, I am having such correspondence to the specifications change from day to day , a number of challenges . Simply because I know a great deal of trouble trouble that can not be specific cause , such as date impending , and hear the news , such as failure to Domo any IT services of other companies , and worried about the person who is hitting the correspondence and the person responsible for the service , also be muttering words of appreciation sometimes .

◎ 3: get worried Conversely 's ordinary way home

Because there are many things that does not proceed as planned , there is also a thing called ...... the last train going home and overtime , do not come back in the emergency response sometimes IT professionals . If you know the way of working of such a husband , you will not say anything even coming back late . But if , on the other hand , it came back on time , you may become and anxiety than was the situation Bad Things or something bad health .

◎ 4: 1 hour after the " Wait a minute "

When it was said, " Wait a minute " to talk to when you are heading on your PC, the person who was prepared that it will be after one hour , and that it be forgotten rather a good idea . Also looks good You had better be prepared even if it was said to be " ending soon " to hear that the " ? Likely end when did " , and still not end .

◎ 5: you are not familiar with unexpectedly The Office system software

I think in Some wife of IT professionals with questions about the operation of the Office system software on the grounds that because it is likely to detail the personal computer somehow , and that had upset her husband . Programming system software and clerical software because it is a different thing , looks good person who does not listen inadvertently . In addition, a question that seems to come up with solutions by searching on the Internet , the person who was examined by myself than hear is pleased .

◎ 6: I have discussed and negotiated with sleep talking to someone

You may fragment a carefully explained to someone in sleep talking , you are negotiating is audible . Or do they suffer from being confronted with the unreasonable demands dream . Or do they own way is said to people you are not familiar with IT too . Because of the highly specialized profession , there is also that you do not understand at all the bitches spilling once in a while and trouble , but the mental stress level might be higher in such a case . The Let me Ro~tsu gently .

◎ 7: I'm trying to find a solution when the absent-minded

If you look at the husband suddenly when you are together , there are times when you feel that it is empty somewhere . I am trying to find a solution in the brain usually in such a case . Solution is inspiration suddenly , you may have a fit of impulse to get down early . And because it does not believe it even if it becomes empty when you are together , time to enter the opponent especially just eager to work is boring , you're thinking about work all the time ! Looks good person who does not occur , and it was raised to through splendidly .

◎ 8: I am angry with IE when most of Funshi verge

If the husband of IT professionals gentle heart is calm , was angry with revealing the emotion , the cause will help you somehow think that's IE (Internet Explorer) What usually if . I'm used to a lot of people to take advantage of the net now also IE. Because the layout is broken are many problems in some browser , support is required for each version , IE is horrible existence to disrupt the spirit of IT professionals .

◎ 9: Angry on Android usually when you are raising a queer voice

Android is said defect is large next to the IE. Anger to IE even though subsided also mood worse ! Cause of the time that is the Android-powered most of the time. This place because it is likely there may Tsukiotosu the depths of nothingness , when you feel Na are somewhat irritated , It is suggested that you do not talk out of IE ・ Android related .

◎ 10: I'm burned out on a regular basis

When I began to tweet something dangerous to himself " Tabinidetai . " And a " . Want disappear " is Fuzen'notomoshibi fire state . This might mean that fighting while holding the biggest challenge . Because I do my best to run away without even so , I'll give you a moment gently after you have survived .

■ Conclusion

Work highly specialized , able to understand the work and worries quite content and it will not rival is difficult . However , what are you working hard to work without knowing because no doubt , be including also feel Na has changed a little , I'll understand important to do .


■ 妻なら分かる?IT技術者あるある!

◎ 1:パソコンを2台以上所持している


◎ 2:他社の不具合ニュースを聞いて担当者を案じている


◎ 3:定時帰りだと逆に心配になる


◎ 4:「ちょっと待って」が1時間後


◎ 5:Office系ソフトには意外に詳しくない


◎ 6:寝言で誰かに説明&交渉している


◎ 7:上の空のときは解決策を模索している


◎ 8:憤死寸前の時は大抵IEに怒っている

もし普段は冷静で心優しいIT技術者の旦那が、感情を露わにして怒っていた場合、その原因はIE(Internet Explorer)なんだと何となく思いましょう。IEは今も多くの人がネットを利用する際に使用しています。IEはレイアウトが崩れることが多々ある問題ブラウザで、バージョンごとに対応が必要なため、IT技術者の精神を崩壊させる恐ろしい存在です。

◎ 9:奇声をあげている時は大抵Androidに怒っている


◎ 10:定期的に燃え尽きている


■ おわりに


If you are reading only news smartphone , it is a fool ?

Smartphone I may be convenient , but some things you just can not do on a smartphone .

(Eg Oh , this article Na has come to the top of the front page today) that you feel ( treatment of that incident would lower by this newspaper why ) and such as , but not with a smartphone to expand the newspaper .

Smartphone is a tunnel vision basis , it's hard to grasp the big picture .

The case of a newspaper , who called a page -one editor is away , depending on the importance of the article , the placement of the article in the first aspect, it is not even Oh , It is the one that was considered not to even do this in the old days .

On the determination one ...... do with much larger article which , insight of the newspaper company is the reason had been put .

So for reporters wishing had a power very in-house , and page -one editor , and I want you to places where you write articles of individual , stand out as much as possible it, and fear , it is not there even in the presence reproachful .

But the web is so mainstream now , news came to be more and more flow from right to left , the importance of the concept of time deadline in time for next day's morning paper has been significantly reduced .

The importance of news , has been the topic repeatedly it on the net ? That is determined by the persistence. The more number of times that the RT on Twitter , it is posted to the Timeline of Facebook is large, touching the eyes of many people , and I mean that easy to become a hot topic .

I think that it may be restatement in the wind is the emergence of smartphones , that destroyed the raison d'etre of the page -one editor .

It's has changed , ( how chestnut page ) navigation Nari shape of the smartphone device that is , how they are finding the news and how they are consumed .

Marshall McLuhan , I expressed " what media is the message " and that the appearance of the conveniences of a new civilization would fundamentally changed the thinking patterns and behavior of human beings as such .

Newspaper of paper so that existing came to this , that the importance of the news that is determined by the persistence in social media , that by collection all the news and events of the day, to package a whole , and delivering it to the reader but that it is no longer make sense , before it is printed on the newspaper on a piece of paper and been around the net anymore , articles of individual , that is consumed is not the norm .

This is nothing but unbundling of (unbundling) of the article .

Then , for example, rather than to compete in the comprehensive strength of the entire paper surface , The New York Times , you will not do to be competitive is to pieces , in the individual articles .

On the other hand , as the Huffington Post , is not only original articles , media to be recording and reprinted an article published elsewhere because it appeared in the web , article of bloggers have been trained on a large newspaper it is that to compete in the same arena with articles of reporters , is becoming commonplace .

By article that is quality control , which has been carried out by the editor of the newspaper until it is consumed confused article it is not quality control at all that was written by bloggers ( article I of course is one of them ) and a mixture of wheat and chaff it is not the bear the aspect of .

At first glance , only the persistence of social media 's of determining the importance of the article , I think to be democratic , but there's a catch . For example, the reporter has interviewed a fair carefully how much , or wrote about ? Less likely to be evaluated on the net , or " five points you should know about ○ ○ " , eg, " ○ ○ in 3 minutes" , things like that will be more about how the article title to Internet users is likely to flutter , much it is important not to . ( Such Market Hack also use the old trick of this kind of course . Because , as this will no longer be able to tell , that it does not reach the threshold of persistence If you do not do this , I want readers to know much effort )

That the article content is dumbed down for this , as entertainment handy simplistic news is " consumption " are used to represent only norm . Users but are used to produce " doss , I zo I 'm reading daily this kind of esoteric news" such like by add comments word and my Cho~tsu to it , props of this accessories of news and none other .

News app that will choose the only news you want to know his , I useful , to be sure, but to accelerate to warp speed the tunnel vision of the user , which is also the terrible tool . This is because the user is because be spoon fed baby to be given with a spoon baby food from mom the only news that suits their hobby by using a news app.

This is nothing more than the abandonment of thinking in my head .

People different from the thinking of myself there a lot in the world , and news you do not want to read my own also brought one after the other . In terms of the market , things like miscalculation is , 's a natural happening all the time .

Is the same for research reports of securities companies in the news , but what is written there also might be important, what has been omit ? That also , is equally important .

Information to be output as an article is only the tip of the iceberg , the remaining 90% is wasted energy . And whether an effort to not appear in the table , on the receiving end the news forever Ata or whether get used to the caller , just flip a Tsukkomi and Cho~tsu the news , his like was is great and if it were , and I think that to decide whether to settle position of cheesy self-satisfaction .








ニュースの重要性は、ネット上でそれが繰り返し話題にされているか? つまりpersistenceによって決まります。ツイッターでRTされ、フェイスブックのタイムラインにポストされる回数が多いほど、多くの人の目に触れるし、話題になりやすいというわけです。









ソーシャルメディアでのpersistenceのみが記事の重要性を決定するというのは、一見、民主的で良いように思うのですが、そこには落とし穴があります。たとえばその記者がどれだけ丹念でフェアな取材をし、記事にしたか? というようなことはネット上では評価されにくく、「○○について知っておくべき5つのポイント」とか、「3分でわかる○○」など、ネットユーザーがなびきやすい記事タイトルの付け方の方が、はるかに重要になるわけです。(そういうMarket Hackも、もちろんこの手の常とう手段を使います。なぜなら、そうしないとpersistenceの閾値に達せず、せっかく読者に知ってもらいたいことを、伝えることができなくなってしまうからです)

このため記事内容はdumbed downされ、安易でお手軽なエンターテイメントとしてニュースが「消費」されることが常態化するわけです。ユーザーはそれにチョッと一言自分のコメントを添えることで「どや、オレはこんな難解なニュースを日頃読んでるんだゾ」みたいな演出に使われるわけで、これはニュースの小道具化、アクセサリー化に他なりません。

自分の知りたいニュースだけを選んでくれるニュース・アプリは、確かに便利なのですが、これはユーザーの視野狭窄をワープスピードに加速化させる、恐ろしいツールでもあります。なぜなら、ニュース・アプリを使うことでユーザーは自分の趣味に合ったニュースだけを赤ん坊がおかあさんから離乳食をスプーンで与えられるようにspoon fedされるからです。



ニュースでも証券会社のリサーチレポートでも同じですけれど、そこに書かれていることも大事かも知れませんが、何がオミットされたか? ということも、おなじくらい重要なのです。


Mobile companies or should not create a " transformation smartphone " Now

Commonly known as glasses case , sliding and folded , QWERTY keyboard equipped , such as a two- screen models such as feature phones , despite the different variations In the early days , represented by Galaxy and iPhone If noticing it , " one smartphones has become the only single plate " .
However , will deliver a talk that ...... or should not give a model that is out of the " single plate " is now.

◆ Android stability , variability is becoming no longer now be even "that " ARROWS
Variations in the degree of perfection and performance violently each manufacturer is Android smartphone ever , the case " performance ...... design at best ," " this manufacturer made ​​...... with the same performance " is also plentifully there was , but it is large conversion the winter was the model 2013 .
That each model was released from NTT DoCoMo · KDDI · SoftBank Mobile has adopted the performance of state-of-the-art " Snapdragon 800,2 GB RAM, Android 4.2 or more " and basically , even choose a smartphone of any manufacturer , in terms of performance of anxiety were gone .
In addition , at one of the high catalog specifications , ARROWS series of Fujitsu is repeated odd bug and fever of the body , has been developed into litigation rumor is stabilized at last , to another thing anymore 2013 winter model later . This means that the variation among manufacturers is why there while no variation in the true sense of the term is now a smartphone .
I tried to touch briefly the ARROWS NX F-05F response reborn in full , - YouTube

◆ diversity or not necessary Now it is fully mature
It is an Android smartphone with the feeling that evolve in the same direction as shape , almost the same specs , same OS, that same stability ...... in this way , mature , but the diversity that's why you would like asked .
Simply because it is now that it is fully mature hardware , software to both both , to suit your style and the use of user " transformation smartphone " I think this is one of the good even out .
An example of a transformation smartphone was released once . First sliding QWERTY keyboard equipped smartphone that is no longer released at the end of a late summer release in 2011 the " REGZA Phone IS11T " . It was user-friendly model to intensive communication , such as text chat and SNS from ease of hitting of character .

This smartphone equipped with a numeric keypad that became Uchidome in summer 2012 . Not to be considered Along with QWERTY keyboard smartphone described above , processor dual-core or more is to be mounted , positioned as for light users only .

And released in spring 2013 smartphone of a single plate except that it was released last , " MEDIAS W " . It is a sore transformation of " 2 + folding screen " what .

And can hit the character under the screen while looking at the screen above , the model that may have become the desired E for QWERTY keyboard refugees .
There was no bad never concept, in that 2GB RAM installed has become commonplace " APQ8064 ( quad-core , 1.5GHz) " in high-end models such as the Xperia Z, " MSM8690 ( dual-core , 1.5GHz) " , 1GB memory it was a spec of a generation ago called .
Despite being a concept that is good to ( so-called geek ) layer to obtain the state of the art , that is halfway ...... general layer keep one's distance concept therefore subtle , yet wacky , from reporters in the field performance "Why it had been criticized as " do not know what was out in this specification , but the evaluation is I think in a strange , if the same specs as the high-end model .
◆ mobile phone company or should not make a dream
In the most intelligent choice for mobile phone company Given in management aspect , as of 2013 winter model of Softbank smartphone is not out only three models , it kept to a lineup of Android number of models that fully stop the iPhone to sell in a stable Yes , it seems the number is not sold , transformation smartphone less profitable that's certainly not required .
But mobile phone company in Japan feature phone era , it came out a model rich personality in order to avoid the rut by the product maturity group also fact . Interesting product that is out and " au design project " and " Internet Machine" , from the framework of the existing mobile phone was born .

While mobile companies no longer adventure , there 's a feeling that I tried quite spring 2014 model of au " G Flex " . Abnormal feeling strong and was released along with the " Xperia Z Ultra " in order to appeal new category " fa Brett ," but , such as adopting a curved display , "failure for commercial " home territory of LG developed , in South Korea it was so as to be said to be .

Sales of " G Flex " is the reason was not much in the country of course , but conclude that unnecessary wacky such terminals to say or is premature , in the only smartphone of predictable shape , the user to " dream " will it not have been a need to look at the cause . .
Domestic manufacturers would be weakened , although the recent cycle to develop new models along with the mobile phone company is becoming not hold , even for the sake of diversity , continues out the " what was a something " in the mobile phone company still I just want you .

See all the [ or should not create a " transformation smartphone " Now mobile companies ]


NTTドコモ・KDDI・ソフトバンクモバイルからリリースされた各モデルが基本的に「Snapdragon 800、2GB RAM、Android 4.2以上」という最先端の性能を採用したことで、どのメーカーのスマホを選んでも、性能面での不安は無くなりました。
完全に生まれ変わったレスポンス、ARROWS NX F-05Fをざっと触ってみた - YouTube

かつて発売された変態スマホの一例。まずは2011年晩夏発売の「REGZA Phone IS11T」を最後にリリースされなくなったスライド式QWERTYキーボード搭載スマホ。文字の打ちやすさからSNSやテキストチャットなどでのコミュニケーションを多用するユーザーに優しいモデルでした。


そして最後にリリースされた一枚板以外のスマホが、2013年春発売の「MEDIAS W」。なんと「2画面+折りたたみ」という変態っぷりです。

コンセプトは決して悪くありませんでしたが、Xperia Zなどのハイエンドモデルで「APQ8064(クアッドコア、1.5GHz)」と2GB RAM搭載が当たり前になった中で、「MSM8690(デュアルコア、1.5GHz)」、1GBメモリという一世代前のスペックでした。
しかし日本の携帯電話会社はフィーチャーフォン時代、製品群の成熟によるマンネリ化を避けるために個性豊かなモデルを出してきたのも事実。「au design project」や「インターネットマシン」など、既存の携帯電話の枠組みから外れた面白い製品が生まれていました。

携帯各社が冒険しなくなった中、かなり頑張った感のあるのがauの2014年春モデル「G Flex」。新しいカテゴリ「ファブレット」を訴求するために「Xperia Z Ultra」と共に発売されましたが、曲面ディスプレイを採用するなどキワモノ感が強く、開発したLGのお膝元、韓国でも「商業的には失敗」と言われるほどでした。

もちろん「G Flex」の売れ行きは国内でも芳しくなかったわけですが、かといってこのような奇抜な端末を不要と結論づけるのは早計であり、ありきたりな形状のスマホばかりの中、ユーザーに「夢」を見させるためには必要だったのではないでしょうか。。


Test home delivery of pizza , unmanned aircraft is in Mumbai, India

The home delivery menu of pizza AFP = [ current events ] India , it is likely to be able addition to topping pepperoni , chicken tikka , and vegetarian , to order the " send empty" . Pizzeria country of Mumbai (Mumbai) , was carried out by a courier drone .

Pizza delivery from the sky in " Domikoputa " ? Videos of British Domino's Pizza is the topic

" Francesco 's Pizzeria (Francesco's Pizzeria) " is to give a hint to plan Internet retail giant Amazon - dot-com (Amazon.com) that use the unmanned aircraft to product delivery , the city infamous pizza shop in Mumbai City Southern it was decided to try the pizza delivery by unmanned aircraft in order to avoid congestion of .

To the mark PTI communication we were able to deliver safely pizza to order main away 1.5 kilometers from the store in the tests carried out on 11 " May . Mikel Rajani of Francesco 's Pizzeria (Mikhel Rajani) president , by ( unmanned aircraft was , "said would have become common in the 4-5 years after the pizza delivery ) . 1 aircraft $ 2,000 was converted to a private delivery of pizza , introduction cost of unmanned aircraft with rotor blades of four that it is ( about 200,000 yen ) .

" YouTube (YouTube) " and , this shop has released the video to deliver a pizza on the roof of a high-rise building unmanned aircraft flying over shops coastline , the cricket field of commercial city Mumbai Uploaded site . In the introduction of this test , Rajani president believes will lead to cheap and fast service delivery than normal by motorcycle .

There are several problems . And that the battery would run out after only 8 km flight , over the building of the security agency 's such as that flight is prohibited .

On the other hand , Mumbai police is seeking explanation will be made of the fact that Francesco 's Pizzeria did not report the test flight of the unmanned aircraft door-to-door delivery . "Normal , it necessary to get permission to also be flying the what . Against those that fly over by remote control , we 're very careful " with Mado~ukaru - Pandei of Mumbai police (Madhukar Pandey) General Manager complement I have a warning .

Unmanned machine was used in pizza home delivery in India can be seen for the first time is this time , entitled " Domikoputa of Domino (Domino's DomiCopter) " and found (Domino's Pizza) is a test delivered by unmanned aircraft Domino's Pizza last year in the UK I have published on the YouTube video .


「ドミコプター」で空からピザ配達? 英ドミノ・ピザの動画が話題に

 ムンバイ市南部にあるピザ店「フランチェスコズ・ピッツェリア(Francesco's Pizzeria)」は、インターネット小売大手アマゾン・ドットコム(Amazon.com)が商品配達に無人機を使うという計画にヒントを得て、悪名高い同市の渋滞を避けるために無人機によるピザ宅配を試すことにした。

 フランチェスコズ・ピッツェリアのミケル・ラジャニ(Mikhel Rajani)社長は、印PTI通信に対し「5月11日に行った試験では店から1.5キロメートル離れた注文主まで無事ピザを配達できた。(無人機によるピザ宅配は)4~5年後には一般的になっているだろう」と語った。ピザの配達専用に改造した、4つの回転翼を持つ無人機の導入費は1機2000ドル(約20万円)だという。



 一方、ムンバイ警察は、フランチェスコズ・ピッツェリアが無人機宅配の試験飛行を届け出なかったことについて説明を求めている。「通常、どんなものを飛行させるにも許可を得ることが必要だ。われわれは遠隔操作で上空を飛行するものに対して、極めて慎重だ」とムンバイ警察のマドゥカル・パンデイ(Madhukar Pandey)本部長補は警告している。

 インドのピザ宅配で無人機が使用されたのは今回が初めてとみられるが、英国では昨年ドミノ・ピザ(Domino's Pizza)が無人機によるテスト配送とみられる「ドミノのドミコプター(Domino's DomiCopter)」と題したビデオをユーチューブで公開している。