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IT in various ways  0429
Google automatic vehicle that has evolved so far - published a new video

Google has released a new video and blog post to introduce or how much progress has been made over the past year is the automatic vehicle technology . Currently , automatic vehicle project , have shifted the emphasis to be operated safely from relatively monotonous freeway , the situation corresponds to the complex situation of the city crowded .

Google software is installed in the automatic vehicle is intended to be correctly recognized at the same time all the target hundreds of road . It is present on the basis of rules that target a myriad of different is different is on the road bike to signal that the pedestrian you are over cross the intersection , turn by hand , such as a stop sign , which is posted on the high places of the street . According to Google, the Google automatic vehicle , since it is not that it is not always neglect the care , to guard also tiring , in most cases , that it is safer than a human driver .

Google says to be done still is left up to the many practical applications , but this project is running a automatic vehicle 700,000 miles also ( 1.12 million kg ) already . This is a length of about 28 laps to the earth .

Google car have a decision corresponding to the following circumstances: from 0:30 per [ Japan version ] video .

Lane change in advance by reading the label of " Construction Ahead "
- I pass through according to red induction cone
• Avoid taking a safe distance the tracks that are parked
• The pause at the railroad crossing , and wait until there is enough room car in front is out of the railroad crossing
And deceleration by reading the hand signal of a bicycle rider
• If you want to ( turn left if Japan ) and waits column of bike coming from behind to pass turn right at an intersection






Momentum sustained Pazudora . Chinese version is also off to a good start 1Q financial results for the Gung Ho , to full-year sales and profit growth to input

March forward of Gung Ho Online Entertainment to deploy " Puzzle & Dragons ( Pazudora )" on Sumahogemu does not stop .

( 61.5% year-on-year) 49.9 billion yen sales , 1 to fiscal year ended March 31 , 2014 the company announced on April 28 is , operating income indicating the earnings of the core business (up 54.6% year-on-year) 28.7 billion yen and , I was a record high for both . By event and implementation television CM towards the launch Nintendo 3DS for Nintendo " Pazudora Z" run its course , advertising expenses has returned to a regular basis , operating income was reduced by the second consecutive quarter was also V -shaped recovery .

■ All six titles profitability
"All six titles are deploying is profitable ." Kazuki Morishita president says the response to the new , but it 's supported by one hand the high profits of the company currently , there is no doubt that this is a Pazudora beyond the 27 million domestic total download . Also at this time beyond the two years from release in February 2012 , I have maintained a top domestic sales for both Apple , Google for .

The number of users by the company the most important to match , have one or more times a month login (MAU) is also growing steadily . "These type theme park management that the enjoyment longer one work " result of ( Morishita president ) , keep a 15 billion yen or more in monthly sales since last December . It seems to say towards the year-on-year revenue and profit growth in the full year listed in the beginning of the fiscal year , and got off to a good start .

Attention in the future , but new game strategy and overseas expansion was listed in the key strategies of the current fiscal year . Currently , fire is attached to Pazudora popular in Hong Kong that won the top sales overseas. MAU in overseas also soared to the beginning of this year . You are " in preparation " it's ( Morishita president ) also release the Chinese version . In addition to the cooperation was acquired in partnership with Softbank parent company , Sumahogemu the Finnish company and the " supercell " , " In addition to the drop of . Advertising expenses for which you want to strengthen the relationship between the various companies , there is also a further M & A leverage " Europe and the United States ( I talk about the willingness and Morishita, president ) .

Expectations were surpassed one million downloads in one and a half months delivery start , board game to such as " Samonzubodo " is also growing new game, but also added a new game that specializes in puzzles most attention was " Pazudora W" wax . Toward light users to elements of role-playing games such as the development of the monster is difficult , it's a new game that specialize in puzzle action .

It was up scheduled for this spring , but " it has continued to brush up , has been delayed slightly ," and ( Morishita president ) , but the success or failure of the game is its foot further appeal the Pazudora also light users and non-experience person it seems to say of whether or not it can be extended , the touchstone of fair game .

パズドラの勢い持続。中国語版も投入へ ガンホーの1Q決算、通期増収増益へ好発進








 Mobile phone charges , not too high of you? Attention as " LCC smartphone " is

The smartphone you are using everyday , I wonder how much is paid every month ? If 6,000 to 7,000 yen , are adding the terminal fee even if I do not use the phone too , will some people more than 8,000 yen . Price difference is not so much that's leading carriers , but it's LCC is attracting the attention now .

Stands for low-cost carriers and LCC, that of businesses that provide a communication line or terminal at a bargain . For example , the ions released cheap smartphones in the 8,000 limit . It has become a 2,980 yen per month together all the basic cost data communication and terminal fees and voice communication . 1,000 -limited , Bic 's cheap and 2,830 yen per month included crowded .

There are several reasons why put out a price of less than half of the major carriers. At first , the procurement cost of the terminal 's cheap . Ion adopts the " Google Nexus 4 " . It is a reference terminal of Google , but released in November 2012 . It's a terminal which has appeared a year and a half ago . Android OS what corresponds to 4.4 , but old 1-2 generation indeed . Bic is " FleaPhone CP-F03a " . Unfamiliar , it's a simple terminal manufacturer that COVIA.

Then , there is a limited ability to communicate . The Company uses the line called MVNO, it 's very different from the major carriers such as connection speed . Of ion smartphone is equipped with a " b-mobile SIM " , data communication speed is slow and 200kbps. Bic is but 14.4Mbps, communication amount to 1GB a month . Is limited to 200kbps if it exceeds the capacity .

Services that sing the LTE or 4G, maximum communication speed is fast and 75Mbps. High-speed communication is possible but more in some areas . At the same compared , 200kbps slow uneven . Streaming video playback is hopeless , and download the app , of course , display of large image might also painful . That said , it is possible to send and receive e-mail and web browsing , and it can be used without a problem if the application traffic , such as a social game and LINE less .

Besides , there is also that it will not be able to use the mail carrier such as Softbank and DoCoMo , features such as call waiting and voice mail is not available . It 's by the terminal , but it is not available mobile wallet for now .

If you can convince these disadvantages , LCC be suppressed increasing the cost per month is recommended . No problem or was second and demand , if light use such as sending and receiving e-mail and web browsing . Now that the high cash back by ( number portability ) MNP is gone , presence of LCC is increasing . MNP to LCC 's also possible from leading carriers.

In the future , Yodobashi Camera and K-Opticom is a communication company of Kansai Electric Power system is also expected to enter the LCC. This summer , the smartphone market is big but seems to sway .
あなたのケータイ代、高すぎない? 注目を集める「LCCスマホ」とは

 普段使っているスマホに、毎月いくら支払っているだろうか? 電話をあまり使わなくても6,000~7,000円、端末料金が加算されている場合は、8,000円を超える人もいるだろう。大手キャリアだとそれほど価格差はないが、今注目を集めているのがLCCだ。


 大手キャリアの半額以下という価格を出せる理由はいくつかある。まずは、端末の調達コストが安いのだ。イオンは「Google Nexus 4」を採用している。Googleのリファレンス端末だが、発売は2012年11月。1年半前に登場した端末なのだ。Android OSこそ4.4に対応しているが、1~2世代古いことは確か。ビックカメラは「FleaPhone CP-F03a」。あまりなじみのない、COVIAというメーカーのシンプルな端末だ。

 次に、通信機能に制限がある。MVNOと呼ばれる回線を利用しており、接続速度など大手キャリアとは大きく異なるのだ。イオンのスマホは「b-mobile SIM」を搭載し、データ通信速度は200kbpsと遅い。ビックカメラは14.4Mbpsだが、通信量は月に1GBまで。容量を超えると200kbpsに制限される。




To wipe out the Japanese actress in the " adult " eradication campaign , fake account also appeared one after another - China

April 27, 2014 , " ( adult site , illegal image crackdown )掃黄hitting non " campaign that targets the Internet site , account of the China version of Twitter Japanese actress who appeared in adult offerings delete one after the other have been . ( Electronic version ) said the People's Daily .

Such as national public Internet information valve chamber and China Ministry of Public Security , the national organization of four 's was started from this month , the eradication campaign , billed as " non - striking掃黄Kiyoshi-mo 2014 " . As a result, the account of the China version of Twitter actor and actress to appear in adult offerings in Japan have been removed one after another . It should be noted that the account of the talent of the popular Sora Aoi is continuing as it is in China , encouragement of " hang in there " has also been sent from the Chinese fans .

However, with this , the advent new account claiming to be an actor or actress that was deleted after another . The Internet site that is the target of control , you have to strengthen the reporting system from the user , but is showing signs such as the weasel pretend occurrence also be deleted .

The 27th , is as poor supervision led to vulgar of the net information , Sina portal site , which operates ( U~eibo ) China Twitter - BiHiroshi that face the most user Announces apology . I have emphasized the support and cooperation to the " non - striking掃黄Kiyoshi-mo 2014 " .




 iPhone game machine hit the signs of the destructive power of the controller for the iPhone ? Stratus no longer need

Game console manufacturers were led by Nintendo , is inferior to stand in the rise of the smartphone . Products that could further accelerate the flow appeared .

Wireless game controller for game iOS7 equipment professional manufacturer of Denmark , series steel company is selling " Stratus Wireless ( Stratus wireless ) ," said .

Features that can be manipulated in the same way as home-use game machine , a game which has been downloaded to the iPad and iPhone. Product called game pad that corresponds to such as iPhone and iPad had come out so far , but the operability was not good enough . And will be released overseas in January 2014 , Games Info site such as " Pocket Gamer " is acclaimed all together Stratus . ( Ginza , Shibuya , Nagoya Sakae ) in the three stores of the Apple store , sales will start in the Apple online store from early April , it has become a hot topic among the game core fans immediately at the end of March in Japan . Price is 7800 yen without tax .

■ fighting game also easily operated
In addition to the cross key of the base , Stratus include shoulder buttons four (L1, L2, R1, R2) face four buttons Dual analog stick (A, B, X, Y) and , at the top . In spite of being equipped with a button of this much , about the same size of the vertical and horizontal with iPhone5. Body weight is about 75 grams , it is fairly light compared controller Sony's " PlayStation 4" (210 grams) .

Built-in lithium ion battery , available 10 hours continuously. It's charge in about 2 hours with USB charger included . In addition, some games that support Stratus , you can play up to four people maximum at the same time .

The Sumahogemu so far , if anything , something simple that can be operated with one finger tip and puzzle game in many cases. Previously , game fighting system is hard to play fast operation is difficult in the touch panel , and there is no controller in particular " . The smartphone . Dedicated game machines , which do not play only in dedicated game machine with dignity is after all officers of a game company I was , "said some .

However , voice " lightly was possible to be continuous tricks of fighting game " and , with the play without stress is up to the user who purchased the Stratus .

Sumahogemu that corresponds to the controller is not so large now , the threat of Stratus description remains potential .

However, the barriers between smartphone and dedicated game machine is becoming low . For example , was popular in the PlayStation 2 , action game of the U.S. Rockstar Games ' Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas " is also released as a game for iOS already , it is also compatible with Stratus .

■ development environment ready
The " Unity ( Unity ) " in the environment that supports the Stratus is prepared Unity Technologies of the United States has to offer , game development tools to be able to simplify the development of complex applications . Unity has been used a lot as well as PlayStation games for Sony and Nintendo " Wii U " for , in the development of Sumahogemu , user ballooned to hundreds of thousands of people scale Including the developer of indie game that are named .

While the cumulative worldwide sales of the Wii U was released in 2012 is sluggish and ( in 2013 the end of December ) 5.86 million units since its release in November last year in about five months seven million units worldwide cumulative sales PlayStation 4 , ( I topped the April 6 point ) 2014 . That in the smartphone to spread rapidly , there is a strong need to be dedicated game machine that's for sure .

However , improvement of the development environment and improve the performance of smartphones , with the advent of the controller , such as the Stratus , the possibility that future brings up a Sumahogemu comparable to special-purpose machine for a high . Struggle for supremacy of . Dedicated machine vs smartphone is going to be more and more intense .
iPhone用 ゲーム機はいらなくなる?ストラタスの破壊力 iPhone用コントローラーにヒットの兆し


デンマークのゲーム機器専門メーカー、スチールシリーズ社が販売しているiOS7用の無線ゲームコントローラー「Stratus Wireless(ストラタス・ワイヤレス)」だ。








また米国のユニティ・テクノロジーズが提供している、複雑なアプリケーションの開発を簡単にできるゲーム開発用ツール「Unity(ユニティ)」には、ストラタスをサポートする環境が用意されている。ユニティは任天堂の「Wii U」向けやソニーのプレイステーション向けゲームだけでなく、スマホゲームの開発にも多く使われており、利用者はインディゲームの開発者を含めると数十万人規模に膨れあがっているという。

2012年に発売されたWii Uの世界累計販売台数が586万台(2013年12月末時点)と伸び悩む一方、プレイステーション4は、昨年11月の発売から約5カ月で世界累計販売台数700万台(2014年4月6日時点)を突破した。スマホが急速に普及する中で、ゲーム専用機にも根強いニーズがあることは確かだ。


Internet Explorer サイト閲覧で PC 制御される恐れ (「Firefox」か「Google Chrome」がおすすめ!)

 Site browsing software 
Or "Firefox", "Google Chrome" is recommended!

Fear to be PC control vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer unmodified, on the site browsing

Fear to be PC control vulnerability of unmodified , browse the site to IE6 ~ 11 (Internet Explorer (IE))

" Internet Explorer (IE) 6 ~ 11 " in the Web browser of the United States Microsoft (MS), ( Applause. ) characteristics is found a new vulnerable . There is a risk that is controlled without permission PC When you open a malicious Web site , such as . Workaround for security updates are not caught up yet , such as the introduction of tools to ease the threat separately is required .

According to the MS, attacks exploiting this vulnerability already have been found . There is a possibility that the application terminates abnormally or is controlled from an external PC and attacked .

With the introduction of " Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) " and is relieve the threat of attack as emergency measures . From a dedicated site , download , you can install the EMET 4.0 or later .

Also open a workaround for IE in the " Internet Options " and " Security" tab , and , set to "High" level of security for each local intranet and the Internet , MS is introducing . However that reminds to be introduced in terms of both confirmed what effect on the system .

You can see security advisories from the company ( in English) for more information .


「Firefox」か「Google Chrome」がおすすめ!

Internet Explorer 未修正のぜい弱性、サイト閲覧で PC 制御される恐れ
IE6~11 に未修正のぜい弱性、サイト閲覧で PC 制御される恐れ(Internet Explorer(IE))

米国 Microsoft(MS)の Web ブラウザ「Internet Explorer(IE) 6~11」に、新たな脆弱(ぜいじゃく)性が見つかった。悪意のある Web サイトなどを開くと PC を勝手に制御される恐れがある。まだセキュリティ更新が追い付いていないため、別途脅威を和らげるツールを導入するなどの回避策が必要となる。 

MS によると、すでにこの脆弱性を突いた攻撃が見つかっている。攻撃を受けるとアプリが異常終了したり、PC を外部から制御される恐れがある。 

応急の対策としては「Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit(EMET)」を導入すると、攻撃の脅威を和らげられる。専用サイトから、EMET 4.0 以降をダウンロード、インストールすればよい。 

また IE の「インターネットオプション」にある「セキュリティ」タブを開き、インターネットとローカル イントラネットそれぞれについてセキュリティのレベルを「高」に設定する、といった回避策も、MS は紹介している。ただしどちらもシステムにどのような影響があるかを確認したうえで導入するよう念を押している。 

The warning by the U.S. ... dangerous and refrain from using the " IE (Internet Explorer) " and also in the latest
28 , as there is a possibility that the fragile vulnerability of safety is found " Internet Explorer (IE) " in Internet browsing software by Microsoft (MS) -supplied , subject to hacking [ Washington ] U.S. Department of Homeland Security , and warned to take measures such as using browsing software another .

Vulnerability was found up to 11 of the latest version 6 of IE. MS until take action , the ministry has called to refrain from use .

The 26th of this month , acknowledged the risk of hacking , MS is set to take measures with the investigation as soon as possible.
Warning out so that as there is a possibility that the vulnerability of safety is found " Internet Explorer (IE) " in Internet browsing software by Microsoft Corporation to provide , subject to hacking , to take measures such as using the browser of another have .
The targets of bug fixes to 11 from version 6 of IE. For support of basic software (OS) Windows XP is off on April 8 , attention personal computer utilizing the XP because it is out of correspondence .
IE user , switch the use , such as Firefox or Chrome Internet browsing software update until it is released by Microsoft .

最新でも危険、「IE(Internet Explorer)」の使用控えて…米で警告


You can rapidly add features wanted by the add-on , open source web browser .
It is attractive to be able to , such as adding various functions search light browsing , JavaScript to be read at high speed , such as Google / Yahoo! by the search plug-in , such as mouse gestures add-on , to build up the browser of his own way .
Screen shot ..
Evaluation and review of Firefox
. Evaluation of user
. . Supported OS number 110 ratings.
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1,. Providing source Windows Server 2003, Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8, Linux, Android
Mozilla Japan ..

Google Chrome
Web browser of Google stuck to the speed .
Function are summarized in simple , high-speed start-up time as the browser surprised . Reading Javascript also fast , I can comfortable browsing . Menu from the wrench icon to the right . Search window with the address bar to integrate , search engine you can set the search engines like Bing and Yahoo! in non-Google . Bookmarks with a single click the star icon . You can use the browser without leaving a record of the personal computer history Cookie, such as cache if you use the secret mode .
Screen shot ..
Evaluation and review of Google Chrome
. Evaluation of user
. . Supported OS number 173 ratings.
(32/64bit), Mac OS X 10.6 or later , . Providing source Linux, iOS, Android Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
Google Inc ...


軽快なブラウジング、高速で読み込むJavaScript、検索プラグインによる Google / Yahoo! などの検索、アドオンによるマウスジェスチャーなど様々な追加機能など、自分の思い通りのブラウザを作り上げることができるのが魅力的です。
Firefox の評価・レビュー
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, Windows Server 2003, Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8, Linux, Android.提供元
Mozilla Japan..

Google Chrome
速度にこだわった Google のウェブブラウザ。
機能はシンプルにまとめられており、ブラウザの起動時間が驚くほど高速。Javascriptの読み込みも速く、快適なブラウジングができます。メニューは右にあるスパナアイコンから。アドレスバーと検索窓は一体化し、検索エンジンは Google 以外でも Yahoo! や Bing などの検索エンジンを設定できます。ブックマークはスターアイコンを1クリックで。シークレットモードを利用すればCookie、キャッシュなどの履歴の記録をパソコンに残すことなくブラウザを利用できます。
Google Chrome の評価・レビュー
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1(32/64bit), Mac OS X 10.6以降, Linux, iOS, Android.提供元
Google Inc...


1位を目指し、がんばれ日本!(With the aim of first place, Japan Ganbare!)
世界1位(1 in the world)
iPS細胞の論文、日本は世界で2位!(paper of iPS cells, Japan ranked second in the world!)iPS細胞など大量培養 新たな方法を開発(Development of new methods such as mass culture iPS cells)
Development of new methods such as mass culture iPS cells

Research groups such as Kyoto University, has announced that it has developed a new method for culturing a large amount of ES cells and iPS cells.

According to a research group at Kyoto University, in order to commercialize the ES cells or iPS cells, it is necessary to mass-cultured cells of higher quality, lower cost. In this study, by having developed a three-dimensional culture method is cultured in a solution obtained by adding a substance called gellan gum food additive, and it was able to be cultured efficiently without damaging the cells.

It is said that the cost of treating several tens of million yen per person will take the regenerative medicine, but in the research group, by advancing the research in the future, and lead to significant cost savings much regenerative medicine is received for the average person I was talking about and want.

iPS細胞など大量培養 新たな方法を開発




ニコニコ動画 ・ニコニコ超会議3は、いい!(Nico Nico Douga ・Nikonikochoukaigi 3 is good!)
ニコニコ超会議3ではここに注目!(I pay attention here in Nikonikochoukaigi 3 !)
I pay attention here in Nikonikochoukaigi 3 ! Attractions introduction for beginners

The " Let's Sing " and " Let's dance ", " VOCALOID " " Nikonikogijutsubu " - the 26th , events to reproduce on the ground all of the smiling video content and performer every meeting " Nikonikochoukaigi 3" in Makuhari Messe finally I kicks off Te . Mean that huge festival unfolds over two days , voice also seems such thing ...... you do not know where would I be able to find this? In this study , Let's introduce the attractions of Nikonikochoukaigi 3 from beginner to advanced can enjoy .

First of all can be called the centerpiece of a maximum of 3 Nikonikochoukaigi It's " super sumo meeting place" . Wrestler of about 250 people , including grand champion Hakuho of , the Nichi-ba Fuji comes up super conference . I wage a fierce fight for two days . Also for those who had no interest until now , is going to be an opportunity to know the charm of sumo . Can compete with wrestlers " naughty arena Festival" since they are held , and try some participants also interesting . Rarely this opportunity .

Highlight of the exhibition booth ultra- deep water and ultra- booth space booth than anything . Under the JAXA cooperation , rocket parts genuine " fairing " is on display in the super universe booth . Further in limited quantities visitors present fairing that is (!) . The ultra- deep water of one booth , I play an active part in the state-of-the-art deep-sea exploration " Shinkai 6500 " is coming . Because this does not rarely seen , let us look by all means at this opportunity . In addition , Apache Longbow that appeared in the Self-Defense Forces booth can not miss the big game exhibition . It is not in addition to at the super conference 3 chance to see up close the strongest attack helicopters of which becomes the entire length 17m. I can also cosplay experience of the Self-Defense Forces .

Let the meal in the food court super stomach when empty . In addition to food of story -based like Nico Nico Douga is provided in limited quantities , usually serving delicious menu normally is substantial . I think it because of that and was 1.5 times the number of food , and never to be sold out Oh than last year, but limited menu 's where you want to eat as soon as possible especially . Burgers and that made ​​the person in charge of the original chef fired up , especially recommended popcorn wagon , which is installed around the venue . In addition , if a person to be able to drink liquor , drink is determined by the "super- ZUN beer " ! I enjoy 500 yen a glass of beer of the orthodox school of world beer cup Gold Award " Baird Brewing " dealt with.

Two days which is the opening day , the introduction of a food court and a permanent exhibition in either place I enjoy more . I enjoy recommendations for meeting ultra- 3 while enjoying a walk through these , to walk all round the venue , it 's that try to stop by the booth that I thought , " Oh ." Ultra- wide meeting anyway , Booth rich variety that you cover all genres grove . In addition , events surprise special guests , such as Takashi Okamura and Funasshi is such as to appear somewhere , are scheduled to be .

Going Flat also ants , but to enjoy the total because such as not enough at all , even for two days , it would be better it 's know the booth you want to go ahead . So let 's enjoy together at the venue !
ニコニコ超会議3ではここに注目! 初心者のための見どころ紹介

「歌ってみた」「踊ってみた」「VOCALOID」「ニコニコ技術部」――ありとあらゆるコンテンツ&パフォーマーが集まるニコニコ動画のすべてを地上に再現するイベント「ニコニコ超会議3」が26日、いよいよ幕張メッセにて開幕する。2日間にわたって繰り広げられる巨大フェスということで、どこを見ればいいかわからない……なんて声もありそうだ。 そこで今回は、初心者から上級者まで楽しめるニコニコ超会議3の見どころを紹介していこう。



 お腹が空いたら超フードコートで食事にしよう。ニコニコ動画らしいネタ系のフードが数量限定で提供されるほか、普通においしくいただける通常メニューも充実している。昨年よりも食数を1.5倍にしたとのことなので、そうそう売り切れることはないと思うが、特に限定メニューは早めに食べておきたいところだ。おすすめは元シェフの担当者が特に気合を入れて作ったというハンバーガーと、会場内のあちこちに設置されるポップコーンワゴン。また、お酒を飲める人なら、飲み物は「超ZUNビール」で決まり! ワールドビアカップ金賞受賞の「ベアードブルーイング」が手がけた本格派のビールが1杯500円で楽しめる。


ニコニコ動画は、いい!(Nico Nico Douga is good!)

Songrium to step over people seven years of Nico Nico Douga "super player history" is too convenient

To explain, "Well, ... I melt when the shock" or to Bokarofan recent, such as those entered in Senbonzakura also is troublesome. According have been developed for the Nikonikochoukaigi 3, in Songrium in handy in such a case is, it is "super-player history".

AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) has to offer, Songrium services to facilitate follow the related videos or YouTube videos Nico Nico Douga. Videos that are common in large bubble, not even so the size of its own way, disappearing bubbles are born one after another "bubble player" features. Ultra history player, he can be seen Dara in succession only touch the popular video to date from 2007 by using that feature.

He had the ability to these only Vocaloid so far, but also provides "All Categories" this time. Some, such as seeding and videos seen singing early in 2007, and the "Let's Go! Onmyoji" but, "Mikumikunishiteageru" appeared suddenly in the days there was no category VOCALOID still, sequence and Imus Big Three and the East I can "relive" the manner in which we become a category called. ...... And to be looking at the state of today. Diversity .... Yeah.

Can be compressed re-experiencing of the major categories for each "Vocaloid music" and "Let's Sing" and "Let's dance" and "ultra-history". If Vocaloid music, Hatsune Miku green, color-coded red and also because it is the MEIKO, it is possible to know with the popular music of DB at that point.

This ultra-history player, something that has been developed in the booth for the "category History by Songrium look back at the" super-historical player "" that Nikonikochoukaigi 3 of "The Super Dimension smiling Institute" on 26 and 27 April, but convenient too " It was critical functions, has decided to open to the public in a sustained manner the Web version "of (AIST Information Technology Research Institute senior researcher Masataka Goto-san).

Senior to that, do not be shifted away from the scene for some time be able to smile again this Songrium in the "super-player history".





 これまではボカロだけでこういった機能はあったのだが、今回は「全カテゴリ」も提供。2007年初期、「レッツゴー! 陰陽師」などの歌ってみたやガチムチ動画などはあるものの、まだVOCALOIDカテゴリがなかった時代に突然「みくみくにしてあげる」が出現し、東方やアイマスと並び御三家と称されるカテゴリとなっていく様子を「追体験」できる。そして今の状態を見てみると……。多様性が……。うん。


 この超歴史プレーヤは、4月26、27日にニコニコ超会議3「超時空ニコニコ研究所」の「『超歴史プレーヤ』で振り返るカテゴリ史 by Songrium」ブース用に開発されたものだが、「あまりに便利な機能だったので、Web版を持続的に一般公開することにしました」(産総研 情報技術研究部門 首席研究員 後藤真孝さん)という。


質問/回答したことがある Q&A サイトは?(Q & A sites that have ever question / answer?)
Q & A sites that have ever question / answer? First place in the 86%, over "Yahoo! Answers" is thrust away second place "! Goo teach" third place "OKwave"

It can be a question / answer willingly, that you do not listen to people around shame and doubt a little "Q & A Site". Daily Chin interesting question from topic to serious, is there any doubt cast. How much, how users are using which sites actually. This time, NTT Com and Internet research com, conducted a survey on "Q & A Site".

Surveyed 1,068 people Internet users nationwide teens? 60s or more. Male-to-female ratio is 53.1% men and 46.9% women. Age ratio is 13.6% teens, 15.6% in their 20s, 21.6% in their 30s, 17.2% in their 40s, 15.1% in their 50s, 16.9% in their 60s or more.

692 people It was the answer of the entire 1,068 people, know the Q & A site is first (64.8%). When asked Have you ever browsed / actually used to the 692 people, 602 people (87.0%), and "never viewed / use" people 90 people as "sometimes viewed / use" person ( was 13.0%). There seems to be with respect to the entire 1,068 people, people of about 56% of them use the Q & A site.

When asked did you use in any form Then, people of the "only sometimes viewed" the most 456 patients (75.7%), 67 people "is also one of the questions and answers" people (11.1 % 54 patients (9.0%), "Have you ever posted an answer to the question" people 25 people "Have you posted the question" who was the (4.2%),).

Then, I asked if there is that the 146 people who have had a question / answer, you post to any site, it is now of the following graph. "Yahoo! Answers" is at 86.3%, the result was that it was big Tsukihanashi 28.1% of "! Goo teach", 14.4% of the "OKwave".

Also, when I heard the Post count of questions / answers so far, it is now of the following graph. While the people of five times from 2 times the majority, seems to have a certain number also those of you who posted the questions and answers more than 20 times.
Where 121 people that may last, it was a question, and I heard it or not resolve the trouble, "I felt that it was able to resolve all" people 93 16 patients (13.2%), "I felt that it was able to resolve some extent" people people (76.9%), "I felt that it could not be at all" people became 12 persons (9.9%).

In the future, the question of the day-to-day but it is preferable to go one by one is resolved.
質問/回答したことがある Q&A サイトは?ー「Yahoo! 知恵袋」が86%で1位、2位「教えて! goo」3位「OKwave」を突き放す

ちょっとした疑問や恥ずかしくて周りの人には聞けないことを、気軽に質問/回答できる「Q&A サイト」。シリアスな話題から面白い珍質問まで、あらゆる疑問が日々投げかけられている。ユーザーは実際にどれくらい、どのサイトを利用しているのか。今回、インターネットコムと NTT コムリサーチは、「Q&A サイト」に関する調査を行った。


まず全体1,068人のうち、Q&A サイトを知っていると答えたのは692人(64.8%)。その692人に実際に閲覧/利用したことがあるか聞いたところ、「閲覧/利用したことがある」人は602人(87.0%)、「閲覧/利用したことはない」人は90人(13.0%)だった。全体1,068人に対して、約56%の人がQ&Aサイトを利用したことがあるようだ。


次に、質問/回答をしたことがある146人に、どのサイトに投稿したことがあるか聞いたところ、以下のグラフのようになった。「Yahoo! 知恵袋」が86.3%で、「教えて!goo」の28.1%、「OKwave」の14.4%を大きく突き放した結果となった。