Enliven the Tokyo Game Show, "three major confrontation" 

The latest trends in the game industry is known, (TGS2014) kicked off the Tokyo Game Show. September 18, 2014, Business Day game industry officials, the press is for the 19th. September 20th, the 21st's public days. 

Highlights of the Tokyo Game Show 2014 that the number of exhibitors has swelled to 421 companies in the past the best, in the confrontation of three. First new stationary game machine showdown. Sony Computer Entertainment of more than six months has elapsed become the domestic market in February this year with the "PlayStation 4", Microsoft Japan has just been released in Japan on September 4 It's "Xbox One." 

PlayStation 4 to appeal to enhance the game title and taking advantage of the interest of the preceding. The larger the history action including action shooter that has just been released, "Destiny", and Japan Studio of Sony Computer Entertainment, From Software with a reputation for making games that are crunchy teamed "Blood bone", the real Action adventure game that you can experience the "Victorian London of another" that staggered "the Order: 1886". I lay on the PlayStation 4 pillars for the title of this three. 

At the booth of the [Left] Sony Computer Entertainment, and the beginning popular titles such as "Destiny" and "Blood bone", can enjoy PlayStation 4 title a number of 
At the booth of the [right] Microsoft Japan, 試遊 open world action shooter that is released towards the end of 2014 for both domestic and international "Sunset Overdrive" are popular 
On the other hand, only a hard that has been released in the end of 2013 in Europe and North America, Xbox One of Microsoft Japan also not be negative in the line-up. It's impression at once aligned with localized both the new title and have been released already, have a well-balanced line-up the title by domestic manufacturers and their title by Microsoft Japan overseas. 

In addition, Sony Computer Entertainment to participate in the confrontation of two eyes. Virtual reality to fog on the head head-mounted unit, to experience the 3D space it's (VR) system confrontation. 

In recent years, low-cost weight reduction and advances to virtual reality system, from hardware, which has been supported only by some core fan, I'm showing signs of spreading rapidly. 

By not only 試遊 4 title PlayStation, and wear on the head, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, a large space also experience corner (three-dimensional) space is spread vast 3D is powerful in front of the eyes of the "project Morpheus" are prepared. 

At the booth of the [Left] Sony Computer Entertainment, experience corner of "Morpheus project" is also popular comparable to the PlayStation 4 title 
In spite of the Business Day also [right] Oculus VR booth. I feel the widespread adoption of virtual reality system 
Of against it, it's Samsung Electronics and Japan Oculus VR. It has been attracting attention as it is possible matrix any available 3D content and virtual reality system of its own, to try to experience the difference in the force. 

■ DeNA and Gree difference in the production booth 

Confrontation third's DeNA Ryoyu of social games, and Glee. Social game that has rapidly spread to the platform mobile phones than in 2011 around was repainted the landscape of the game industry, but the two companies of readies booth large-scale at the Tokyo Game Show at the same time surprisingly it's the first time. 

Booth Gree conducted a rally point get goodies point is added to each time you divide the area to the left and right in the app and browser games, to 試遊 the game. It is emphasized that you get to experience the game carefully. 

Browser game "Gundam Spirits" and "Shirohime Quest", popular apps such as "annihilation City" are lined up on the left side to the right of the [Left] Glee booth 
The stage of the [right] Dee N. Ebusu, it is possible that companion is Kyoji the game innocently, visitors can also enjoy together in the stage sometimes 
DeNA to be against to the stage the entire booth, style visitors a companion to enjoy together. From the making of the booth of a different approach, differences in corporate culture of both companies have been glimpses. 

■ Long queues to 試遊 of popular titles 

Of course, the attractions of the Tokyo Game Show is not the only three major confrontation of these. 

Popular hunting action of Capcom refrain from the release of October 11, 2014 試遊 popular number one would be a "Monster Hunter 4G". Popular already high while business day, experience of this title if a mercenary, you want visitors to have time to spare. 

In addition, I want to focus in 2014 is also in the "first fruits". DMM Games you enhanced visibility suddenly hit the "fleet ship this Collection ~ ~" the first time exhibitors. Smiling famous for Nico Nico Douga also readies booth further. 

Of [Left] Capcom booth "Monster Hunter 4G" experience corner, popular as never man is interrupted 
Indie games corner near the [right] Sony Computer Entertainment booth also one of the most popular corner 
Also, made ​​headlines by Sony Computer Entertainment has to bear the exhibition fee of exhibitors, indie game corner's also booming. Booth of one company each are in zone full of hot air sequence Vodka is a tour de force of small. It is made ​​on the premise of net connected together PlayStation 4, Xbox One. Growing momentum spread of both new stationary game machine progresses, that wants to place the game aggressively on an individual basis as well, would be one of the attractions of the Tokyo Game Show this year.


 出展社数が過去最高の421社に膨らんだ2014年の東京ゲームショウの見どころは、3つの対決にある。まずは新型据え置きゲーム機対決。今年2月に国内発売となり半年以上が経過したソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメントの「プレイステーション4」と、9月4日に国内で発売されたばかりの日本マイクロソフトの「Xbox One」だ。

 プレイステーション4は先行の利を生かしてゲームタイトルの充実をアピールする。発売されたばかりのアクションシューティング『Destiny』をはじめ、ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメントのジャパンスタジオと、歯ごたえのあるゲーム作りに定評のあるフロム・ソフトウェアがタッグを組んだアクション『ブラッドボーン』、現実の歴史とは大きく食い違った「もう1つのビクトリア朝ロンドン」を体験できるアクションアドベンチャーゲーム『The Order: 1886』。この3本のプレイステーション4用タイトルを柱に据える。

[右]日本マイクロソフトのブースでは、国内外とも2014年末にかけて発売となるオープンワールド アクション シューティング『Sunset Overdrive』の試遊が人気だ
 一方、日本マイクロソフトのXbox Oneも欧米などでは2013年末に発売されているハードなだけに、ラインアップでは負けてはいない。海外では既に発売されているタイトルと新作を共にローカライズして一気にそろえ、日本マイクロソフトによる自社タイトルと国内メーカーによるタイトルをバランスよくラインアップしている印象だ。



 ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメントジャパンは、プレイステーション4タイトルの試遊だけではなく、頭部にかぶることにより、眼前に迫力のある広大な3D(3次元)空間が広がる『プロジェクト モーフィアス』の体験コーナーにも大きなスペースを用意している。

[左]ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメントのブースでは、『プロジェクト モーフィアス』の体験コーナーも、プレイステーション4タイトルに匹敵する人気
[右]Oculus VRブースもビジネスデイにもかかわらず。バーチャルリアリティシステムの幅広い普及を感じさせる
 対するのは、Oculus VRとサムスン電子ジャパンだ。いずれも独自のバーチャルリアリティーシステムと3Dコンテンツを用意し、その迫力の違いを体験しようと行列ができるほど注目を集めていた。









 また、ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメントが出展社の出展料を負担したことで話題になった、インディーゲームコーナーも活況だ。1社ごとのブースは小さいものの力作がずらりと並び熱気あふれるゾーンになっている。プレイステーション4、Xbox Oneともにネット接続を前提とした作りだ。両新型据え置きゲーム機の普及が進むにつれ、個人ベースでも積極的にゲームを発信しようという機運の高まりも、今年の東京ゲームショウの見どころのひとつだろう。